During the influenza raging, drink with ginger water every day, and insist that the body will change for a few days

From a wave of influenza epidemic at the end of last year to 2018, experts from the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that this year’s overall influenza popularity level in my country is significantly higher than in previous years, and it is the worst influenza popularity in recent years.

Although there have been snowfall in most parts of the country recently, Beijing has not seen early snow.The dry one also aggravated the spread of the influenza epidemic, and many friends around them were ill, and some even the elderly and children flu.

In the high incidence of influenza, in addition to inocating influenza vaccines early and paying attention to daily personal hygiene and protection, it is particularly critical to increase physical resistance through diet.When you have symptoms in the early stages of a cold, try to soak in water with ginger.

For the cold cold caused by cold, if you take ginger in the early stages of a cold, you can diverge the cold cold. After drinking ginger soup, you will feel hot, sweat, and your nose will be ventilated.This is the manifestation of the cold effect of ginger.

This is because ginger is rich in ginger, polyphenol, volatile oil, minerals, vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients.It is a very good choice for people with cold colds.

The most important thing is that influenza is a very serious disease for women during pregnancy, which can easily affect the healthy growth of the fetus in the body.Women during pregnancy are not suitable for taking medicine. In the early days of illness, drinking ginger soup is a good choice.

Ginger has a lot of effect. In addition to the effect on colds, there are many other functions:

1. Some elderly appetite or poor digestion. You can let the elderly eat some ginger slices in the early morning. Because ginger contains gingerol, it can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, saliva, and digestive fluid.The gastrointestinal awakening promotes the appetite of the elderly.

2. The weather is cold in winter, and everyone likes to bubble their feet before going to bed.Try to soak your feet with ginger, add the cooked 130 grams of ginger and 1000 ml for 30-45 minutes. During the period, keep the water in the constant temperature state.

3. Ginger contains a nutritional component of ginger, which can play a good role in promoting blood circulation and expanding blood vessels, and protecting our cardiovascular and cerebrovascular to a certain extent.

Dear friends, do you have friends around you infected the flu virus?What is the way to reduce fever?Make a message in the comment area below to share your experience in cure.

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