During pregnancy, it is best to go to these 4 places and go to these 3 places during pregnancy.

1. The wedding scene

Most of the wedding scenes are more lively, people come and go, and in order to celebrate this great day, they will play some music, and the sound of the audio is expanded, which is not good for pregnant mothers and fetuses.In addition, the food mothers at the wedding banquet should not eat it.

2. Funeral cemetery

The place where the funeral is held or the cemetery is full of sadness, which may cause the pregnant woman’s emotional fluctuations too much. It will not only have a certain impact on the pregnant woman itself, but also cause a period of abortion or premature birth in pregnant women.

3. Hot spring sauna room

For pregnant women, try to avoid going to hot springs or steaming sauna. In these two places, you may lead to hypoxia or dizziness in pregnant women, which will cause a certain threat to the safety of pregnant women.

4. Where the air quality is not good

For places with poor air quality, it is easy to have an adverse effect on the growth and development of the fetus. The newly renovated house is a good example. Pregnant women should try to avoid it.

In order to make future production smoother, pregnant women need to move more.When the weather outside is relatively clear, the pregnant mothers can turn around in the park near their home, not only to exercise their bodies, but also relax the mood of pregnant mothers.

In addition, those pregnant mothers who want to travel out must be traveled when they are relatively stable when their physical condition is relatively stable, and do not travel for too long. Pay attention to rest.

In addition, it is necessary to note that pregnant mothers try to choose during the day when going out. This will be more secure, try to avoid walking alone at night, so as not to occur or no one is next to it.

Pregnant mothers also have a very high importance to their babies, and they will choose to raise tires at home after time.Here we will share three places that are conducive to pregnant mothers and fetuses. Pregnant mothers can go to these three places in their free time.

1. Yoga Pavilion

Yoga is a kind of exercise that is beneficial to the body and mind, which can not only relax our body, but also relax our mood.And now there are some yoga sports solutions for pregnant mothers, and pregnant mothers can try it.

Pregnant mothers may be difficult to control their mood and often feel irritable. Yoga can calm our mood. It is good for the health of the pregnant mother and the growth and development of the fetus.

2. Swimming pool

Many people may think that pregnant mothers should not exercise during pregnancy, but this is actually a wrong idea.If you care not to exercise during pregnancy, it will have a certain impact on the mother’s body and the growth and development of the fetus.

The sport we mentioned is swimming. It can not only enhance the body of the pregnant mothers, but also help pregnant mothers to suffer less when they have children in the future.

3. Maternal and baby shop

The mother and baby shop is a good choice for pregnant mothers. First of all, most of the first point is that most women like to buy things. This can make their mood happy. The second point is to visit the mother and baby shop moreIt can also relax the mood of pregnant mothers, and you can also learn more about maternal and infant knowledge and prepare for your upcoming baby.

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