During the pregnancy period, I fight with them

Those things during the pregnancy period … (unfinished)

During the pregnancy period, I fight with them with their wisdom 2

Do you want to eat it when you are pregnant?(Down)

As mentioned earlier, our life consumption is AA, and we have to say that we spend after pregnancy.Continue.

Because my unit is far away from home, the journey takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes. You need to transfer in the middle. In addition, you need to walk for about 25 minutes. The speed will be slightly slower during pregnancy.Because there are many people during the peak of get off work, I get home from get off work every day, and this fare is also out of my own.Fortunately, my father will give me money from time to time throughout pregnancy, saying that it makes me delicious and supplement nutrition.

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However, during this period, my mother -in -law did nothing. The only thing I did was the phone I called before and the two WeChat later WeChat. The content was that she asked me how to eat.Always want to vomit.Mother -in -law: "You can’t eat it if you can’t eat it. You don’t eat the nutrition of your children. You vomit, vomit, eat, and vomit, you must eat it, you must eat it."Haha, this is the difference between mother -in -law and mother?The mother -in -law cares about the baby with his son’s surname in his stomach, and of course, the mother’s first care is always her child. Do you have encountered such a mother -in -law?

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So I said so much, the suffering of pregnancy is myself, the production inspection, production spent or I am out of my own. I want to drink a carrot juice and say that let me buy it myself. Is it ridiculous?Of course, until today, I haven’t drank this carrot juice.

Regarding carrot juice, I said that I want to drink and say so many times. I definitely want to buy it as a prospective father. I want to buy it myself, and I won’t say it.So if you see this article, you can get the snacks. After all, the baby in the belly has a copy of you. If your lover said he wants to eat something, please buy it at this timeShe, these things that are insignificant in your eyes may make her remember for a lifetime, and you don’t want your wife to vomit his husband like me one day!The expectant mothers can transfer to the he to see, let them arrange the deliciousness.

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There is another thing that makes me unpredictable. At that time, I wanted to eat an apple called Hua Niu, because I took a taxi directly from work and returned home.Sold it, let me say the vegetable market, he said, "I won’t go, it’s too far (the actual vegetable market is only about 200 meters away from him, he tells me too far), you won’t buy it yourself."So is he good to me?Still not good?

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You say he is not good, the housework of large and small in the family is all done by him. If he cooks and eats at home, he will make it. He wash the dishes. Even if he is not pregnant, he will almost not enter the kitchen, just like he wants him to wantSend me a gift, consult a colleague around me, and people say that they are sent to the kitchen supplies. He said, "That’s it, the kitchen supplies are given to me."The ground at home was dirty, the table was dirty, he wiped him, and his clothes were dirty. Of course, he didn’t look down on my work, so can you say that he is not good?He is also very good.So is he good?Still not good?I am also puzzled.

But if you choose, you have to recognize yourself, so what about your sisters and husbands?Will they "treat you" during pregnancy?

Saying good "fighting wisdom and brave", I feel that I am now a big counseling, and I haven’t seen "wisdom" and "brave".(Undered)

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