During pregnancy, the body will have these 5 changes

Giving birth to a child is a major event in life and a turning point in women’s life. Some people have various symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy, such as nausea and vomiting, but some people have no response.So how can I judge whether I am pregnant?

During pregnancy, there will be 5 changes in the body

1. Delay of menstruation

In fact, for women with irregular menstruation, this symptom is not obvious.However, if menstruation is ruled and no contraceptive measures are taken, then menstruation is postponed for more than 10 days, which may be pregnant.

However, I still have to go to the hospital for a certain test, because there are some stress.Excessive tension and so on can also affect menstruation.

2. Nauseous to vomit

Some people are pregnant with harmful and happy symptoms, and they will feel nausea and vomiting, especially in the morning.

After women are pregnant, the placenta will secrete the choric membrane to promote gonadotropin, inhibit gastric acid secretion, reduce digestive enzyme activity, and affect the appetite of pregnant mothers.

Generally, this symptom will slowly disappear after 3 months. Because each person has different constitutions, there are also long or even during pregnancy.

3. Exclations and weakness

I used to be full of energy every day. I want to see a few points when I watch TV. I do n’t feel drowsy at night, but recently, I feel that the whole person is exhausted and always wants to sleep. Then you have to consider whether you are pregnant.

4. Breast change

In the fertilized eggs, hormones in the body will change, the breast becomes soft, painful, etc., the areola color will deepen, and everyone is different.It may be uncomfortable in the beginning a few days, and the symptoms will be reduced after slowly adapting.

5. frequent urination

After the fertilized eggs, the uterus will become larger, and it will be squeezed into the bladder, so frequent urination will occur.By the end of pregnancy, the uterus rose to the abdominal cavity, no longer squeezing the bladder, and the frequent urination would be reduced.

Of course, not all women’s symptoms are the same. This must be carefully observed by itself. Once you find that menstruation is delayed, you can compare whether there are other symptoms.

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