During pregnancy, pregnant mothers have these three "conditions", which may be that the fetus is growing

October was born in October. When the pregnant mother knew that there was a small life in her belly, she would be very happy and excited.The biggest wish of pregnant mothers is that her baby can grow safely and healthy until she is born smoothly.During pregnancy, pregnant mothers have these three "conditions", which may be that the fetus is growing!

1. The weight growth of pregnant women slowly

In fact, when pregnant women reach the third trimester, their weight growth is the fastest.This is because pregnant women increase their weight by 0.5 kg on the basis of normal diet, because the baby who is pregnant for the third month of pregnancy starts to grow up.To exclude the abnormal diet or excessive exercise of pregnant women, if the weight growth rate of pregnant women is slow or even stops growing, the pregnant woman should be highly vigilant, and the fetus may develop slowly in the palace.

2. The number of fetal movements increases significantly or decreased

Generally speaking, from 18 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers can clearly feel that the little guy is moving in your belly.The number and frequency of fetal movement are different, so pregnant mothers do not have to worry too much about the number and frequency of fetal movement.Only when the fetal movement is abnormal, the pregnant mother should pay attention. For example, it is usually active, and suddenly one day feels very quiet; or it is usually very quiet, and suddenly the activity is very frequent. This is the signal of the baby’s lack of oxygen for help.Pregnant mothers should pay attention.If you suddenly have symptoms of dyspnea during pregnancy, you may be for your baby to remind you that the nutrients needed for growth and development are insufficient.

3. Use the drug casually

During pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have no appetite to anything because of their early pregnancy reactions.When they see food, they want to vomit.Pregnant women are very sensitive to drugs, and some drugs affect the fetus.Such as the development of intelligence, good health and so on.In short, the impact of drugs on the fetus is multi -faceted.We should remember that if we have any discomfort or headaches, colds and other symptoms during pregnancy, we must accompany our family to the hospital for corresponding examination and diagnosis.

Editor: During pregnancy, if pregnant women have these three cases, the fetus may be growing.Do you understand it?Remember to share it!

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