Eat blood sugar slowly with the staple food?Many people do the wrong blood glucose misunderstanding!

The occurrence of diabetes can affect human health, but misunderstandings should be avoided during the control of diabetes.Many people do not master the correct method in the process of controlling blood sugar. After being misunderstood, they will cause blood glucose unstable and be affected by the body for a long time, which may make the disease more serious.So, what are the misunderstandings of diabetes to control blood sugar?

Five misunderstandings of blood sugar control

Misunderstanding 1: Staine

Even if it is a miscellaneous rice, it is better to digest, and the speed of raising blood sugar will be faster.After the cold, the starch occurs aging and recovers, and the speed of blood sugar will become slower.But we can’t just see the speed of lift blood sugar, but also consider digestion and absorption and insulin secretion rhythm.

A small amount of studies have found that cold foods or hard foods may increase insulin secretion, or delay secretion time, and reduce insulin sensitivity.When nutrients are insufficient, muscles are prone to loss, which will further reduce blood sugar control.

Therefore, for people with poor digestive blood glucose, they should give priority to hot rice to protect digestion and absorption.After the gastrointestinal ability is improved, try to reduce the food temperature.

Misunderstanding 2: All -valley food only eats corn

Many people mentioned all the grains, and the first thing that thought of is corn, cornfish and corn noodles.It may be because many middle -aged and elderly people often eat nest, corn porridge and corn paste in the past hard life, forming a fixed impression.

In fact, corn tadpoles and corn surfaces are not whole grains.They have removed the seeds and embryos of corn kernels in the production, and their nutritional value has been discounted.At the same time, the boiled corn paste and corn porridge, the speed of blood sugar after meals is fast, not inferior to white rice.If you add some alkali when you cook corn porridge, it is easier to raise blood sugar.

Corn steamed buns and corn hair cakes are foods with fast blood sugar.This is because pure corn cannot be made of steamed buns and hair cakes. Among them, white flour is added, and yeast powder and baking powder must be added.The porous soft state is conducive to the role of digestive enzymes. The rapid digestion is fast, and the glucose is fast. After the glucose absorbs the blood, the blood sugar is also fast. It cannot be used as the main daily major grain food choice.

The corn stick is not the best choice for blood sugar.

Because the commercially available corn sticks currently used as a staple food are mainly glutinous corn, and glutinous corn belongs to glutinous food, with a soft taste and easy to digest and absorb. Remember that all glutinous foods are high -sugar -raised foods, including white glutinous rice, purple, purple, purple, purple, purple, purple, purple, purple, purple, purple, purple, purple, purple, purple, purple, purple, purple, purple,Glutinous rice, sticky millet, sticky rice yellow rice, etc. are not suitable for people with blood sugar to control frequently.

Misunderstanding 3: High blood sugar, less meat, the better

The method of eating meat and vegetables can increase blood sugar and slower metabolism, which is helpful for the blood sugar control of diabetic patients.

Patients with diabetes can be in the following order when eating:

Drink soup, such as green vegetable soup; then eat cold vegetables or hot fried vegetables; then eat meat or fish foods; finally eat staple food, it is recommended to match thickness.

Misunderstanding 4: The cooking method of potato food is too soft

Studies have shown that under the condition of different cooking hardness, the GI value can be elevated from 56 to 83. For example, the soft potatoes can be comparable to the sugar index of white steamed porridge and white porridge.It is recommended to add vinegar to cook potatoes, which can help keep it crispy and hard, and consumption with vinegar itself can also reduce blood sugar reactions.Therefore, people with blood glucose control can consider using vinegar fried potato shreds and cold potato shreds to eat potatoes.

Similarly, steamed sweet potatoes are more resistant to starch, and the starch of roasted sweet potatoes is more sufficient.So you can consider eating steamed sweet potatoes instead of roasted sweet potatoes.Of course, no matter how you eat it, you must remember to reduce some staple foods such as rice steamed buns accordingly.

Misunderstanding 5: High blood sugar, you can’t eat fruit

Fruit contains a large amount of dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins. After these nutrients enter the gastrointestinal and intestines, they can regulate the balance and activity of the intestinal flora, and can regulate the body’s sugar fat metabolism.

Studies have shown that compared to patients with diabetes who never eat fruits, eating fruits reasonably can help reduce the occurrence of diabetes complications.

Therefore, for patients with good blood glucose control, fruits can be eaten, but it is necessary to pay special attention to supplementing nutrition and not blood glucose, so healthy fruits need to pay attention to GI and GL values.

Blood glucose generation index (GI): The higher the GI, the faster the blood sugar rises, the faster the human body digests, and the faster you are hungry.

Blood glucose load (GL): The higher the GL value, the greater the impact on blood sugar, and the more it is not conducive to people with diabetes.

Except for high GI and high GL fruits, high sugar fruit products such as canned food, dried fruit, juice, etc. are not recommended.It is recommended to eat a small amount of fruits every day. The fruit intake is about 200g. About 1 medium -sized apple.

Note: Fresh jujube, lychee, grapes, hawthorn, bananas are high GI and high GL fruits. It is not recommended to eat diabetic patients.

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Dietary intervention

Diet intervention is the basic treatment method of diabetes. By adjusting our total calories and diet structure, and the distribution ratio of each meal, this is conducive to the control of blood sugar, helping to control and balanced nutrition.


Regular movement

Regular exercise helps to control blood sugar, reduce risk factors such as heart tube blood, reduce weight, improve happiness, and is very suitable for first -level prevention of high -risk people in diabetes.And the effect of molating its hypoglycemic is very significant.


Blood glucose monitoring

Many sugar friends do not like to perform blood glucose monitoring when controlling blood sugar. In fact, blood sugar monitoring is an important part of our diabetes management. The result of our blood glucose monitoring can help evaluate the degree of diabetic sugar metabolic disorders.The sugar solution reflects the effect of hypoglycemic and is used to guide the adjustment of the treatment plan.


Diabetes Self -Management Education

Diabetes is a chronic disease that is not cured for a long time. Patients’ daily behavior and self -management ability are one of the key means of controlling diabetes. Then the education of diabetes for diabetic patients can promote patients to continuously grasp the need for disease management.The disease knowledge and skills of disease have a more positive attitude, scientific diabetes knowledge and good diabetes management behavior.


medical treatement

The treatment of diabetic drugs and the use of related drugs must be carried out under the guidance of specific doctors.Therefore, patients with diabetes should be actively cooperated with doctors, and the doctor will take a serious and meticulous tactics according to your situation and implement individualized treatment.

Sugar -controlled Tips

1. Adhere to the principles of eating early, good at noon, and eating less late.

2. High blood sugar, the less staple food is eating, the better, but also pay attention to the thickness of the thickness.

3. For patients with diabetes with good blood glucose, fruits can be eaten.

4. The method of eating vegetarian food is helpful for the blood glucose control of diabetic patients.

5. Blood glucose is not the lower the better, but it should be stable to reduce the sugar and control it within an ideal range.

Source: Yin famous doctor

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