During the birth checkup, he found his girlfriend’s secret. He decided not to marry her, but the child didn’t want it.

Wenwen and Liang Liang are a loved love couple. From the real time that it took more than a month to know cohabitation, Wenwen recently found that she was pregnant.

At the beginning, both young people were all you love. In the face of the bright pursuit, Wenwen agreed. She did not look at her family, did not ask for colorful gifts, but only wanted to be treated brightly.

At first Wenwen said to the family that the family was opposed. According to their knowledge, the brightness came from the countryside. The family conditions were not good. The important thing is that the younger and sisters who are going to school. The parents are also farmers.Formally work.

Liang Liang’s culture is not high. Now I work in a car repair plant. I hold a salary of more than 6,000 yuan a month.

Wenwen is a small company clerk next to the repair shop. One day she drove the car to go out to work, and the car was broken, so she went to the repair shop to repair it so that she knew Liang Liang.

The two young loves were not optimistic at the beginning, but they were very infatuated. They went to Wenwen to wait for Wenwen downstairs every day. They were surprised every time. One or two, the two young people also lived together.

Later, the two kept living together. Once Wenwen found that his aunt hadn’t come for more than a month, and he was very scared.Unexpectedly, it was two bars, and Wenwen was pregnant.

She was very scared, and Liang Liang was also very scared. They did not dare to talk to the family. Because Wenwen had a bit bleeding in the early stage, she resigned and did not go out to work at home.

After hesitating for more than a month, they still decided to get the child. Liang Liang vowed to Wenwen at the time that he would be responsible for her. This life must be good for her and the child.

In this way, Wenwen seemed to have eaten a reliable pill, hiding her family, and became a housewife with peace of mind. She helped Liang Liang wash clothes to cook every day, packed the house, and was particularly virtuous.

When she was more than 6 weeks, she decided to go to the hospital to build a file for a production inspection. That day, she happened to be on the weekend, and Liang Liang went together.

When I was in the obstetrics and gynecology department, Liang Liang waited outside. Wenwen went in. After a while, Wenwen came out, and there was a mother and child manual in her hand.

At this time, Wenwen suddenly wanted to go to the toilet, and took the book to Liang Liang, Liang Liang and other Wenwen, and opened the book curiously. At first, she wanted to see the data about the child.When I turned it over, I saw a data on this book. He immediately fired and fell to the ground.

When Wenwen came out, he looked at Wenwen with his face, scared Wenwen.

"Why are you hiding from me? Why? Why don’t you tell me if you have been born? I can accept your past, but I can’t accept your stomach."

After listening to the bright words, Wenwen was silent, and she knew that her secret had been discovered. Originally, this was a past that she didn’t want to mention. I didn’t expect a data that she had inadvertently burst into the pain of her pain.

"Are you dumb? Don’t you explain it?"

Wenwen sighed deeply, and then said, "Liangliang, will we not mention it? Let’s live a good life in the future, and I will really be good for this family."

Liangliang on the side didn’t think so. The more he thought about it, the more he was angry, and even a particularly harsh words.

"Who knows who is the child in your stomach? How can I guarantee that the child is mine?" I don’t want this child! "

After hearing this, Wenwen felt that Wu Lei was bombarded, and said the world of conscience. She was not sorry for Liang Liang, and she hadn’t done anything sorry for him after the relationship with Liang Liang. As for why Liang Liang held her pastI don’t know why.

Because she was wrong first, Wenwen simply knelt down. She didn’t want to lose its brightness or lose the child.

She begged hard to be indifferent. Liang Liang finally chose to leave, and frankly said that she would not marry her. As for the child, she just handled it.

Wenwen was ashamed after hearing, and she was deceived by love again. She was sincere from beginning to end. The man said that he didn’t care about her past. In fact, the man was the most selfish.

How can you not care about this kind of thing!

Wenwen cried and left the hospital. This time, she chose to leave this child. Even if it was no longer possible to live with Liang Liang, she would not give up the child.

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