During the Chinese New Year, pregnant women drink water: How much to drink every day and what to pay attention to?Listen to Guide Suggestions

Wen 丨 Jingma said.

The Spring Festival is an important festival in our country, so it is very grand.According to the festival tradition, not only must the family celebrate the New Year, but also prepare a table of food to celebrate the festival.

Therefore, during the Chinese New Year, almost every meal was big fish and meat, and "three pounds of fat" were eaten like this.

For ordinary people, it is okay to eat, drink, and play like this. At most, it is a little fat and a bad rest. When you go to work after the festival, your life will slowly recover.

However, for pregnant women who are pregnant, such a rhythm will make pregnant mothers feel a little bit unbearable. Every day, big fish and meat are not only prone to gain weight and high blood sugar, but also a variety of gatherings to celebrate the schedule.It will affect the mental state of pregnant mothers, and physical discomfort such as fatigue, acne, and constipation aggravation will occur.

At this time, the relatives and friends around the pregnant mother will persuade the pregnant mother to drink more water and accelerate the metabolism, but in fact, the pregnant women are also particular about drinking water.

It is not possible to drink water "no control" and drink water in incorrectly. Not only will the pregnant mother run the toilet frequently and increase the edema, but also may also "hurt the fetus" in water poisoning.

Many pregnant mothers have also discovered that as long as they drink more water, they not only always want to go to the toilet, but also may increase edema.

In fact, there are relevant suggestions in the "Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines" about how much water is drinking daily during pregnancy. It is 1700-1900 ml a day, and the best drinking water is boiled water.

Many pregnant mothers will ask: Is it okay to drink drinks, ice, soda, and soda?

Of course you can drink less, and it will not have much impact on pregnant mothers and fetuses.

But it is not recommended if you drink it frequently or a lot.

① Drinks, one is freshly squeezed juice, and the other is a finished drink. No matter which, it is not recommended to drink more.

Because the freshly squeezed fruit juice may have exceeded the amount of fruits in a glass of fruit juice, it is recommended to eat the fruit, it is easy to eat exceeding the standard, and it may add some honey, white sugar, etc. in order to reconcile.healthy.

Many of the finished drinks are blended drinks. There are many additives in it. It is not recommended to drink it often.

② Ice water or iced drinks are even more recommended.

Pregnant mothers in the middle and late pregnancy are afraid of heat and always want to eat some cold, but if you drink cold water, it is easy to stimulate the stomach and stomach bloating, pain and discomfort, and it may cause uterine contraction.Ice water.

③ Soda water is a water that many people love to drink, but drinking more is easy to flatulence, and it will also cause pregnant mothers to have physical discomfort.

In addition to these kinds of water, there are coffee, tea, etc. It is not recommended to drink more for pregnant mothers. It should be arranged according to their actual situation, and the principle of safety is first.

As mentioned earlier, for pregnant women, boiled water is the best, and drinking water per day is 1700-1900 ml.

During the Chinese New Year, pregnant mothers can follow the following principles:

▶ Principles 1: The total daily water intake is 1700-1900 ml.

In fact, in addition to drinking boiled water, daily daily diet also contains some water, such as various soups, porridge, milk, soy milk, vegetables and fruits.

The daily total moisture intake = water -containing food+boiling water, which is the total amount of all moisture plus together.

Therefore, for example, if you drink two cups of milk and a box of yogurt a day, there will be about 500 ml of water, plus drinking soup and eating fruits, the pregnant mother drinks boiling water at more than 1,000 ml, it is basically enough, almost 200 ml of 200 ml of hella.Drink 5 cups in the cup.

Pregnant mothers can roughly calculate the daily intake of moisture and see if they have enough water every day. Pay attention to drink plenty of water.

▶ Principles 2: Drink a small amount of boiled water.

After pregnancy, the taste of the pregnant mother will change, and the stomach is uncomfortable, and the water may not want to drink.

Pregnant mothers who do not like to drink water and do not want to drink water, can drink a small amount of water, such as pouring a glassDrink about 200 ml every time, just arrange it according to your actual situation.

▶ Principles 3: Pay attention to hydration after exercise.

It’s winter, even if you exercise, it is not easy to sweat, so it’s okay.

In the summer, the pregnant mother itself loves sweating. In addition to sweating, it is easy to lose too much water. It is best to drink some water in exercise to replenish water.

▶ Principles 4: Try to drink water during the day and avoid drinking water before going to bed.

Due to the oppression of the uterus, pregnant mothers are also easy to go to the toilet frequently. If you drink more water, you will fall in love with the toilet.

In order not to affect the night’s sleep, it is best to avoid drinking water or less water 1-2 hours before bedtime, otherwise drinking water before going to bed may not sleep well the night before.

The above is some of the knowledge of pregnant mothers and pregnant women drinking water. Of course, different pregnant mothers have individual differences, so they cannot "uniform requirements". For example, pregnant mothers who are fat can drink more appropriately. Pregnant mothers with less amniotic fluid can be based on the doctor.It is recommended to replenish more water.

In addition, during the Chinese New Year, in addition to paying attention to diet and drinking plenty of water, try to avoid staying up late, and sleep and get up in accordance with the usual regular schedule to ensure the amount of sleep, so as to ensure the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses.

Do you gain weight during the Chinese New Year?Or what troubles during pregnancy are also welcome to discuss it ~

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