Early pregnancy test paper is also over April Fool’s Day?What is the positive test paper?

Today is April 1, 2016, April Fool’s Day.In the morning gynecology clinic, Ms. Qin, 29, told me that she had been planning to be a child in the past six months. Because the moon did not come, she used a test strip this morning. As a result, she was deeper.See if you are pregnant.

I learned about Ms. Qin’s moderate menstrual rules. The cycle has been discontinued for 37 days today. In the past week, she had a slight dizziness, nausea and other early pregnancy reactions. There was no abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding.I gave her a test of blood βHCG+P (progesterone).

Results: serum βhcg2.23miu/ml, serum progesterone: 3.5ng/ml.I told Ms. Qin that she was not pregnant. Ms. Qin did not believe it and asked to make an ultrasound. I issued her application form. She walked out of the clinic with a list.

After half an hour, Ms. Qin took the ultrasound and asked me anxiously: Dr. Fu, do you see the result, is I pregnant?Also, just now I went to the bathroom and found that my vaginal bleeding was bleeding. Just like the menstruation, was it going to have a miscarriage?

After receiving the ultrasound result in her hand, the result reminded: the front of the uterus, the size is normal, the endometrium is 10mm thick, no abnormal echoes were seen in the uterine cavity, and no abnormal echo and blood flow signal was seen in the bilateral attachment area.

I told Ms. Qin again that she was really not pregnant. Just now her vaginal bleeding is a tide of menstruation.

Hearing me said so, Ms. Qin said sadly that today is April Fool’s Day, even early pregnancy test strips fooled her, deceiving her to think that she was pregnant, and the monthly and early pregnancy reactions.?what happened?

The menstrual period is the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. For women with normal health (or sexual life history) women with normal menstrual cycle, the menstrual period should be considered as pregnant, but there is no necessarily pregnancy.The environmental changes, diseases, drugs, drugs, endocrine disorders, etc. can also cause amenorrhea.Individuals are particularly afraid of pregnancy or urgent hopes of pregnancy not only to be amenorrhea, but also a series of symptoms, causing false pregnancy.

For example, Ms. Qin belongs to the situation where she has always been looking forward to pregnancy.The test strip test results she bought by herself are deeper and shallow, maybe they are only weak, or the results of the test strip are wrong or Ms. Qin reads the results.

After learning that she was just a fake pregnancy, Ms. Qin sighed that she was just empty and happy. Today she gave herself a April Fool’s Day.

I was busy comforting her to be pregnant. In addition to the healthy diet and lifestyle of both husband and wife, Ms. Qin had to take folic acid to prevent children’s nervous tube deformities in advance. Psychological factors also played an important role in pregnancy. I hope she can put down pressure.Prepare pregnancy easily.

For female friends who are planning to baby, they can’t be pregnant for two months, and don’t be too anxious. In the general population, if the couple’s sexual life is normal and inaccurate, there is a probability of conceived at a probability of 20%per month.The probability is 84%, and couples who have no pregnancy in the first year can conceive about the next year, and the accumulated probability can reach 92%.Therefore, if you are healthy, you have been working hard for a few months, you are not pregnant, do n’t worry, because there is only a probability of only 20%per month, you can give yourself a chance.Infertility.

After the age of 35, the fertility declines, and women over 35 years old should go to the infertility clinic after 6 months of pregnancy.There is a history of influencing fertility, such as amenorrhea, less monthly, and pelvic inflammatory lesions or umbrellas should be checked as soon as possible.

Measurement of chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is the most commonly used method for diagnosis of pregnancy, which is used to pregnancy tests.On the 7th day of fertilization, the unique HCG secreted by the body can be tested. Clinically, HCG can be detected from blood or urine 8 to 9 after ovulation.

Urine is close to HCG in the blood, and there are slight fluctuations in day and night. Generally, most of the first urine or blood standards are determined by the first morning.

What do you think of early pregnancy?

Try the upper end of the note as the control line, and the lower end is the reaction line. The end of the MAX word is inserted into the urine to be checked. The depth of the insertion should not exceed the MAX line. Observe the result for 3 to 10 minutes.Two red threads appear on the upper and lower ends of the display area are positive (prompting pregnancy).The color depth of the reaction line can reflect the concentration of HCG.

When there is a false positive pregnancy test, in addition to pregnancy, it can also appear in HCG to induce ovulation or tires, germ cell malignant tumors and ectopic HCG tumors.

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