Easy to understand gonad hormone test

There are many sex gonad hormones. Listen to me and talk about it,

Two items of early pregnancy are most commonly done.

Six groups of sex glands are done, menstrual disorders are closed,

Abnormal bleeding and polycystic, male infertility, abnormalities,

Men and women’s reproductiveness, multiple diseases belong to it,

Folkylopiamine period, pay more attention during the recognition period,

For other specific meanings, please see below to analyze.

Two early pregnancy:

Performatone (P)+Human Velvers (HCG)

Generally, it is judged by HCG to judge whether there is pregnancy, and to determine the early development of the fetus in the mother through progesterone.

Six sex hormones:

Esolis (E2)+testosterone (T)+progesterone (P)+luteal formin (LH)+follicle hormone (FSH)+prolactin (PRL)

Generally, the six detection of sex hormones to judge a variety of diseases related to men’s and female gonades, such as premature precocity, abnormal bleeding, menstrual disorders, male and female infertility, polycystic ovary syndrome, hyperdimiamia, etc.Essence

Reference range Normal Human serum: <20MIU / ML

The number of pregnancy weeks 0.2 ~ 1 5 ~ 50

1 ~ ~ 500

2 ~ 5000

3 ~ 4 500 ~ 10000

4 ~ 5 1000 ~ 50000

5 ~ 6 10000 ~ 100000

6 ~ 8 15000 ~ 200000

2 to March 10000 ~ 100000

Clinical significance:

It is a kind of sugar protein hormone secreted by the placental nourishing layer of cells.It is mainly used for auxiliary diagnosis such as early pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, nourishing layer cell tumors, abortion, ectopic pregnancy.In addition, the elevated serum HCG can also be seen in patients with patients with reproductive cells, ovaries, bladder, pancreas, lung and liver tumors.


Reference range Men 0.10 ~ 0.84ng/ml

Female follicle period: 0.31 ~ 1.52ng/ml

Duraility: 5.16 ~ 18.56ng/ml

Menstructed period: 0.08 ~ 0.78ng/ml

Three months before pregnancy: 4.73 ~ 50.74ng/ml

Three months of pregnancy: 19.41 ~ 45.30ng/ml

Clinical significance:

It is the main progesterone produced by ovarian luteum, adrenal glands and placenta during pregnancy.The measurement of progesterone is mainly used to determine whether ovulation, progesterone therapy monitoring and early pregnancy status evaluation, which is particularly important in judging the state of luteal function.

Reference range male 20.00 ~ 47.00pg/ml

Female follicle period 27.00 ~ 122.00pg/ml

Ovulation period 95.00 ~ 433.00pg/ml

The luteal period 49.00 ~ 291.00pg/ml

Menstructed period 20.00 ~ 40.00pg/ml

Clinical significance:

It is the strongest biological activity in female estrogen. It mainly comes from ovarian, luteal, and placenta, and a small amount is secreted by adrenal glands.Men are mainly produced by adrenal cortex and testicles.The measurement of E2 in serum is one of the functional indicators of the hypothalamus -pituitary -reproductive gland axis. It is mainly used for ovarian functional evaluation when female amenorrhea or abnormal menstruation; male E2 is often ascended to feminine syndrome, breast feminization, testicular cancer, etc.Disease -related.

Reference range male 1.75 ~ 7.81ng/ml

Women 0.10 ~ 0.75ng/ml

Clinical significance:

Testosterone is mainly generated in male testicles, and a small amount of testosterone in women’s blood is mainly metabolic products of dehydrogenuly.The determination of testosterone is mainly used for the auxiliary diagnosis of diseases such as precocious puberty, slow development of youth, sexual function, high PRL serialal hypertrophy, or minor sperm disease, and for monitoring of patients treated with patients with congenital adrenal hyperplasiaEssenceThe determination of female serum testosterone is of great significance to evaluate polymorphosis, hair loss, menstrual abnormalities, and polycystic ovary syndrome.

Reference range male 1.27 ~ 19.26miu / ml

Female follicle period 3.85 ~ 8.78miu / ml

Ovulation period 4.54 ~ 22.5miu / ml

The luteal period is 1.79 ~ 5.12miu / ml

Menstructed period 16.74 ~ 113.59miu / ml

Clinical significance:

Moisturizing hormones and luteal formation are collectively referred to as promoting gonadotropin to promote the maturity of follicle development and promote estrogen secretion with the luteal formin.Together can be used to evaluate the hypothalamic-pituitary-pituitary gland function.Increasing: It is found in primary amenorrhea, primary functional function, hyperthyroidism, testicular spermatogenic cytoma, etc.Decrease: Seen in estrogen or progesterone therapy, secondary gland functional decreased dysfunction, low pituitary function, and drugs such as contraceptives, sex hormones, and other drugs.

Reference range male 1.24 ~ 8.62miu / ml

Female follicle period 2.12 ~ 10.89miu / ml

Ovulation period 19.18 ~ 103.03miu / ml

The luteal period is 1.20 ~ 12.86miu / ml

Menstructed period 10.87 ~ 58.64miu / ml

Clinical significance:

The luteal formation is involved in the ovulation promotion of follicle hormones, promotes the formation and secretion of estrogen and progesterone, and promotes testicular synthesis and secretes androgens.Gelic: low primary gland function, ovarian failure and amenorrhea ( -Lxventhal syndrome).Decreased: Seen in the pituitary or hypothalamic brain function, the overflow of milk is closed through syndrome, and the intake of high scholarship, progesterone, oral contraceptives and other drugs.

Reference range male 2.64 ~ 13.13ng/ml

Women <50 years old 3.34 ~ 26.72ng/ml

> 50 years old 2.74 ~ 19.64ng/ml

Clinical significance:

Linemine is secreted by the pituitary gland.It mainly promotes the growth and development of breasts and the formation of milk, and can inhibit the secretion of gonad hormone.Its serum content is measured for the diagnosis of pituitary diseases (such as pituitary tumors and lactating syndrome).

Polycystic ovary: ≥12 follicles with a diameter of 2-9mm can be seen on one or both the ovaries on both sides

The polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the most common disease in gynecological endocrine clinic. Mostly occur in women in adolescence and childbearing age, and the incidence of PCOS in childcare age is about 5 %, 10 %.


1. Different instruments and reagent reference range are huge, please carefully compare the reference range

2. For different detection purposes, determine the detection time

Because sex hormones have changed hugely throughout the menstrual cycle, the test time should be determined according to different detection purposes.If you want to understand the ovarian reserve function, it is best to detect in 2-4 days of menstruation.

3. Blindly supplementing progesterone is useless

"Deep Decoction Support and progesterone supplement consensus" -The clinical guide Vol.35, No.1

"Deep Decoction Support and progesterone supplement consensus" -The clinical guide Vol.35, No.1

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