During pregnancy, the risk of spring dreams is high. It can be relieved by these three methods and transferred to pregnant mothers.

Recently, a expectant mother who was pregnant seven months left a message to me that she would have a spring dream recently in the evening. She felt very excited in the dream. After waking birth, she felt that her belly was hard and tight, and she also felt the fetal movement.Frequent, ask me what is going on, will it have any impact on the baby?

In fact, many pregnant mothers have experienced spring dreams. According to medical expert research, spring dreams during pregnancy frequently have a lot to do with high estrogen state, and it is also a very common thing. You don’t have to feel ashamed.However, there is one thing to pay attention to that spring dreams during pregnancy will cause contractions. Some pregnant mothers will feel stomachache, hard and tight, and some pregnant mothers have severe contraction bleeding, thereby increasing abortion risk.

Therefore, after the pregnant mothers have a spring dream, they find that the secretions have increased suddenly, or the phenomenon of redness occurs, and it is accompanied by belly pain, which means that it is likely to be a sign of miscarriage.Hesitating, hurry up to the hospital for examination.

Since doing spring dreams during pregnancy will increase the risk of abortion, is there any way to alleviate it?Although it is unavoidable to do spring dreams during pregnancy, we can still reduce the frequency of spring dreams by doing something.So what should we do?

1 、 It is recommended that pregnant mothers watch less emotional film and television dramas such as love dramas, such as Korean dramas, or watching romance novels.Film, this can effectively transfer your attention, especially the attention of your sensitive area.

2 、 Many husbands and wives will choose to control the same room in order to ensure the health of their children during this period. Although the attention of the prospective dad is not on this, it will not tease the pregnant mother. However, due to the increase in estrogen in the pregnant motherThe body becomes particularly sensitive. Even a slight action friction will cause the pregnant mother to cause the occurrence of spring dreams.Therefore, the prospective dad should comfort the pregnant mother in normal times.You can use hugs, kisses and other methods to discharge the sexual needs of pregnant mothers.

3 After the pregnant mother has a spring dream, don’t feel embarrassed. If you don’t say it in your heart, you can find a chance and talk to the prospective father. Of course, it is best to ask your doctor for help.At the same time, pregnant mothers should pay attention to maintaining emotional relief, and don’t be happy and sad.

Editor’s message: Pregnant mothers should correctly look at the phenomenon of spring dreams during pregnancy. Don’t give yourself too much psychological burden. If you feel confused, you can talk to your husband.But for the coming of a healthy baby, please give the pregnant mothers for the festival!

Have you ever done spring dreams during pregnancy?

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