During the confinement period, it is always sweaty. Is it going to be "confinement disease"?Don’t panic if you do a good job

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Since ancient times, confinement has always been a first -class event for women. After all, this is the weakest period of life.

"If the confinement is not good, it will fall to the illness, and you will be too late to regret it in the future." The phrase of them is almost familiar, and it can be regarded as the experience of coming people.

A few days ago, I saw a post in the forum. A Baoma said that she had just given birth to a child and was sitting in confinement. I felt that there was always sweating in my body. I even wet clothes several times a day, which was very uncomfortable.

Tell the elderly at home that she blame her to wash her hair during confinement and suffered cold, making her nervous now.

So I posted and asked: Do you have a lot of sweaty confinement?

Similar issues are not uncommon, and there are no experienced novices. Moms who have encountered this kind of situation are inevitable.

In fact, postpartum is weak, lack of qi and blood, and sweating is an extremely normal physiological phenomenon.Rigid speaking, this "sweat" is not the so -called "sweat", and the correct name should be "purse sweat".

During pregnancy, Baoma should provide a sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus, so the body’s body fluid in the body will gradually increase to meet the needs.

This phenomenon began around 6 weeks of pregnancy, and it continued to reach its peak until 32 to 34 weeks of pregnancy.

After production, the body no longer needs so much body fluid, and it will slowly discharge in the form of sweating.In fact, the careful maternal will also find that not only the amount of sweat is large, but the urine volume will increase.

In other words, sweating after giving birth is a normal phenomenon. It is not a disease that has not been soted well when confinement. As long as you do your care, you don’t have to panic and continue to ensure reasonable nutritional intake. Normal breastfeeding can be used.

Generally speaking, this phenomenon will gradually disappear after confinement, so avoiding it and keeping a happy mood is the correct way to open.

1) Keep warmth in key parts

During the confinement, the body was extremely weak. At this time, the pores were diastolic, and it was not cold or blowing.

The main parts that need to keep warm are: head, knee and other joints, waist and abdomen, and feet.


In addition to wearing a hat, the clothing should be made of pure cotton. It has both the function of sweating and breathable, and the warmth effect is good.

But keep warm, you must not "cover the confinement", which is harmful to the body.When it is found that there are symptoms of "puzzle sweat", there is no need to cover it with thick quilts, otherwise the clothes will be soaked, but it will be easier to cool.

In this case, focusing on room temperature should be placed, and ventilation should also be paid.Before ventilation, you can let the mother go to other rooms to avoid, and then return after the temperature recovers.

In addition, it is also possible to use the air conditioner, but it is better to avoid direct blowing. It is better to add a baffle to the air outlet.

2) Rest can be rest

The childbirth process is extremely effort. Furthermore, the internal organs of the body have been shifted during pregnancy, so after delivery, it is necessary to ensure a sufficient amount of rest to recover.

However, in addition to her weakness, the mother must also take care of the newborn baby. It is difficult to sleep for every few hours, so it is difficult to seize all time.


The best way is to let your family participate, help bring the baby, take a rest after feeding, try to keep the same biological clock as much as possible.

3) Diet temperature supplement

The mother does need nutrition after the production of the mother, but the so -called "deficiency is not supplemented", and the soup that is too nutritious should not drink too early.


The confinement should abide by the principle of "one row, two tones and three supplements", and wait until the third week.

In addition, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure the intake of vitamins and protein.Avoid big fish and big meat, too much fat intake, otherwise it will change the composition of breast milk and also affect the baby.

4) Keep hygiene

In the older generation, the saying that confinement cannot be washed and bathing in the older generation is actually because of the poor living conditions and restrictions on the conditions, and it is difficult to maintain the indoor temperature, so it is easy to be cold.

Obviously, it is difficult to accept people without taking a bath in 42 days. After giving birth, there are dew discharged, and the "baptism" of "purse sweat" will be dirty in a few days, and it is easy to breed bacteria.

Not only will it increase the risk of infection, but it may also cause potential damage to the baby when breastfeeding.


In fact, the warmth conditions of the current houses are pretty good. With the supplement of the air conditioner, the shampooing and bathing are completely fine.

However, it should be noted that only the shower can not take a bath, and the hair should be dried as soon as possible.

Postpartum sweat is not a disease. As long as the care is in place, the Baomao do not have to panic at all.

But confinement is indeed important for women and must be treated with caution.When the confinement is sat up, the body can recover, which is also a blessing for the baby.

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