During the epidemic period, the birth check will not go.

A epidemic broke the life plan and method of each of us, and we had to be isolated by ourselves, but this could not avoid the virus slowly spread.

This epidemic caused us a lot of losses, and many personnel on the front line were unfortunately infected. Among them, it included pregnant medical staff.

In fact, pregnant women have poor resistance because of their pregnancy. Many pregnant mothers have such doubts. Should she go to the hospital for a checkup during the epidemic?

On January 28, Zhejiang University Hospital was treated with a pregnant woman. This pregnant woman was a severe patient. The family said that the pregnant woman had come into contact with relatives who came back from Wuhan before.Coronavirus.

When many pregnant women saw the news, they murmured in their hearts: Is it when the epidemic is tense, should they go to the hospital for a medical examination normally?

Everyone knows that pregnant women and babies in their stomach are individuals. If the mother is infected, the baby’s chance of infection is very high.

Later, some media interviewed Academician Li Lanjuan. Academician Li Lanjuan said:

"After a pregnant woman infected within three months of pregnancy, if it is cured, it is recommended that the child has a miscarriage, because this disease is very serious. If the child is not abortion, it may recur, and the child will follow the sins. ThereforeStep. "

Although this makes many people feel very sad, there is no way to do it. For family and children, they are not guilty, and they can only do so.

And once a pregnant woman is diagnosed, the possibility of the fetus will increase. Even if it has not had time to pass it to the fetus, the treatment of pregnant women also needs a lot of drugs. These drugs are not safe for babies in the stomach.It may cause some diseases such as fetal malformations.

During this critical period, each pregnant woman should protect themselves and the fetus, and the family should be able to confuse themselves to avoid a healthy impact on pregnant women. ThereforeJust open the door to foreigners.

If you are pregnant during the epidemic, you still need to pay attention to some things, such as those things for delivery:

After pregnant women are pregnant, they have become the focus of the whole family. The whole family has been careful since confirming her pregnancy. The food they eat for pregnant women are also picked up and nutritious.

Many pregnant women think that since the epidemic is still so powerful now.The child was also very healthy before, and it doesn’t matter if you go to the hospital once, just don’t go.

However, some pregnant women are more careful and feel that pregnancy must go to the hospital on time to do a birth check.

But in this special period, no one can do it. Some pregnant women have no choice but to have a scalp. Some pregnant women are very careful during pregnancy, but there are some pregnant women who are a little careless.superior.

Doctors will tell each pregnant woman for the time and matters of the birth checkup every month, so each pregnant woman has regular check -up items every month.When you go to the hospital for a delivery frequency, in fact, the doctor will tell the pregnant woman when the pregnant woman’s birth checkups. Recently, because the epidemic is too serious, it is best for pregnant women to not come out at home.

Because the body of the pregnant woman is relatively weak, if the word is frequent during this period, the chance of infection will increase.

Reducing the number of pregnancy examinations is not casual. There are some time for examination time requirements, such as: 11-14 weeks of NT examination time in the early pregnancy, and the major abnormal examination time in the second trimester is 22-24 weeks of pregnancy. If pregnancyAfter Mom missed this time, she couldn’t do a related inspection.However, if the project of pregnant women’s maternity examination has arrived, it is recommended to check the number of normal checks.

There is also the sum of the summary of pregnancy. This is very important. This has a lot to do with the production method of pregnant women. When the pregnant woman is 36 to 40 weeks, the pregnant mother can be in accordance with the production inspection in advance.But if it is not for these inspections, you can push it back.

No matter who is going out, he needs to take protection measures, so when pregnant women go out for inspection, they must take protective measures to avoid being infected.

When pregnant women go out, they must be accompanied by family members. Colleagues must wear masks. It is best to carry disinfection water and free -to wash solution for medical levels. They should reduce waste of time in the hospital.Back home to replace the clothes in time, first disinfection in cleaning.Hand and face should be washed frequently.

It is normal for a cough and a cold, but now because of the special period of the epidemic, be careful not to get sick. If you are unfortunately coughing and fever, you should not worry about the temperature of your body.Deficiency, chest tightness, diarrhea, dry cough and other symptoms.

Be careful not to prepare medicine by yourself. You can consult the doctor first. According to the doctor’s instructions, if you have no other symptoms during the illness, you can observe your physical condition at home.If you find that your body is strange, take medical treatment in time and not delay.

In this special period, in addition to everything, sometimes it can also cause pregnant women to be uncomfortable for other reasons.Or a sign of property.

Moms in the third trimester need to prepare for going to the hospital in advance, so once there are strangeness, protective measures can be made at the fastest speed.After arriving at the hospital, don’t be nervous according to the doctor’s instructions.

Finally, I remind you that pregnant mothers are not necessary to seek medical treatment. It is best to stay at home. Except for taking care of your family, others are better not to contact.

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