During pregnancy, there is no trouble in the umbilical cord around the neck. These bad habits should be corrected as much as possible

“Headline article development plan”

When brushing the video, I saw a million -net -popular female who was paying attention to her. She was very happy for her.

At the same time, she also sweated for her, because before production, her body was not very good and lived in the hospital early.After finally recovering slowly, it was really twists and turns when I touched the umbilical cord around the fetus.

For the health of the baby, the net red that has not yet reached the expected date can only be forced to have a caesarean section in advance.After all, the health of the baby is higher than everything.

The umbilical cord around the neck is the nightmare of countless pregnant mothers

How to say, most pregnant mothers have such trouble during the examination in the late pregnancy.Some of the umbilicals are half a circle, and the situation is not very serious; some are dangerous at any time.

This is why, the reasons why mothers are promoted frequent production inspections in the second trimester.In the stomach, no one knows what he is. Only by checking through the instrument can he know his movements.

The umbilical cord around the neck will not only affect the health of the baby, but also affect their production methods.If it is serious, it is not recommended to give birth. After all, the risk coefficient is too large.

Generally, if the umbilicus exceeds two times, it will affect the blood circulation of the baby’s baby, which will have an impact on their development.In severe cases, there may be a possibility of hypoxia suffocation or even death.

All in all, pay attention to the problem of umbilical cord around the neck, do not hold any luck.October in October was very hard. If an accident occurred in the third trimester, it was unbearable for any treasure mother.

Why is there the umbilical cord around the neck, and where is the problem?

Since it is a nightmare, I believe that pregnant mothers want to know: Where does the umbilical cord around the neck come from?In this case, you can also "prevent problems before you occur."

1. Frequent stroke of pregnant belly

Seeing many netizens leave a message under the video of millions of female net reds: sister, can’t always touch her stomach during pregnancy.

But even so, in her video, I still saw countless habits of touching my stomach.Maybe this is the joy of her mother, which has become part of her life.This is exactly the case that the umbilical cord is serious.

Although the baby is not born, he already has a lot of senses in his mother’s belly.In his cognition, his mother’s movement of stroking the pregnant belly was interacting with him.

Out of curiosity, the baby will move along the hand of the pregnant mother, and then turn around and rotate, which also causes the consequences of the umbilical cord around the neck.

Warm suggestion: Even if you are happy in your heart, don’t always touch the pregnant belly.If you want to interact with your baby, you can choose the mode of dialogue, or touch the interaction every day to develop the rules.

2. Stay up late for a long time

Stay up late for what is because of the reason for pregnant mothers.It was originally pregnancy, and the body’s resistance was not very good. If staying up late, it would easily affect health.

In addition, staying up late for a long time will also affect the rest of the baby.Don’t look at the time they are not born, but they already have a regular schedule, and all this is the news from pregnant mothers.

Staying up late does not sleep, it will cause the baby to have illusions, thinking that this is the activity time, and then various tumbling in the stomach.In addition, staying up late will also affect the development of his baby and the risk of teratogenic.

Warm suggestion: After pregnancy, good work and rest habits must be developed.Survive staying up late is a consciousness that every pregnant mother should have, providing a good rest environment for themselves and babies.

3. Frequent temper

After pregnancy, because of changes in body hormones, many women who were as gentle as water suddenly became extremely irritable and lost their temper from time to time.

Coupled with various discomfort during pregnancy, as well as the pressure brought by family, life and work, it will make pregnant women particularly anxious.

You can understand the discomfort during pregnancy, but you still want to converge your temper, it is best not to always be angry.Because when pregnant mothers are angry and lose their temper, the baby will feel that they become particularly active and active.

Warm suggestion: During pregnancy, learn to relieve and control emotions.Before you lose your temper, please think about the baby in the stomach, whether they can withstand such a great destruction.

4. Incorrect exercise methods

Can I exercise during pregnancy?The answer is yes.But the premise is that you should pay attention to exercise methods, amplitude and time, etc., do not excess.

Choosing pregnancy exercise is not only to maintain her figure, but also a part of pregnant mothers to prepare for delivery; prepare for postpartum recovery.

It stands to reason that exercise during pregnancy is a good thing, but some pregnant mothers have a bad degree, and the result is clumsy.During the exercise, the baby was too excited and exercised with it, but the umbilical cord was around the neck.

Warm suggestions: All exercises during pregnancy are mainly the health of the baby and pregnant women themselves.In other words: simple exercise is good, and the strength and time must be controlled.

It turned out that the baby’s umbilical cord was not born and naughty, but that the pregnant mother provided him with a bad growth environment.Especially in the middle and late pregnancy, pregnant mothers do not want the baby’s umbilical cord around the neck. These bad habits must be corrected.

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