Eating is not fragrant, the first choice of hawthorn!Care for the family is healthy, and children are also suitable for children

It is believed that the fries and snowballs made of hawthorn are special memories of many people as early as possible.

Hawthorn is native to my country, and has been favored since ancient times. It is not only a good product for medicine and food, but also a "nutrition treasure house."

Hawthorn is also called "red in the mountains", which is slightly warm, sweet and sour, belongs to the spleen, stomach, and liver meridian, eliminates healthy stomach, qi and stasis, turbidity and fat.(Source: 2020 version of Chinese Pharmacopoeia)

01 | Dine Dine Starry 食

Hawthorn effect

When it comes to hawthorn, I believe everyone thinks about eliminating food."Compendium of Materia Medica" records that hawthorn can "reduce diet and eliminate meat accumulation."

It is said that for some meat that is not easy to cook and indigestion, add hawthorn to cook together, and you can quickly cook it. If you eat it, you can easily digest it.

Modern studies have found that oral hawthorn can increase the secretion of related digestive enzymes, help the digestion and decomposition of protein and fat, and have good effects on the abdominal distension, loss of appetite, and diarrhea caused by excessive food or greasy food.Known as the medicine for digestion of greasy meat.

02 | Sanda stasis and pain relief 散

Hawthorn effect

In addition to the stagnation of diet, hawthorn is very helpful for regulating gynecological diseases and relieving dysmenorrhea.

Zhang Xichun, a famous doctor of the Republic of China, believes that hawthorn "is good at blood, and is a medicine for blood stasis. It can remove the martial arts, women’s monthly closure, postpartum blood stasis and pain."

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that blood is warm, cold is condensed, and blood stasis is blocked.

Especially for patients with "blood stasis dysmenorrhea", hawthorn can be described as good food therapy.Patients with dysmenorrhea often occur on small abdominal pain on the first day of the first day or 1-2 days before the menstrual blood. When the menstrual blood is discharged smoothly, the pain gradually reduces or disappears, and the menstrual blood color is dark and accompanied by blood clots.

You can use 100 grams of hawthorn, with an appropriate amount of brown sugar.Wash the hawthorn nuclear, break, put it into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water for about 20 minutes, turn off the heat, and adjust it with brown sugar.This method helps to relieve pain relief.

03 | Supplement Vitamin C 补

Hawthorn effect

Hawthorn is not just longevity fruit in the eyes of Chinese medicine, but also a "nutrition treasure house."

Rich pectin: Points are a polysaccharide substance that helps to control blood sugar and blood lipids.Victoria C large households: With the name of red dates and kiwi, the content of vitamin C is 60-90 mg per 100 grams of fruit.Contains a large amount of flavonoids and organic acids: it has the effects of regulating blood pressure and cholesterol.Rich carotene and calcium: Frequent consumption can enhance appetite, help sleep, and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Hawthorn strip, delicious new way of eating

Hawthorn acid, which is wood, can help the spleen soil, so it can eliminate the situation of eating too much; not only that, eating hawthorn can make the body and mood stretch like plants, phlegm and relieve depression, it is really good for diet.

For children, summer is the high incidence of children’s anorexia.As soon as the child couldn’t eat his appetite, the parents were anxious.Do not eat, it means that the misunderstanding of the strong growth of the golden season makes it more difficult to grow taller.

The child’s spleen and stomach are in the development stage. One day the meals are too delicious and don’t pay attention to eating too much. The pressure of spleen and stomach work is increasing, and food is easy to accumulate in the belly.At this time, hawthorn can also come in handy!

For the anorexia caused by the stagnation of the child, the hawthorn fruit can play a good role. It can roll away the stagnation residue in the child’s abdomen, especially for the abdomen of abdomen, disobedience or not.The children who want to eat for dinner can eat well.

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