Eating preserved eggs is good or harmful to the body?Many people are still unclear

Introduction: Preserved eggs are egg -processed foods. They are a traditional food with Chinese characteristics, also known as Songhua eggs. It has Chinese characteristics and unique flavors. Eat eggs can increase appetite and supplement the body with rich protein and nutrition.

Preserved eggs are not only delicious foods, but also have a certain medicinal value. The ancient text said: "Preserved eggs have a spicy, astringent, sweet, and salty taste.Essence

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that preserved eggs are cool and can be used to treat diseases such as eye pain, toothache, hypertension, tinnitus, dizziness, etc., which can be used for public consumption.People with kidney disease.

Although preserved eggs are delicious, this kind of food is not suitable for eating with turtles, plums and brown sugar, otherwise it will cause allergic reactions and severe food poisoning and affect health.

Preserved eggs are alkaline foods. The main raw materials are lime and plant ash, including more sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate. Therefore, the heavy metal content in the belt is too high. Frequently eating preserved eggs can cause excessive accumulation of sodium and melanin in the body, affecting the effects, affecting the effects, affecting the impactHealthy, preserved eggs are good or harmful to the body?

I believe everyone has eaten preserved eggs. You must also know that after peeling off the eggshell, you can see that there are lines similar to plants and flowers on the belt. What happened to the lines on the preserved egg?Is it because preserved eggs are not clean?

In fact, the lines on the pine eggs are not synthetic. The emergence of this line is normal. There is no safety problem for the pine eggs you usually eat, so you can eat it with confidence. However, considering that the sodium content is high, you can taste freshness.Food is determined that it does not exceed some special categories, and pay more attention when eating pine flower eggs.

For this kind of unique preserved eggs in China, the wind level of Western countries is not very good. People believe that for hundreds of years, this kind of brown, slightly transparent eggs should be the cause of this "black smell".I don’t like to eat preserved eggs, because they think the preserved eggs are terrible and the shapes are strange. They are "eggs under the devil".

Even in 2011, preserved eggs are still one of the most disgusting foods announced by the website, which has caused many Chinese people to be dissatisfied and spark a saliva war between Chinese and Western countries.

Preserved eggs refer to the entire process of raw eggs in the transformation of protein transformation in a strong acidic environment. Under the direct influence of sodium hydroxide solution, the protein is semi -liquid and glue.The molecular structure changes from viscous liquid to colloid solution, which is also part of the preserved egg.

In a strong acidic environment, the protein and human fat chemicals in the egg yolk will be dissolved to release the obvious preserved egg flavor. The hydrogen chloride component released by raw egg protein will continue to penetrate into the eggs, and zinc and zinc and the eggs in the eggs and the zinc and the eggsA series of reactions occurred in iron, resulting in egg yolk color.

There are many types and names of preserved eggs: they are named after processing, such as making gray preserved eggs, fresh preserved eggs and pine eggs;"Lake", which is also related to the characteristics of sugar -hearted preserved eggs and hard -hearted preserved eggs.

The benefits of eating preserved eggs

1. Preserved eggs contain more minerals, nourishing yin and moisturizing. It can not only remove large intestine, but also relieve eye pain and toothache due to overheating.

2. Proper consumption of preserved eggs can improve appetite, because the special taste of preserved eggs can better stimulate the sensitivity of taste buds. Therefore, for those who have loss of appetite and do not want to eat, if they eat preserved eggs, they will be very good for improving appetite.the benefits of.

3. Beauty care: Preserved eggs contain a certain amount of fat -soluble vitamin A, which can prevent the skin and mucous membranes from excessive keratinization. Therefore, properly consumption of preserved eggs and supplement the appropriate amount of fat -soluble vitamin A can make the skin rosy and delicate, fair and elastic, and play a beauty.effect.

4. The nutritional ingredients of preserved eggs are similar to ordinary nitrogen. A series of strong alkali process operations are performed during the marinating process. The protein and fat in preserved eggs will gradually decompose, which is easier to absorb and digest. The content in the process will decrease.

Disadvantages to eat preserved eggs

1. The preserved egg contains a certain amount of lead. Lead is a kind of heavy metal. If you consume a large amount of lead for a long time, it will affect the function of the hematopoietic system, which is prone to anemia and low immunity.

2. If preserved eggs are consumed for a long time, the body’s absorption of minerals will weaken, leading to lack of minerals such as calcium, iron, and zinc, and various complications.

3. Preserved eggs have a strong pungent smell, dark color, and it is not easy to find slight deterioration. If it is eaten hasty, it may cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

4. Treatment of pancreatitis and cholecystitis, preserved eggs have the nutritional characteristics of eggs, rich in protein and fat. For people with a history of pancreatitis and cholecystitis, a large amount of preserved eggs can cause acute attacks of pancreatitis and cholecystitis.

1. Drink

Many people in our lives have the habit of drinking. If we use preserved eggs as drinking food, it may cause lead poisoning or other poisoning. When drinking alcohol, the liver needs to detoxify alcohol.The combination of the two may cause reactions and cause increased liver burden, which is very harmful to their own health.

2. Patients with liver and kidney disease

Many patients with liver and kidney disease usually do not have good habits, which leads to the emergence of this disease. Once the lead content increases, this substance will increase the burden on the liver.

For example, some patients with liver and kidney disease should not eat preserved eggs, and their own liver is not good. In addition, the lead elements in preserved eggs will increase the burden on the liver. Therefore, patients with liver and kidney disease should not eat preserved eggs.

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