During pregnancy, quasi -mother constipation, and the defecation does not follow the heart. What causes you to suffer this crime?

Today, my dad will share with you a problem that makes it very uncomfortable during pregnancy. It is also a problem that has been plagued by his wife, that is, constipation. My wife is now 20 weeks of pregnancy.Symptoms such as loss of appetite and fatigue come to this period of more comfortable and stable period of pregnancy. The appetite is particularly good every day. I want to eat various nutrients, fruits and vegetables, and enjoy the satisfaction of each full meal.Every time my wife is full, I will move with excitement, but before my wife is excited, I will follow closely. I eat a lot but the bowel movement does not keep up. I feel very powerful to go to the toilet every day.Constipation is more serious than expected.

Those symptoms of early pregnancy, now constipation is here again, it is really my beautiful wife.Today I will talk to you about this topic. Although it is a bit embarrassing, the expectant mother constipation is indeed one of the most uncomfortable symptoms during pregnancy.

Constipation means that the stool is not frequent or difficulty in defecation, which lasts for several weeks or more.When you are constipated, you usually have less than three stools a week.You may also feel a hard and lumpy stool during bowel movements. If you defecate hard, you will feel lower abdomen discomfort or pain or blood in the stool. Women with constipation during pregnancy may also experience bloating, flatulence, and hemorrhoids.Bristol’s stool is divided::

The expectant mother is experiencing a lot of physiological changes after pregnancy. These are the factors that lead to constipation of pregnancy. Let ’s take a look at these reasons: changes in hormones: during pregnancy, increased progesterone levels and decreased gastricin levels during pregnancy.It will cause the intestinal smooth muscle to relax.This relaxation will allow the body to absorb more nutrition, but it will also cause the intestinal reaction to slow.Complex vitamin supplement: Mothers during pregnancy usually choose to supplement composite vitamins to provide babies with rich vitamins and minerals to support his growth. The iron and calcium in composite vitamins often lead to constipation during pregnancy.Decreased physical activity: When our physical activity decreases, it will also reduce the frequency of our bowel movements.Change the dietary habits: In order to alleviate the symptoms of morning vomiting and nausea in the early pregnancy, the diet of pregnant mothers usually change quickly, especially if the expectant mother eats more bread foods, vegetables and fruits to reduce the amount, which will lead to increasing constipation increaseEssenceBabies who grow up constantly: When the baby keeps growing up and starts to fill your belly, the additional pressure in the intestinal tract will lead to slow digestion.Changes in intestinal bacteria: With the advancement of pregnancy, the number of bacteria in the intestine is also decreasing, which will help the body to increase blood sugar levels and fat deposition.Cause constipation during pregnancy.

According to incomplete statistics, up to 38%of expectant mothers have constipation during pregnancy, but up to three -quarters of women reports at least one gastrointestinal discomfort during pregnancy such as constipation, flatulence, bloating or hemorrhoids.

Once the egg and sperm are combined, expectant mothers will secrete more luteum ketosterium to provide a better uterine environment for babies, but the progesterone also relaxes the muscles of the intestinal wall, making the gastrointestinal movement active leads to constipation of expectant mothers.

The constipation during pregnancy does bring a lot of trouble to many expectant mothers, and the stomach is always uncomfortable. For the baby’s nutrition, you have to eat more.It may be troubled by constipation. How to use natural therapy to relieve this symptom, Yo Yi’s father will continue to share for everyone in the next article.

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