Eat instant noodles, okay?Don’t trust the "rumor" anymore, tell you the truth in one article

The instant noodles seem to be full of magic.It can be described as a must -have for convenience foods now, but if you do n’t eat it for a while, you will not be able to worry about it.A pack of instant noodles with hot water can make "delicious people in the world" in just a few minutes.However, many people feel that instant noodles are unhealthy, but this situation still cannot resist people’s love for it.

The third grade chubby especially likes to eat instant noodles, and can eat instant noodles three meals a day.As soon as he buys instant noodles, his family will tell him angrily that children will get sick and seriously ill when they eat them.

It turned out that they often browsed some health knowledge on mobile phones, and some so -called experts would come out to write some articles "Eating instant noodles to get cancer" for a long time. They believed it true and publicized him to relatives and friends.Every time I eat instant noodles, I have to reprimand a meal. I am convinced that the manufacturers of instant noodles have been helpless. They have found a lot of experts to prove that instant noodles are not carcinogens, but obviously not all all the ones are not all of them.People are willing to believe them.This rumor is still circulating until now.

The reason why people think that eating instant noodles is not good, it is nothing more than feeling that there will be some preservatives and additives in it. The main function of preservatives is to inhibit the growth of bacteria and microorganisms and protect the nutrition of food.In addition, instant noodle instant noodles do not need to add preservatives.At best, you can only add some allowable additives.The price of preservatives seems more expensive than instant noodles.

The additives of additives meet food safety standards. The human body is acceptable. As long as it is consumed reasonably, it will not cause harm to the human body.Helpless choice when there is no time to cook, don’t eat it every day

It is said that when the instant noodles are processed, acrylamide may be produced, which can cause cancer.However, the content of acrylamide in instant noodles is very low, which will not affect the human body, and it will also discharge the body as metabolism.

Moom, bitter nuts

Have you ever had such an experience: I opened a melon seeds full of expectations, but it tastes a taste of Hala, even mildew.Do not eat hard and moldy, spit it out in your mouth.Because such nuts may contain padoxylxin.In addition, cinotoxylin also has liver carcinogenicity, as well as the rice, millet, and beans we often eat. Once mildew, we will also contain patentycin.

Cleaning chopsticks

Save is our traditional virtue. Many families have used chopsticks for a long time and have not changed. The chopsticks have been used to turn black when they use chopsticks, and they are still reluctant to discard him.Under normal circumstances, when the chopsticks are used for a long time or are not cleaned in place, it will remain in the crack with it with dishes. It is difficult to clean these residues and stick to the chopsticks for a long time.Yamotoxylin.

Of course, the accumulation of bacteria for a long time is also the main reason why chopsticks are discolored.It is recommended that you replace the chopsticks every three months.

Burn food

When eating, try not to be too anxious. You must know that our mouth and esophagus are very fragile. If the temperature of the food intake is too high, it is very easy to be burned.If you are so repeated every time you eat, it may cause esophageal cancer.

As the saying goes, "I can’t eat hot tofu" what to do is a bit patient, and the same is true for eating.

In general, instant noodles are indeed not healthy foods, but it is not to say that it cannot be eaten at all. Occasionally, when you are too lazy to cook or come to you, you can just take it, but remember that you ca n’t eat instant noodles every day and every meal.In daily life, you must try to pay attention to your health. Do not let go of bad habits to erode our health. Among them, do not eat hot food and moldy food. Other foods can be eaten in moderation, but they cannot be eaten in large quantities for a long time.

Source: Tomato Health

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