Eat these 4 kinds of fruits during pregnancy, improve the physique of pregnant mothers, and promote the development of the baby

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will have a pregnancy reaction, the appetite becomes poor, does not want to eat, and wants to be nauseous when smelling greasy, but basically it will not exclude fruits, because many fruits will appetite after eating, and eat more during pregnancy during pregnancy, and eat more during pregnancy.Fruits are also very helpful for pregnant mothers’ bodies. However, pregnant mothers should pay attention that eating fruits is also said. Don’t eat randomly. Eat these 4 kinds of fruits during pregnancy can help the fetus better.

1. Orange

Many pregnant mothers during pregnancy will have symptoms of nausea and nausea, and oranges are acidic fruits. The substance contained in it can speed up intestinal peristalsis and have an appetizer and relieve vomiting. After the pregnant mother has eaten oranges, her appetite will be better.You can eat more foods and send sufficient nutrients to the fetus.Eating an orange daily during pregnancy can also increase the resistance of pregnant mothers.However, pregnant mothers should pay attention to avoid eating oranges on an empty stomach or before meals, and do not drink milk 1 hour before and after eating oranges to avoid hurting the stomach and affecting digestion.

2. Banana

Many pregnant mothers will have constipation during pregnancy. They must not ignore this problem. If the constipation is too long, it may cause abdominal distension and abdominal pain, and even cause problems such as premature birth.Therefore, you can eat more bananas for conditioning during pregnancy. Bananas can effectively promote gastrointestinal motility, and have a good improvement of constipation and digestive problems.And bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium, potassium can prevent pregnancy hypertension and magnesium to eliminate fatigue.Pregnant mothers eat more bananas can reduce psychological pressure and improve sleep quality.But try not to eat bananas on an empty stomach, it may increase the burden on the heart.

3. Apple

Apple is a low -calorie fruit, which contains a variety of nutrients needed by the human body, which is very suitable for eating during pregnancy, and its nutrients are easily absorbed by the human body.The skin is not good during pregnancy, and eating more apples can make the skin more delicate and tender.Nowadays, the air quality in many places is relatively poor. Eating more apples in pregnant mothers can also improve the lungs and respiratory systems.Clinical proof: The smell contained in Apple can relax, reduce a sense of depression, and help people fall asleep quickly.Although Apple has many benefits, it is not necessary to eat too much for pregnant mothers. It is best to eat one apple every day. It is most suitable to eat about an hour in the afternoon.

4. Ume

Umei is a warm fruit. The main function is to help pregnant mothers improve the pregnancy response in the early pregnancy, because it is rich in citric acid and gibic acid, so for pregnant mothers with severe pregnancy reactions, they can greatly helpeffect.However, pregnant mothers must pay attention to Umei can only be eaten during pregnancy, and they must be avoided after childbirth.

Now the weather is relatively cold. Many pregnant mothers may not want to eat fruits, but in order to better develop the fetus, pregnant mothers still have to eat a little fruit to supplement the necessary elements, especially these fruits can be prepared at home!

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