During pregnancy, the quasi -mother pain is unbearable, and it is difficult to settle in sitting. Try these 4 moves to relieve back pain

Some surveys show that about 50%to 80%of expectant mothers have experienced some form of back pain during pregnancy. The pain on the back during pregnancy may be plagued by many expectant mothers.The reason why pregnant mothers experience back pain is because during pregnancy, women’s bodies have undergone tremendous changes. The first thing that is the number of hormonal secretions increases, and the weight increases by more than ten pounds or even tens of pounds. These changes will cause the back during pregnancy.pain.The expectant mother’s body is experiencing some crazy changes to nourish the baby in the body, which also puts quite a lot of pressure on the back muscles.

However, the physical condition of each expectant mother is different, and the types of back pain during pregnancy are not the same. Even the back pain during the first child and the second child may be different. Let’s briefly summarize the common commonly summarized together.The type of back pain and the cause of the trigger help pregnant mothers to better understand her back pain:

Muscle strain is the primary cause of back pain during pregnancy.When your uterus continues to grow, your weight continuously will cause your spine to be excessively bent, and your muscles are always tight.This physical change can make many expectant mothers feel stiff, painful and discomfort on her back.

During pregnancy, women’s body produces a hormone called relaxin. This hormone can relax the ligament of the pelvic joints and make your body prepare for the birth of your baby.But this relaxation can also cause pain in the back.

All expectant mothers will gain weight during pregnancy. Of course, this must be a good thing. After all, when the big baby is crazy, the weight of the mother during pregnancy usually increases by more than 20 pounds.The location brought a lot of pressure.

As the uterus continues to grow, the abdominal muscles on the belly will stretch and eventually weaken.These muscles have a good supporting effect on the back when they are not pregnant, but when they are pregnant, they will slowly play the effect.

Women often slow down during pregnancy, and some mothers will resign from work to raise their homes at home. Pregnant mothers must have a lot of rest. After all, Huaibao is a hard work!Unhealthy will not only cause back pain, but also cause systemic pain.Too much exercise and standing can also aggravate pain, and put pressure on the muscles and ligaments around the back and pelvis.

The relaxation hormones soften the ligament that supports the body structure.In this relaxing state, if the pregnant mother often holds heavy objects, it will easily strain the muscles and cause back pain.

If you understand these types of back pain, your mother probably knows how to relieve and prevent back pain. During pregnancy, severe low back pain usually occurs between the fifth and seventh months of pregnancy.Women feel back pain around 16 weeks of pregnancy.At the same time, women with lumbar and back disease have higher risk of back pain, and their back pain usually occurs in early pregnancy.Next, I will share some natural therapies. These methods can help expectant mothers to reduce the pain they are experiencing:

The mother of office workers should choose a chair with back, and can put a small pillow in a lower back.

Usually, you can also sit on a fitness ball to exercise to strengthen your core muscle group. When you sit, the weight of the hips should be evenly distributed to avoid cross -legged crossing.

The breasts of expectant mothers during pregnancy will also gain weight by 2-3 pounds. Such weight will cause additional pressure to your spine and cause pain.So be sure to buy a fitted bra. It is best to be a soft cup with a wide and comfortable shoulder band, which gives the chest a good supporting role.

During pregnancy, the expectant mother’s feet will also change a lot, which will swell. A pair of shoes/arch shoes with good support can help you maintain a good posture and absorb some additional pressure. In addition, the shoes can be slightly larger.To adapt to the swelling of the feet.

Moderate exercise during pregnancy can help maintain strong muscles, increase flexibility, and relieve the tension and pressure of the spine.There are many exercise suitable for pregnant mothers, such as walking, mild yoga, swimming, bicycle in the gym, and so on.

In addition, there are many benefits to moderate exercise, which will make delivery easier, reduce the chance of suffering from gestational diabetes, stimulate gastrointestinal vitality, give you more energy, improve emotions, and even improve the IQ of the baby!

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