During pregnancy, the "private part" of the fetus was swollen.

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The baby’s "private part" is swollen

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Qingdao Women’s and Children’s Hospital’s prenatal and postpartum and postpartum integrated diagnosis and treatment team

Successfully diagnosed a child with an anterior urethral valve in the palace

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"Private parts" swollen problem

In October 2022, when Ms. Sun (a pseudonym) who was 24 weeks during pregnancy was conducted in a local hospital, she was told that the fetus’s bladder would increase, and the lower urethra expanded until the urethral opening was diagnosed as a postal urethral valve.The posterior urethral valve belongs to the progressive disease of the fetal stage. If the prenatal intervention is not performed, the prognosis of the fetus after birth is extremely poor.

"We have never heard of this disease before. The doctor said that as the gestational week increased, the child would become more and more serious. It is recommended that we go to more professional hospitals for treatment as soon as possible." After inquiring from many parties, the Ms. Sun learned that Qingdao women and childrenThe hospital had successfully carried out fetal palace treatment in the urethral valve after the fetus, and immediately came to seek medical treatment.

After the relevant examination was improved, experts at the fetal medical center met with Ms. Sun’s fetus.Although ultrasonic discovery of fetal bladder increase and "keyhole signs" and other ultrasound expression of urethral valve in the fetus, some "clues" caused alert to experts from the fetus.difference!

"The amount of amniotic fluid and kidney ultrasound in the fetus does not meet the posterior urethral valve. When the disease is not clear, there is no need to perform intrauterine surgery." Director Zhang Yan said.The team of the fetal medical center decided to monitor the fetal condition through ultrasound, and then formulate the most suitable treatment plan.

Two weeks later, Ms. Sun came to the hospital for a review. The result of the ultrasound test confirmed the preliminary judgment: the retraining ultrasound found that the fetal penis was swollen, and the fetus suffered from the rare anterior urethral obstruction in the fetal period.It can be cured.

The fetal medical center immediately invited Director Yang Chuanmin at the Qingdao Maternal and Children’s Hospital Surgery Center to consult, and jointly formulated a detailed overall and postpartum integrated diagnosis and treatment plan.

After the baby is born (before surgery)

Recently, Ms. Sun, 39 weeks of pregnancy, gave birth smoothly at the obstetric center of Qingdao Maternal and Children’s Hospital.According to the surgical plan, pediatric surgery experts immediately "received" surgery and lifted the huge problem of the baby’s penis.At present, the baby has been discharged smoothly.

Qingdao Maternal and Children’s Hospital Fetal Medicine Center is the only special disease center in Qingdao specializing in the management of fetal diseases. The number of outpatients in the hospital’s fetal medical clinic is 17,000, and the health survival rate is more than 95%.Relying on the multi -disciplinary technical advantages of the hospital’s neonatal department, pediatric surgery, pediatric cardiac surgery, pediatric rehabilitation department, and the "integrated postpartum and postpartum integration" diagnosis and treatment model, provide professional guidance and treatment for the prospective parents who come to the medical treatment.

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