During pregnancy, pregnant mothers have these three "pains", indicating that the fetus develops well in the uterus, so don’t panic

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After pregnancy, expectant mothers often experience some painful feelings that I have not experienced, and they often worry about these feelings.I’m afraid that the fetus will cause something wrong and something bad.But in fact, sometimes pregnant mothers have strangeness, not necessarily that the baby has abnormal development.

Sometimes, because the fetus is too good and too healthy, the pregnant mother will have some strange feelings.For example, because the baby is getting bigger, the pregnant mother’s uterus will become larger. At this time, the pregnant mother may have some slight abdomen pain.Therefore, there is no need to worry about this situation.

1. Cover pain

This feeling generally appears in the middle and late pregnancy stages.At this time, the expectant mothers often feel the pain in the crotch, whether they are sitting or lying down, they will be uncomfortable.In fact, this is because the baby’s constant grows up, and the pregnant mother’s pelvis is supported, so it will appear.In this case, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry about.

2. chest pain

Some pregnant mothers will feel, while some pregnant mothers do not.Generally, this feeling will appear more in the early and third trimester.There may be a lot of pregnant mothers who think that this is because she is going to have a baby, so the breast will appear milk.But in fact, this is a progesterone response in the pregnant mother’s body, and pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much.

3. Pain in uterine contraction

About 7 months in the third trimester, pregnant women will have a burst of contraction pain.The longer you keep a posture, the more intense the pain will be, obvious, and even the stomach is hardened.This also makes many expectant mothers feel nervous and scared.

But this is also a normal physiological reaction.Because with the gradual maturity of the fetus, they will release a signal indicating that they are about to come. This situation is pseudo -contractions, which will make pregnant mothers feel pain and don’t worry too much.

However, although these pains, pregnant mothers can not have to panic, because these are all showing a good performance of the baby.But sometimes it is somewhat painful, and the pregnant mother still has to pay attention to. After all, it may be that abnormalities have occurred in the growth of the fetus. It is necessary to check and treat in time.

1. Torn pain occurs, and accompanied by bleeding

Maybe after starting to get pregnant, many pregnant mothers did not go to the hospital in time for examination.But soon after, the body had very unbearable tear pain, and it was accompanied by bleeding.At this time, be careful, it may be caused by ectopic pregnancy.It is necessary to go to the hospital for examination.

2. Frequent contractions appear

At about 4-7 months in the middle of pregnancy, if the expectant mothers have frequent contractions, and even if the frequency of false contractions occurs, it is necessary to be alert.Appeared.At this time, fetal movement is usually not as obvious as before.

If this happens, the pregnant mothers must go to the hospital for treatment in time.Seeking professional doctors guidance and suggestions to avoid accidents in fetal and pregnant mothers.

3. Acute pain occurred in early pregnancy

If acute pain occurs in the early pregnancy, and accompanied by vomiting, it is likely to occur in the predatid tires.Portuguese tires are also called blisters, which is a phenomenon of abnormal fetal development.In this case, you must go to the hospital in time.

1. Try not to keep a posture for a long time

Many times the pain of pregnant women is mainly caused by keeping a posture for too long, so the pregnant mothers should often change their posture whether they are resting or working.Don’t keep the same posture for too long, so that you can relieve pain symptoms to a certain extent.

2. Be proper exercise

Because pregnancy is not correct at home.Although it is not suitable for excessive exercise during pregnancy, there must be an appropriate amount of activities, and maintaining proper exercise can also help pregnant mothers to enhance their physique, improve immunity, and relieve pain during pregnancy.Therefore, some appropriate exercise should be performed during pregnancy.

3. Pay attention to keep your mood relax

The more nervous and fearful during pregnancy, the easier it is to cause anxiety.This will exacerbate the pain caused by the pregnancy reaction.Therefore, if you want to relieve these pains, you must maintain a more soothing emotion and relax.In this way, a relaxed signal will be conveyed in the brain, which can alleviate the symptoms of pain and depression during pregnancy.


During pregnancy, it is a very hard work, coupled with the interference of various pain, so the emotions of pregnant mothers often change greatly.At this time, family members have to understand a little more understanding and more caring for pregnant mothers.In this way, the pregnant mother can relax and the child can be healthier.

What pain will you have during pregnancy?How do you alleviate?Welcome to share and communicate together.

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