During pregnancy, how can sexual life be normal?

Sexual life during pregnancy does not seem to be a good idea -we may feel tired and disgusted about this; feel that the breasts are easy to be injured; we feel that we are obese and not cute; we feel lack of desire.In fact, sex during pregnancy is not so terrible.

To be honest, we have such a need; the fact that the swelling of vaginal tissue means that we still have sexual desire.From an emotional point of view, sex during pregnancy can not only keep us in close contact with our partners, but also make us believe that no matter how we feel or change our appearance, we still have the love of each other.

New recent studies have shown that sex during pregnancy is good for pregnant women and fetuses.During sex, with the shrinkage of the uterus and the filling of the blood vessels, more blood and nutrients can be transported, which is conducive to fetal growth.So we should not give up sexual life during pregnancy, we should enjoy its happiness as much as possible.

Some special sexual intercourse may be taken during pregnancy.Various postures introduced here are allowed to stimulate clitoral stimulation.This is very important, because unless the touch of the hand is led by the hand, the sexual intercourse posture may not make you easily reach the climax.Keep in mind that with the development of the pregnancy process, the appropriate posture is not necessarily appropriate at the next stage, so the choice of posture must be continuously adapted to the development of the pregnancy process.

In the first three months, your body may not change significantly, so although you don’t like inserting too deep, you may still adopt a man with men and women.If you are sitting or sitting on his leg, you will be easier to control the depth of insertion.If you are indigestion or a bad heart (these two diseases often cause premature birth), this posture is also very suitable.But if you feel that your breasts are vulnerable to injury and want to avoid touching this part, then this posture may not be suitable.Within three months in the middle of pregnancy, although you can support the weight of the fetus in a supine posture, your partner cannot lean on you as in the past.You can try to bed with your body, and your partner inserts from your back.In the three months of pregnancy, you not only need to adapt to the weight of the fetus, but also endure symptoms such as low back pain.You can try to support with your limbs, and your partner is inserted from behind.

Compression and movement during sexual intercourse will hurt the fetus.

Sexual life may cause the uterus to be infected.

Sex orgasm may lead to abortion and premature birth.

The embryo is suspended in amniotic fluid.Amniotic fluid is a liquid that protects the effect around the embryo, which makes the embryo avoid vibration and collision.

The uterus is completely closed by mucus, and sexual intercourse will not cause uterine infection.

If you are pregnant normally, orgasm will not cause premature birth, unless you reach the delivery period.But to avoid orgasm within the last month.

However, in the following circumstances, you should avoid sexual life:

If bleeding occurs, the doctor should stop sexual life before the doctor finds the cause.

If flowing or childbirth signs occur.

If you feel pain or uncomfortable in sexual life.

If your partner has a sexually transmitted disease or genital sores.

If you have a history of miscarriage, then unless the doctor clearly explains that you can sex with sexual intercourse, you need to avoid it.

The beginning of childbirth -special vibrator

If you are normal during pregnancy and your childbirth is coming soon, you can take care of yourself.Cervical stimulation can promote delivery -the Japanese invented a special vibrator for this purpose, but sexual life can fully play a better role.

Support on the pillow with head and shoulders, lying flat on the bed.First stimulate the nipple to produce oxytocin, which can accelerate the delivery process.Then prepare to start sexual intercourse, put your legs on his shoulder to ensure that you can insert it deeper.As much as possible; shrinkage during orgasm will help the rules of childbirth contraction.After ejaculation, he should stay in your vagina for about five minutes. The goal is to clean your cervix in the prostaglandin contained in the sperm, which can relieve the pain of childbirth.

At the beginning of the childbirth, the climax is reached by masturbation.This can play an analgesic effect and relieve contraction.

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