During pregnancy, these 4 "odors" pregnant mothers must smell less, otherwise the fetus will hurt themselves

After women are pregnant, they will pay special attention to their habits and dietary hygiene, for fear that the fetus will hurt the fetus because of their own intentions.In fact, expectant mothers should pay more attention to these. Some smells in life are also very "lethal" to the fetus. In severe cases, they may cause abortion and fetal malformations of pregnant mothers. Therefore, pregnant mothers must stay away from these harmful smells.


Many men can relieve the pressure of their lives by smoking. Although pregnant mothers do not smoke, if their husband often smokes at home, the smell of second -hand smoke will also affect the fetus.Some experts point out that more than 60 carcinogenic and harmful substances in second -hand smoke are more terrible than smoking.If you are in a smoky environment for a long time, not only the body of the pregnant mother will be affected, but the fetus is also prone to malformations.Therefore, women must not go to a place of smoke during pregnancy, and they must also warn their husbands not to smoke at home.

perfume scent

Many perfumes contain musk ingredients. If the pregnant woman smells too much, it may cause abortion of the fetus.And some cheap perfumes are blended with fragrance, which contains a lot of harmful chemical components, which will affect the development of the fetus body organs.Excessive perfumes can easily affect the respiratory tract of pregnant mothers, and excessive inhalation can cause asthma.During pregnancy, even if the pregnant mother loves beauty, she has to hold back without spraying perfumes. Do not remove the flavor of perfume. This is not only for herself, but also for the fetus.


Just after the house is renovated, it cannot be moved in immediately.New houses, paint, and various decoration coatings will contain a large amount of benzene, lead and formaldehyde.The pregnant woman stays in this environment for too long, and there will be symptoms of nausea, dizziness, and irritability. In severe cases, they may get pregnancy and hypertension, and they will be dangerous during production.Excessive formaldehyde can also lead to fetal malformations, which is very harmful.If you are just renovated at home, open the windows to ventilate in time, put some green plants at home, and wait for the taste to get in.


Especially in summer, there are more mosquitoes, and many homes will order mosquito coils, spray insecticides, etc. to remove insects.The smells emitted from these things are very nasal, and they usually feel that the breathing is not smooth after smelling too much, let alone a pregnant woman.Some chemical components of insecticides can make mosquito excitement and then slowly die, which will also affect the mental state of pregnant women.And these chemical components are transmitted to the fetus’s body through the umbilical cord of the pregnant mother, and the development of his brain will be affected.Pregnant mothers usually do not spray insecticides in their own room.

These odors mentioned in the article are very harmful to both pregnant mothers and fetuses.If it is sometimes unavoidable, you can bring a mask when you go out to try not to inhale these odors, which is also a good way to isolate the harmful smell.

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