Eat this stage in various stages of pregnancy, the fetus develops well, and pregnant women will not grow too much meat

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Xiaoju appetite after pregnancy. Each meal a lot, and the weight of the whole pregnancy increased by 30 pounds.At that time, the family also said that she had so many meat, and the child was at least 8 pounds.However, the weight of the fetus was 6 catties after birth, which surprised her family and Xiaoju was disappointed.He said that he had so many flesh during pregnancy, and he dared to grow on himself. He knew that he would not eat so much.Pregnant women like Xiaoju in life are not in the minority. In fact, it is appropriate to eat it like this, otherwise the fetus is not large, and the meat is all growing on you.

Early pregnancy

In the first three months of pregnancy, pregnant women have just found that they are pregnant, and have not yet entered the role of pregnant women, and their bodies will change a lot.Among them, many pregnant women can’t stand it.During this period, the diet of pregnant women should be light, and it can follow the principle of eating less and more meals, but try not to reduce the total amount of daily food.Pregnant women can pick more you like to increase appetite.Pregnant women should also pay more attention to eating fruits, which can relieve pregnancy and supplement nutrition.If the pregnant woman’s pregnancy reaction is serious, go to the hospital for help.

Mid -pregnancy

Entering the middle of pregnancy, the appetite of pregnant women has become better than before, but it is not necessary to eat and eat it.At this time, the fetus also entered the rapid stage of development. Pregnant women should pay attention to the comprehensiveness of nutrition, and it is best not to have a picky problem.In particular, pay attention to the supplement of minerals and trace elements, such as calcium, iron, etc., to avoid calcium deficiency and anemia.In addition, at this time, pregnant women have a lot of calories, and pregnant women can add some staple foods appropriately.At the same time, pregnant women should also pay attention that they must not eat big supplements such as fish, meat, etc., and eat more in coarse grains, so that the fetus is not prone to malnutrition, and pregnant women will not increase too much.

Late pregnancy

Many pregnant women think that the third trimester does not need to pay attention to the diet. In fact, it is not.At the same time, pregnant women have to have energy for childbirth from this time, and pay more attention to their diet.Pregnant women can appropriately add some protein foods, such as tofu and soy milk.Pay attention to reducing salt intake, avoid edema, or aggravate edema.

Tao Ma said: The weight growth of pregnant women is a normal thing, but there is a reasonable range. Generally, the weight growth of the entire pregnancy is about 12 kilograms.If pregnant women gain weight too much, it is likely to lead to a huge child.Or some pregnant women are long -lasting fetus, the fetus is not heavy, and the meat is full of flesh. The postpartum body recovery is also a big problem.

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