During the breastfeeding period, I was pregnant with my second child. What should I do if I am pregnant during breastfeeding?

Summary: During the breastfeeding period, unexpected pregnancy is something that many mothers have caught off guard. Many mothers do not know what to do. The baby is still in the stage of lactation. At this time, can you give birth to your baby?And what is the harm of pregnancy at this time?Let’s take a look with the questions!

What should I do if I am pregnant during breastfeeding

The harm to yourself and your baby during breastfeeding are very great. If you really encounter you, you should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible. Under the guidance of the doctor, you should avoid affecting your baby and himself. At the same time, you must stop breastfeeding.

Can I still breastfeed during breastfeeding?

Can I continue to use breast milk to feed the baby when breastfeeding is pregnant during breastfeeding. Breast milk is the source of nutrients for each newborn’s growth and development. If the mother is pregnant unexpectedly during breastfeeding, it will affect the milk of the milk.Quality, at this time, the secretion of milk may be poor in nutrients and is not suitable for the baby, which will affect the baby’s growth and development. Therefore, you cannot continue to feed your child during breastfeeding.

Harm of pregnancy and feeding during breastfeeding

1. Cause of malnutrition

During breastfeeding, pregnancy will affect the secretion of milk, resulting in less milk secretion and worse quality. If you continue to feed your baby, the baby will not get enough nutrition, resulting in malnutrition of the baby’s malnutrition.The situation affects the healthy growth of the baby.

2. Affects fetal development in the abdomen

When pregnant during breastfeeding, it will also affect the growth of the baby in the abdomen, because if you continue to feed the newborn baby at this time, it will cause the baby in the abdomen to get enough nutrients. This is the growth rate in the belly.Super fast babies have a great impact.

3. Increase the danger of fetal birth

If the mother is pregnant during breastfeeding, it will lead to various dangers. Because the fetus in the abdomen also needs nutrition, if the nutrition is insufficient, it will cause the danger of the newborn when the newborn is born, such as: dead tires, deformed fetuses.

4. Increase postpartum risk

The mother’s uterus, who has just given birth to a child, is still in restoration. If you are pregnant at this time, the embryo sac that is being conceived will cause complications such as placenta adhesion and front placenta on the uterine mucosa, which will cause various postpartum symptoms.

5. Increase postpartum bleeding and infection

The mother’s body is still in a state of recovery. It is necessary to replenish some nutrients at the same time, which can restore the body to better, and during breastfeeding, it will cause anemia due to malnutrition and decreased body resistance.The healthy growth of the fetus has adverse effects, and postpartum bleeding and infection may occur in severe cases.

6. Buried hidden diseases

During the breastfeeding period, pregnancy will only increase the baby’s body burden, which will affect the postpartum physical rehabilitation, and it will also buried the hidden dangers of the disease in severe cases.Therefore, reminding mothers who are breastfeeding should take preventive measures and avoid pregnancy during breastfeeding. If you are pregnant, try not to, or it will bring great harm.

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