During the ovulation of women, these three symptoms will appear in the body. Observe carefully, it is not difficult to find

In addition to the fixed menstrual period of each month, women actually have an ovulation period, and the so -called ovulation period is actually in a fixed time every month.It usually greatly increases the chance of pregnancy.

So, for women, how can I know that my ovulation period has arrived?Generally speaking, when the ovulation period of female ovulation, these three symptoms appear. As long as everyone observes carefully, it is not difficult to find.

1. ovulation pain

The so -called ovulation pain is actually the early stages of women’s menstruation, with symptoms of lower abdominal flatulence and accompanied by mild pain.

Of course, there are still many women in breast pain, but because women enter the ovulation period, the pressure of hormone secretion in the body will be relatively large, so this pain is usually not particularly obvious, so it is often mistaken for gastrointestinal pain.

In this regard, couples who want to prepare for pregnancy can pay attention to distinguish, seize this opportunity, and put the "creation plan" on the agenda. During this period, the success rate will be greatly improved.

2. Increase leucorrhea

Leucorrhea is a kind of secretion unique to women, and it usually reflects the health of women.

The increase in leucorrhea is abnormally increased, which may be caused by gynecological diseases, or it may be related to the ovulation period, because the increase in leucorrhea is actually a feature of the female ovulation period.

At this time, leucorrhea is tasteless and colorless liquid. If there is no abnormality in the leucorrhea and only increases, it means that the ovulation period is coming. If you are prepared for parents, then it is best to have the same room at this time.It can greatly increase the chance of pregnancy.

3. Decrease in resistance

During the period of women’s ovulation, its resistance and immunity will also decrease. At this time, various bacteria are more likely to invade the body, and women’s teeth will become more sensitive during this period. The body will often feel that the body will often feelTired, no matter what you do, and most of these performances are caused by increasing estrogen secretion.

Therefore, if you want your baby’s husband and wife, you must adjust your physical condition in time and exercise moderately to increase your resistance and immunity.And more likely to conceive.

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