During pregnancy, there are four major diet principles. Strictly abide by the baby can lose two pounds. The pregnant mother first collects it.

"Oxford Obstetrics Science Manual" recommends that you should avoid ingesting half -life beef, eggs, seafood, and milk that are not strictly disinfected during pregnancy.

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How to eat healthy during pregnancy has always been a headache for pregnant mothers. If you eat unhealthy, you may endanger your baby’s health, not eat enough nutrition, and may delay your baby’s development. Eating is also a great knowledge.

Many pregnant mothers are planted on the problem of diet during pregnancy. They always think about developing for the baby. They have to eat more, but the meat grows relentlessly on her face and limbs.Go away.

But there are also many pregnant mothers who are thinner than before pregnancy. Yilian is such a lucky child.Yilian, 120 pounds before pregnancy, belongs to a slightly fat body, especially loves candy and snacks.

After pregnancy, Yilian knew that she couldn’t help it at all, so she set a small rule during pregnancy: take 10,000 steps a day, and insist on eating a lollipop for a week.

It is said that eating sugar during pregnancy is not good, but the method of rewarding with candy like Yilian plays a good role in supervising.Not only did Yilian weigh on the weight during pregnancy, he was 2 pounds thinner after giving birth to a baby, and he was envious of his friends.

The diet during pregnancy does not have particularly strict standards. If you do n’t eat sugar, spicy, or ice cream at all, it is really difficult.

The first principle of diet during pregnancy is to eat less meals.

In the early stages of pregnancy, expectant moms were plagued by pregnancy reactions, and eating less meals can play a certain relief.Add yogurt and nuts such as yogurt and nuts between the two meals, and you can also supplement a variety of nutrients.

After in the middle and late pregnancy, the development of the fetus has increased. Pregnant mothers eat less meals, eat 5-6 meals a day, and full 7 to 8 cents per meal.out of control.

▼ Note:

Don’t just remember the meals, but forget to eat less. If you eat and have a lot of meals, you can only say: "Isn’t it fat and it is justified?"

Many Baoma feels worried and feels that she must eat the amount of two people, so that the baby can be full.In fact, nutrition is not as much as possible. How much can the baby’s body be so small?Balance is the most important.

The second principle of diet during pregnancy is the principle of balanced distribution of nutrition.

"Resident Dietary Guide (2016)" recommends that calcium is 800mg/day in the early pregnancy, and calcium 1000mg/day is required to supplement calcium in the middle and late pregnancy.

In addition, vitamins, dietary fiber, protein, iron, trace elements, etc. Various nutrients are necessary for pregnancy, and these nutrients generally exist in daily diet.Calcium supplement food: milk, lean meat, soybean products, green vegetables and other iron supplement foods: lean meat, animal liver, animal blood and other foods rich in vitamins: almost all vegetables and fruits, recommended vegetables rich in dietary fiber, such asGreen leafy vegetables, rhizome vegetables, and low GI value, such as cherries, strawberries, apples, pears

▼ Suggestions for diet during pregnancy: Take 200 ~ 300g of staple foods per day, 400 ~ 500g of vegetables, 150g of meat, 50g eggs, 200 ~ 300g of fruits, 400 ~ 550ml milk, and 25 ~ 35g of nuts.Introduce 2 ~ 3 meals of bean products, 1 ~ 2 meals, liver liver and seafood every week.It is recommended to be rich in DHA. Freshwater fish is recommended to choose sea bass, catfish, Basha fish, etc. The DHA has high content and less spine, and the taste is better.

The third principle of diet during pregnancy is actually a diet benefit, which is to properly solve yourself.

Many pregnant mothers strictly adhere to some "diet taboos". During pregnancy, they dare not eat crabs, lychee, and mango. In fact, as long as the ingredients are guaranteed, and the pregnant mother itself is non -allergic, these foods can be eaten appropriately.

I ca n’t fly in a second after pregnancy. People are not sages.Properly relax your dietary regulations, choose every week or month, and give yourself a chance to solve your care. In this way, you have a hope of life, and you feel that time can live faster.Pregnant mothers can also learn Yilian’s approach, use food as a reward, and set up the rules of exercise for themselves, so that they can take care of both food and body, solve their health and health.

The fourth principle of diet during pregnancy is several taboos that must not be touched. This is not superstitious, but the factors that are really harmful to the baby’s development.

① Tobacco and alcohol cannot be touched: The World Health Organization has listed nicotine and alcohol as a first -class carcinogen, especially the prospective mummy during pregnancy may bring the risk of teratogenic tobacco and alcohol.

② Raw meat cannot be eaten: semi -cooked steaks, raw meat sashimi, etc., may contain bowworms or Liste bacteria, are high -risk teratogenic factor. Pregnant mothers can’t eat it.

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