During the pregnancy, there will be a pregnancy reaction during pregnancy?Be careful about these 7 symptoms!

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The vision is reduced, the nose is always blocked, and the hearing is not sensitive. Is it … guessing, your facial features are experiencing a pregnancy reaction.Although these are not sick, they must also take care of them carefully.

After pregnancy, expectant mother’s eyes, ears, noses, noses, and mouths are also changing quietly.These changes will have different degrees of impact on the mother’s mother, and even bring some "diseases" that seem to be, so expectant mothers need to pay special attention to this.

The fluctuation of hormones during pregnancy can cause vision disorders.If you are originally myopia, the situation may be slightly intensified after pregnancy, and you find that your glasses are not suitable.The level of estrogen after childbirth decreases, and the vision will return to normal.It should be reminded that too large visual changes may be the manifestation of diabetes and hypertension, so don’t take it lightly.

Countermeasure: regularly go to the hospital for routine examinations every month. If the vision decreases significantly, you should ask the doctor to do a diaper of urine for you.If the previous glasses are not appropriate, don’t make up for it, don’t throw it away (because you can come in handy again after giving birth), temporarily with a comfortable "pregnant woman glasses", it is also a special memorialEssence

The angle of the cornea will become steeper during pregnancy, producing mild refractives, which is more obvious in the late pregnancy.The result can cause weakening the remote and ciliary muscle regulation, and the vagueness of the closer object is one of the situations.

Countermeasures: This phenomenon is mostly returned to normal from 5 to 6 weeks after delivery. Therefore, at this time, the prospective mothers have a long -sighted or myopia deepening situation. You do n’t have to replace the glasses first.precise.

Due to the increase in lutein secretion and the imbalance of electrolytes, expectant mothers can easily cause increased water in the cornea and crystal body, forming a mild edema of the cornea. The thickness of the cornea can increase by about 3%, and the more obvious it is to the late pregnancy.Due to corneal edema, the sensitivity will be reduced, and the function of weak corneal reflection and its eyeball protection often reduces the function of weak corneal reflection.

Countermeasures: Generally, special treatment is not required, and it will automatically return to normal from 6 to 8 weeks after delivery.

Sometimes I ca n’t hear others talking. Is pregnancy making people feel back?After pregnancy, the estrogen concentration in the internal and external fluids of the expectant mothers has a large difference in the concentration of estrogen.Studies have shown that starting from early pregnancy, the low-frequency area hearing (150-500 Hz) of pregnant women has declined, and it continues to worsen during the middle and late stages of pregnancy.

Countermeasure: During pregnancy, hearing changes are generally returned to normal 3 to 6 months after delivery.Pay attention to nutrition during pregnancy to ensure sufficient rest time.It is recommended that prospective mothers usually listen to earphones less.

After pregnancy, the placenta will produce a large amount of estrogen, especially after 7 months of pregnancy, the estrogen concentration in the blood may exceed 20 times before pregnancy. A large amount of estrogen in the blood can promote swelling, softening, and congestion in the nasal mucosa.The crispness of the blood vessel wall of the prospective mother’s nasal cavity is prone to rupture and cause nose bleeding.

Countermeasure: Once the expectant mothers have nasal bleeding, they should quickly lie on their back and press the root of the nose with their thumbs and index fingers for 5-10 minutes, and apply the amount of cold and wet towels or nose. Generally, bleeding can stop.During pregnancy, you can eat more foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, such as vegetables, red beans, lean meat, dairy, eggs, etc., which can enhance blood vessel elasticity.Under normal circumstances, nasal bleeding does not cause anemia. If the expectant mother bleeds seriously, the use of progesterone drugs should be used reasonably under the guidance of a doctor to reduce the stimulation of estrogen on the nasal mucosa.

After pregnancy, the level of estrogen in the body increases, causing an allergic reaction of the nasal mucosa, which can lead to the expansion of small blood vessels, tissue edema, and symptoms such as nasal congestion, sneezing, and runny nose.The expectant mother happened, and three months after pregnancy became more obvious.Once the cause of the cause is eliminated, rhinitis will be cured without leaving sequelae.

Countermeasure: "rhinitis during pregnancy" generally does not require drug treatment, and there are no very effective preventive measures.If the symptoms are relatively powerful, take appropriate medicine under the guidance of a doctor.For the symptoms of nasal congestion and runny nose, 1%ephedrine liquid drip nose can be used.However, the drug cannot be used for a long time, so as not to cause drug resistance and even cause medicinal rhinitis.If the effect is not obvious, the nasal spray can be used to reduce local congestion after clearing the nasal secretion.

The diet structure during pregnancy has changed, and the number of carbohydrates has increased. This provides good nutrition for bacteria to reproduce on the teeth. The acid produced by bacterial metabolism makes the surface of the teeth corrode and dental caries.In addition, expectant mothers will have a vomiting reaction in the early pregnancy, and the reflux gastric acid will also corrode the surface of the teeth.

Countermeasures: expectant mothers should pay attention to oral hygiene, because oral infection will affect the fetus and their own health, causing all kinds of harm.Brush your teeth at least 3 times a day, at least 3 minutes each time.However, it can only remove 70%of bacteria in the mouth, and use dental floss every two days.Moms should also take oral examinations regularly.

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