Early pregnancy signs -urgency urine frequency urine frequency pregnancy is said to dangerous movements when pregnancy!

Many pregnant women have frequent urination when they first start pregnancy, and even when they discover frequent urination and go to the hospital for examination, they discovered that they were pregnant.In fact, frequent urination is a stage for most pregnant women during pregnancy.

I often go to the toilet after pregnancy

Frequent urine is usually a sign of determining pregnancy. Generally, many people find that they are pregnant when they find frequent urination and go to the hospital for examination.Pregnant women have different degrees of frequent urination in the early and at the end of pregnancy.The frequent urination in the early stages of pregnancy is mainly caused by changes in body hormonal secretion.In the late stage, frequent urination is mainly due to the gradually falling into the basin, compressing the bladder and causing urination.

Is there any good way to reduce the time and number of the toilet go to the toilet

There is no particularly good way to control this situation so far.The only feasible thing is to control the amount of drinking water. If you don’t want to get up at night, it is best not to drink water within 1-2 hours before going to bed.Many people who do mothers often say that prenatal urination is not a good thing, because it can exercise in advance to get up at night. You must know that this is the process you must experience after your baby is born!

How to judge normal and abnormal urine frequency frequency

Usually urgency frequent urination is frequent urination, and the body does not have other symptoms and discomfort.If you have abnormal phenomena such as pain or burning sensation when you urinate, you should immediately go to the hospital for help.Successive abnormalities should be went to the hospital for examination in time, otherwise the condition may be involved in other organs such as kidney.

When can I stop the end of pregnancy and urine frequency

The frequent urination will end a few days after childbirth, but there will be a lot of urine in the first few days. This is mainly because the body should be excreted all the excess liquid in the body.Of course, in addition to the beginning and frequent urine during pregnancy, you will still be relatively good for most of the time. You will not worry about this little thing every day.

Say NO to dangerous actions during pregnancy!

As the abdomen is getting bigger and bigger, pregnant mommy must be careful during daily life to avoid dangerous movements.Otherwise, it is either easily caused by abortion or premature birth, or it will affect the healthy growth of the baby in the abdomen.The 20 actions listed below can easily bring danger to pregnant moms and fetuses. Please say "NO" to them–

1. Dangerous action to crowded market shopping

2. Dangerous action long bends and iron the clothes for a long time

3. Dangerous action long bend over and drag the floor

4. Risk actions to lift the arm and extend the upper body to dry clothes

5. Wipe the bathtub for a long time

6. Dangerous action has been doing housework in the kitchen for a long time

7, dangerous movements have been squatting on the ground for a long time, such as choosing vegetables and rubbing shoes

8. Standing or sitting for a long time

9. Wipe furniture for a long time

10. Dangerous action The stomach is large, and often drive

11. Kneeling on the ground for dangerous movements, like rubbing the floor

12. Wash a lot of clothes in dangerous action, wash the clothesboard

13. Risk action hand to lift or move heavy objects

14. Dangerous movements Step on small stools with high places

15. Dangerous action riding bicycles, especially long or on a bumpy road

16. Dangerous action with both hands and things

17. Dangerous action changes when the movement is too anxious, like suddenly getting up

18. Dangerous movements When the stairs are on the stairs, the cat waists or is too tall.

19. Bridge or small roads with dangerous movements too narrow

20. Dangerous movements straight down and picking things on the ground

Intimate Xiao Dingxun:

In order to avoid dangerous movements, the prospective dad has to replace his wife to do these things more. If the wife negligible, hurry up and wake her up; you can also buy some items, such as bending down and ironing the clothes will oppress the belly, buy a stand or large iron ironing ironThe clothes board can be avoided; or change the home environment, such as putting a chair in the kitchen so that pregnant moms do not need to do housework.

With the careful care of the quasi -dad, Baoma and fetal baby will be more peaceful.The happiness of the baby’s healthy mother!

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