Eating less these foods during pregnancy can reduce the chance of children suffering from jaundice. Novice parents should pay attention to

After many babies are born, jaundice will appear. Generally speaking, physiological jaundice will gradually disappear after a few days, but if it is a pathological jaundice, this is a serious phenomenon.For treatment, many pregnant mothers may have such doubts. Why do babies have serious jaundice?In fact, this is related to the diet of pregnant mothers during pregnancy.After pregnancy, you should eat as little as possible for these three kinds of food, which can reduce the probability of your baby’s jaundice. Don’t miss it.

Animal internal organs: Many nutritional products will be brought up during the pregnancy of pregnant mothers, especially in order to make the pregnant mothers make up for the pregnant mother, they also make some animals of the liver of the pregnant mothers. However, most of these animals internal organs are actually not cleanIn it, there are many parasites and various bacteria. It is easy to enter the mother because of the non -cleaning and cause damage to the fetus. Therefore, you must touch such visceral food during pregnancy.

Acidic fruits: In fact, if we usually eat fruit, it doesn’t matter much about sourness, but this has a lot to do with Baoma.Because if Baoma eats too much acidic fruits during pregnancy, it will cause jaundice.Therefore, Bao Ma can choose as much as possible when eating fruits, as well as rich vitamin fruits to eat these rich vitamin fruits, and can also prevent jaundice from a certain chance.

Fast: Some mothers will have a lot heavier than usual after pregnancy. They especially like spicy foods. They will be uncomfortable without eating themselves.I always want to eat heavy oils such as barbecue and hot pot, which are not good for pregnant women.Eating too greasy will be too spicy. Pregnant women are easy to get angry. There are many spices in these foods. Pregnant women eat it will affect digestion.If pregnant women are unbalanced, it is easy to make the baby in the belly suffer from jaundice.Disclaimer: Reprinted this article is out of the purpose of passing more information.If there is an error or infringe on your legitimate rights and interests, the author is requested to contact the ownership certificate with this website. We will correct and delete it in time. Thank you.(Article Source: Eleven Put a Bull)

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