During the pregnancy, more than 100 pounds of giving birth to the baby only weighs 5 pounds. Doctors: The weight increase of pregnant women is about 12.5 kg.

Source: Wuhan Evening News

Wuhan Evening News (Reporter Liu Chenwei Correspondent Zhang Huan Jiangwei) The weight was already overweight, and she was still overly replenished during pregnancy. The pregnant woman’s weight soared to 300 pounds. However, the baby boy had only 5 pounds.

Ms. Liu, 38, has always been fat, reaching more than 180 pounds.After successful pregnancy this year, he began to bed in bed, and wanted to have a big fat boy.To this end, Ms. Liu pays attention to add meals to supplements every day, and also likes to eat high sugar and high -calorie snacks.Throughout pregnancy, Ms. Liu’s weight was more than 100 pounds.Last month, Ms. Liu came to Wuhan Fourth Hospital for a birth checkup. The doctor found that she had suffered from diseases such as gestational diabetes, preliminary eclampsia, pregnancy hypertension syndrome, and hypoproteinemia.Recently, Ms. Liu had to have a cesarean section in advance, so what made the whole family did not expect that the baby weighed at only 5 pounds.

Deputy Chief Physician Qin Huifen of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology explained that during pregnancy, we must take reasonable intake and balanced diet, pay attention to diet safety during pregnancy, and control weight growth.If the pregnant woman is too fat, the fetus is very light, it is likely that the placental function is poor or the umbilical cord is very detailed. These all affect the fetal absorption of nutrition, the mother eats more, and the weight of the fetus is limited.

She introduced that there are large differences in individual pregnant women, and the number of foods should not be generalized. It is not the same to recommend that the goal of gaining weight is different.After 4 months of pregnancy, you must supplement sufficient energy. Increase the intake of fish, meat, eggs, milk, and seafood during pregnancy. In particular, you must pay special attention to the supplementation of nutrients such as folic acid, iron and iodine. Pay attention to the proper weight growth in the second trimester."It is much greater, and it is not necessarily that they all grow on the children. Ms. Liu caused various diseases because of the overweight, but it is not good for health."

She reminded that women’s weight during pregnancy is about 12.5 kg. It is a normal value. It is recommended to eat less meals in diet.It is also important to ensure proper exercise during pregnancy. It is most suitable for 3 to 4 times a week, and slow walking at 25 to 40 minutes each time.

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