Dysmenorrhea?Diagnosis during menstruation?Gong Han’s woman is old!"Self -rescue" is urgent

The old saying is "ten women and nine colds", which means that many women’s constitution is easy to bias cold, and Gonghan means the cold of the cell palace. This word is unique in Chinese medicine. Generally speakingKidney yang deficiency, or because of premature birth, abortion, etc., can not be able to transport the water and moisture in the body well, so it is cold in the body.

In another case, I like to play water and live in cold places for a long time, or that I like to blow air conditioning during menstruation, eat cold food, and wearing thin food in winter can also lead to foreign cold evil condensing cell palaces, so that letHuman lower abdomen rises and pain, which can even lead to various gynecological diseases, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, dysmenorrhea, vaginitis, postpartum abdominal pain, etc.

The weather is getting cold, and your hands and feet have gradually become cold with the temperature?

If I said, girl, your palace cold test has been delivered, please pay attention to receiving!

Is diarrhea during menstruation?

Small belly is large and difficult to lose?


If you occupy more than three or more, it means that your palace cold is very serious.

Diagnosis during menstruation

Many female friends usually have constipation. Whenever aunt, when the auntie defecates, it is so happy …

The girl was so happy that she thought that the aunt was finally able to detoxify her beauty and relax.

Why do you have diarrhea as soon as you get menstruation?

This is like the temperature in the refrigerator is low, but the refrigerator door is closed. The air -conditioning inside is hidden and will not affect the surrounding space.

The same uterus is cold, and the outside of the uterus is usually impossible.

When the aunt came, the endometrium was discharged from the body. At this time, the door of the uterus was open, and the cold air would emerge.

It affects the surrounding intestinal environment. The temperature of the intestinal tract is low, and it is easy to diarrhea.

The small belly is large, and it is difficult to lose

It is very embarrassing to look at the small belly meat. Why does the meat on the belly only increase?

In fact, this principle is easy to understand. When people are cold, they will cover the quilt and wear thick clothes.

The body is not stupid!After the uterus is cold, the body will automatically wear a thick layer of fat quilt!

The colder the uterus, the thicker the quilt, the more difficult it is to lift off, so the girls with small belly for a long time, know the reason.


No matter how beautiful people are before, girls always have a few days of pain every month to die.Small abdomen swelling and cold pain proves that you have been cold to a certain extent.

And this cold not only refers to the low temperature, but also represents a stagnant state.

"It is painful". When it is not connected, the menstrual blood can not be pushed out by the uterus’s own driving force. After the menstrual blood stasis, the body will send a "pain" signal.

After receiving this signal body, the body will start to adjust the troops, transfer more energy to help promote the discharge of menstrual blood.

Therefore, many girls have just come to menstrual pain, and it will not hurt when the endometrium (that is, stagnation part) will slowly discharge.

(Note! No dysmenorrhea does not mean that the palace is cold, the dysmenorrhea is not easy to condense because the blood is not easy to condense, and it does not require much driving force to excrete the menstrual blood from the body, so it will not show "pain".The color is bright red and no blood clots, and such aunt is not healthy!)

Pay attention to cold prevention and warmth

The focus of conditioning Gonghan is to pay attention to daily warmth work to avoid cold belly, especially to avoid coldness in the lower body.

Avoid cold

Gong Han’s women should pay attention to eating less or not cold foods all year round to avoid aggravating Gong Han.Eat more foods that nourish qi and warm up, such as walnuts, peanuts, lamb, chicken, catfish, sea cucumber, chestnuts, etc.At the same time, you can also drink a glass of ginger tea after meals to resolve the cold brought by the food.


Black ginger tea, 50 grams of brown sugar, peel 4 slices of peeling ginger, and cook warm heat for four to five minutes.Persist in drinking for a few days when menstruation comes.Drink every week or so.For a long time, the symptoms of palace cold will be reduced.You can also use astragalus, jujube, or angelica water to drink or decoction to replenish qi and regulate blood, so that the qi and blood can be used.

Exercise appropriately

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