Eat black chicken more?Compared with 6 kinds of nutrition, we really found a secret

White Feather Chicken (Common Chicken)

Black chicken

Key nutrient comparison / per 100 grams


389 kcal

111 kcal


16.7 grams

22.3 grams


35.4 grams

2.3 grams


123 mg

323 mg


1.7 mg

2.3 mg


7 mg

51 mg

Data source: Chinese Food Component Table 2nd Edition 2


25 yuan / piece

(700 ~ 750 grams)

56 yuan / 1

(900 grams)

The price comes from a fresh platform, for reference only


I received a lot of comments in the background and asked the black chicken more nutritious than ordinary chicken (white feather chicken). Is it more supplemented?We really found some of the data here to share with you.

Compared with the energy and fat content, we can find that the energy and fat content of the white feather chicken is 3.5 times and 15.3 times of the black chicken, so for friends who reduce the fat period, black chickens are indeed a better choice.

It should be noted that the fat of chicken is mainly subcutaneous fat, that is, the fat of the skin, and the fat content in the chicken is not high. Therefore, if you want to control weight, it is best to eat chicken. Do not eat skin.

Let’s compare the protein content of the two.The protein content of each 100 grams of black chickens is 5.6 grams higher than that of the white feathers, but don’t underestimate these grams of protein, which has a great relationship with the mouth of the black chicken.

It takes about 120 to 150 days in the black chicken outbound, and the white feather chicken is only 40 days. It is precisely because the growth cycle of the black chicken is long, so the accumulated nucleotide is more.

Not only that, but also accumulated more collagen and elastic protein. These substances make the black chicken more powerful, and the taste is more delicious.

Black chickens are also better than white feathers in the content of iron and potassium, 1.4 times and 2.6 times the white feather chicken. Moreover, the content of black chicken and magnesium is 7.3 times that of the white feather chicken. Don’t be too good.

Of course, the nutritional value should be exaggerated, but we will not rely on a chicken to supplement these nutrients in our daily diet, so it is unrealistic to rely on black chickens to supplement nutrition.In addition, black chickens are not as magical as legend.

Some people think that black chicken is black, so the nutritional value is high, but in fact, this cause and effect is not established.Black chickens are black because there are more melanin, just like people sunbathing can precipitate melanin and cause the skin to turn black, and melanin itself is not a nutrient.

To sum up, compared to the white feather chicken, the black chicken really tastes better and has higher nutritional value, but the disadvantage is that the price is also expensive.

The last thing to understand is that no matter what kind of chicken soup is used, the nutrition of the soup is extremely limited. The main nutrition is still in the meat, so drinking chicken soup is even better to eat chicken.

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