During sexual life, the female private parts always make a farting sound of "噗"?Most of these reasons

Ms. Li and her husband, Mr. Wang, are lover from high school and have experienced a good time of green plums.

They got married five years later, and they thought that a happy life would always be sweet.

However, recently, Ms. Li encountered a problem that made her difficult to open up.

Every time the two were intimate, Ms. Li’s private parts always made a "噗" farting sound, which made her feel very embarrassing and troubled.

No matter how hard she works, this small problem always appears, making her overwhelmed.

Ms. Li feels more and more frustrated and helpless.She began to avoid intimate contact with her husband and did not dare to face this embarrassing situation.

This problem affects their husband and wife life and husband and wife relationship.

So what causes when the husband and wife are close, the female private parts always make a farting sound of "噗"?

Let’s take a look at how the fart sound is produced?

Farting sounds are because the sound produced by the passage under a certain situation.

Let’s briefly understand the basic principles of farting, so as to better understand the special situation of farting sounds in women’s private parts.

When the gas in our body is pushed or discharged, it passes through the channel or gap and produces vibration during the flow, which makes a sound, just like the farting sound we usually call.

What are the reasons why the female private parts make a fart?

First of all, what we need to know is that the farting sound of "噗" appearing in the same room in the same room is actually the phenomenon of vaginal exhaust, which is usually commonly known as "yin blow".

Although this may sound awkward, in fact, vaginal exhaust is a normal physiological reaction.

The vagina is a soft and elastic pipe, which connects the uterus and external reproductive organs.

In sexual behavior, when the penis or other objects enter the vagina, they will cause a certain pressure and friction.

This pressure and friction can cause the air in the vagina to be squeezed and cause exhaust sound.

The sound and volume of the exhaust sound may vary from individual differences. Some people may hear a slightly slight sound, while some people may hear a loud exhaust sound.

This does not mean that the exhaust sound in sex life is abnormal or harmful, it is only part of the natural reaction of the body.

Several factors may increase the occurrence of vaginal exhaust.

The vaginal relaxation refers to the loss of firming and elasticity of the vaginal wall. This situation may lead to an embarrassing "噗" farting sound in sexual life, that is, yin blowing.

There are about the following reasons for vaginal relaxation.

Pregnancy and childbirth: pregnancy and childbirth are one of the main reasons for vaginal relaxation.

Imagine that when a woman was pregnant, her uterus began to expand to accommodate the growing fetus.

When the uterus expands, the vagina is stretched accordingly.

With the progress of childbirth, the vagina will experience greater stretching to send the baby into the world smoothly.

However, this stretch may cause the vaginal wall to lose its original firming, which in turn leads to vaginal relaxation.

2. Older age: Over time, women’s ovarian function will gradually decrease, and hormonal levels will also change.These physiological changes can affect the elasticity and firming of vaginal tissue.

Imagine, just as our skin loses elasticity with age, the vaginal wall will be similarly affected.

This age -related vaginal relaxation is a normal physiological phenomenon, but it may have an impact on sexual life.

3. Constipation: Constipation is another factor that may cause vaginal relaxation.

Imagine that when we stool for a long time, we put pressure on the abdominal muscles hard.

This continuous abdominal pressure is passed to the pelvic muscle and tissue, including the vaginal wall.

Over time, this continuous pressure may cause the vaginal wall to relax.

The decline in ovarian function is another important cause of vaginal tissue relaxation.

Ovarian is an important organ in women’s reproductive systems, and they are responsible for producing eggs and hormones.

With age, women’s ovarian function will gradually decrease, which means that the level of hormone levels produces ovaries will decrease.

This process is called menopausal decline or more common.

The decline in ovarian function has a direct impact on vaginal tissue.

In the process of menopause, the secretion of estrogen is reduced, which has an important impact on the elasticity and humidity of the vaginal wall.

Estrogen is a key hormone for maintaining vaginal health and firming. It can promote the growth and repair of vaginal tissue, while increasing the production of vaginal secretions.

However, as ovarian function decreases and estrogen levels decrease, the vaginal tissue will become dry, fragile and relaxed.

When the vaginal tissue is relaxed, the elasticity of the vaginal wall is weakened, and the stimulus of sex will be reduced.

This may lead to a decrease in friction during sexual life, thereby increasing the possibility of air entering the vagina and generating exhaust sound.

The decline in ovarian function may also cause menopausal symptoms, such as trendy, emotional fluctuations, and decreased sexual desire.

These symptoms may further affect women’s sexual life and sexual satisfaction.

Endometriosis is a common gynecological disease, which may lead to the emergence of vaginal exhaust.

Let’s explore how the endometriosis causes inflammation in detail, which causes vaginal exhaust sound and describes in a vivid image.

Endometriosis is a disease. Among them, endometrium (usually growing only in the internal cavity of the uterine) is abnormal in other parts, such as the surface, ovaries, and fallopian tubes of pelvic organs.

These ectopic endometrial tissues are also affected by hormones during menstruation, causing bleeding and inflammatory responses.

When the ectopic tissue caused by endometriosis occurs in pelvic organs, it may cause the appearance of vaginal exhaust.

The inflammatory response can cause tissue swelling and congestion, which affects the normal function of the surrounding tissue.

In this case, when the air enters the vagina, the tissue swelling caused by inflammation may emit exhaust sound.

Vaginal infection and rectal-vaginal fistula are one of the pelvic diseases that may cause vaginal exhaust sound.

Vaginal infection is a common gynecological problem, which is usually caused by bacteria, fungi or other pathogens.

When the vagina is infected, it will cause inflammation reactions, leading to swelling, congestion and secretions in vaginal tissue.

These inflammation reactions may affect the pelvic organs, which will cause the emergence of vaginal exhaust.

A possible pelvic disease is a rectal-vaginal fistula.

Rectal-vaginal fistula is an abnormal passage that connects the rectum and vagina, so that the content between the two can circulate each other.

When the rectal-vaginal fistula exists, the gas in the intestine may enter the vagina, resulting in exhaust sound.

In addition to the rectal-vaginal fistula, vaginal infection itself may also cause vaginal exhaust sound.

When the vagina is infected, inflammation and swelling may cause the vaginal channel to relax, making the air easier to enter the vagina.

When sexual life or other activities cause air to enter the vagina, fart may be generated.

We found the cause of women’s yin blowing, so how should we improve?

We have learned earlier that vaginal relaxation is one of the common causes of vaginal exhaust sound.

The anal lifting exercise is a method of exercise for the bottom muscle of the basin. By strengthening the contraction and tension of these muscles, it will help improve the support of the pelvic floor muscles, thereby reducing vaginal relaxation.

The correct anal lifting method is as follows:

1. Find the bottom muscle of the basin: First of all, you must accurately find the pelvic floor muscles.You can imagine that you are trying to hold your urine or stop defecation. At this time, you will feel a feeling of tightening the bottom of the pot.

2. Contraction and relaxation: Once you find the muscles of the basin of the basin, start to shrink these muscles, as if stopping urination or holding urine.Keep shrinking for 5 seconds, then slowly relax the muscles and rest for 5 seconds.Repeat this contraction and relaxation process, 10 times each.

3. Uniform breathing: Keep a uniform and natural breathing during anal lifting exercise. Do not hold your breath.

4. Gradually increase the number of times and duration: At the beginning, you can perform a group of 10 anal lifting exercises every day.With adaptation and progress, the number of times and duration gradually increases, such as increasing to 3 groups every day.

By adhering to the anal lifting exercise, the firming and vaginal elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles can be gradually improved, and the occurrence of vaginal exhaust sound can be reduced.

Postpartum repairs are a series of measures for postpartum women to help restore physical health and reduce vaginal relaxation and exhaust sound.

Let us recommend some postpartum repair measures, including postpartum recovery and physical therapy.

Postpartum recovery exercise is a useful way that can help women restore physical health and forms.Here are some recommendations for postpartum recovery exercises:

Pen bottom muscle exercise: Anal lifting exercise is an important part of postpartum recovery.By strengthening the contraction and tension of the pelvic floor muscles, it will help improve the tightness and stability of the vagina.

Abdominal muscle exercise: After delivery, abdominal muscles may become relaxed, and abdominal muscle exercise can help restore the tightness and strength of the abdomen.

Aerobic exercise: Moderate aerobic exercise, such as walking, swimming or yoga, can improve cardiopulmonary function and enhance the body’s metabolism and circulation.

In addition to postpartum recovery, physical therapy is also a common postpartum repair method.

Physics therapists can provide professional guidance and technology to help women restore the strength and functions of pelvic floor muscles.

Physical therapy may include the following aspects:

Potting floor rehabilitation training: Physics therapists can conduct pelvic floor rehabilitation training, including shrinkage and relaxation training of pelvic floor muscles, and using biological feedback technology to help women correct the basin of the basin of the pot.

Electric stimulus treatment: By using electrical stimuli technology, physical therapists can stimulate the contraction of the pelvic floor muscles and enhance muscle strength and control.

Cause treatment: According to individual conditions, physical therapists can provide other treatment methods for specific problems, such as treatment of pelvic inflammation or other related causes.

Please note that the specific methods and schemes of postpartum repair should be determined according to individual conditions.It is recommended to consult a doctor, obstetrician or professional postpartum recovery division to obtain personalized suggestions and plans.

Proper exercise plays an important role in overall health and vaginal health.

Moderate physical activity helps promote blood circulation and enhance muscle strength and flexibility.

Through exercise, including aerobic exercise, strength training, and potting floor muscle exercise, it can improve the overall health of the body, including the tightness and elasticity of the vagina.

In addition, excessive sexual life may have a negative impact on vaginal health.

Excessive or intense sexual behavior may cause excessive friction and stimulation of the vagina, causing damage or inflammation of vaginal tissue.

Therefore, in sexual life, we must pay attention to moderate and gentleness to avoid excessive stimulation of the vagina.

In addition, maintaining good hygiene habits is also an important aspect of maintaining vaginal health.

Regularly clean the vulva area, use mild and non -irritating cleaning products, and maintain a dry and ventilated environment to help prevent infection and inflammation.

In short, proper exercise, avoiding excessive sexual life, and maintaining good hygiene habits are essential for maintaining vaginal health.

When choosing a exercise method and sexual lifestyle, please follow the individual conditions and the advice of the doctor, and pay attention to your own comfort and physical response.

Occasionally, there is usually no need to worry too much, because it may be one of the normal physiological phenomena.

However, if the yin blows frequently and seriously affects your daily life, if it causes embarrassment, discomfort, or pain, you should check the examination in time.

Remember, it is very important to seek professional doctors. They have rich experience and knowledge, can provide you with the best suggestions and treatment plans, help you recover your health and regain your normal life.

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