Eating sauerkraut for a long time is good or bad for health?Is it carcinogenic?Experiment to reveal the truth for you

"Will you get cancer often?"

Uncle Wang asked his son a question. As a Northeast, he could be described as sauerkraut from snacks to big.

A while ago, he saw an article saying that the nitrite content contained in sauerkraut is very high, and often eating often causes cancer.This made him feel very scary, so he asked his son’s sentence, and never dared to eat sauerkraut after reading the article.

Northeast sauerkraut is a kind of common specialty food in the Northeast region, which is delicious and refreshing.Almost the households in the Northeast have pickled sauerkrauts, but in recent years, many people have also expressed concerns about the problem of "high salt content, nitrite will cause cancer". What is the fact?Look down together.

Nitrite and nitrate are common nitrogen -containing compounds in nature. Due to the effect of microorganisms during the formation of nitrate, nitrite is usually generated.

And nitrite has a certain toxicity and carcinogenic effect. When people consume a large amount of nitrite in a short period of time, it will cause acute poisoning reactions, resulting in the hypoprotic protein of low -speed hemoglobin in the blood into high -speed rail hemoglobin, losing normal portable portabilityOxygen capacity leads to tissue hypoxia.

Then cause symptoms such as headache, dizziness, fatigue, diarrhea, etc., and even severe symptoms such as irritability, coma, respiratory failure, etc. will cause patients to die.

But what we need to be clear is that "any statement that does not talk about dosage is to play hooligans." my country’s Food Safety Law has clear requirements for the use and safety management of nitrite. As long as the amount is purchased, it is a product that meets the standards. After consumption, it will not bring too much threat to health, and there is no need to worry too much.

The saying that sauerkraut contains nitrite and causing cancer, and many people are discouraged to sauerkraut. How much is the nitrite in Northeast sauerkraut?

Mudanjiang Teachers College conducted a field spot check on sauerkraut. Experimental staff purchased two kinds of sauerkraut and two homemade sauerkrauts on the market. Later, the sample was processed with ultrasound extraction method to place the sauerkraut sample in different solutions.

After analysis, it was found that the maximum value of nitrite in home pickled sauerkraut is 2.0424 μg/ml, the minimum value is 1.0904 μg/ml, while the maximum value of sauerkraut sold in the market is 3.1464 μg/ml, and the lowest value is 1.9872 μg/ml.The nitrite content detected in these sauerkrauts is less than the national limited security index (4 μg/ml).

The Liaoning Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention also conducted random inspections in 2019. Researchers selected 120 sauerkraut samples from the local supermarkets, farmers’ markets, morning markets, and people’s homes. The samples were samples and sealed.

It was found that the nitrite values contained in all samples met national standards, and even 5 of the 9 sauerkraut samples purchased from large sauerkrauts were completely detected without detecting nitrite.

Chen Gong, dean of the Sichuan Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute, said that nitrite is a widely existed substance in nature. Most of the vegetables also contain nitrite, only the difference in content.

In the early stage of fermentation, the nitrate in sauerkrauts will be converted into nitrite under the action of nitrate restoration enzymes, and the content will increase largely.However, with the change of the fermentation process, nitrite will be slowly degraded. As the fermented fermentation is over, the nitrite content will be reduced to the minimum value and even completely disappear.

Therefore, eating sauerkraut in daily amount of sauerkraut will not bring too much risk to health, let alone cancer.Of course, you should also pay attention not to consume a lot of long -term or large amounts, otherwise there will be a certain risk of threatening health.

In recent years, the comments on sauerkraut seem to be negative. Many people have directly pulled it into the "blacklist". Is the sauerkraut so unhealthy?

It is undeniable that long -term consumption of sauerkraut will bring safety risks to health, because the vitamin C content in sauerkraut is very low, and often eating sauerkraut can easily lead to low efficiency of people’s absorbing iron, induce iron deficiency anemia; and sauerkraut vegetables; and sauerkraut vegetablesIt is a acidic substance, and the salt content inside is not low. Long -term intake can easily lead to gastric mucosal damage and increase kidney burden, which is not good for the health of the stomach and kidney.

So, how can we eat sauerkraut health?These points are important.

1. Eat in moderation

Pay attention to the frequency of controlling sauerkraut daily, do not eat three meals a day or eat every day, and keep the frequency of about 2 times a week.

2. Observe whether the sauerkraut is deteriorated

Before eating sauerkraut daily, pay attention to check whether the sauerkraut is deteriorated. Once you find that the sauerkraut is moldy or rotten, you must not eat it.Eating spoiler sauerkraut can cause poisoning of the human body and even induce cancer.

3. Choose qualified products produced by regular manufacturers

It is recommended to buy sauerkraut to go to a regular supermarket or market to identify products with QS logo with QS logo.The quality of sauerkrauts made by bulk and small stalls is difficult to guarantee, so it is generally not recommended to buy.

If you make sauerkraut yourself, pay attention to the pickled environment, hygienic, cool and transparent, and be cooked before eating.

4. Match with vitamin C

The content of high salt content in sauerkraut and low vitamin C content, so it is best to match some vegetables with high vitamin C content when eating sauerkraut, while increasing the amount of drinking water, so that salt can be discharged more quickly.

Although as long as it is not a large number of sauerkrauts for a long time, it will not pose a great threat to health, but for people with hypertension, stroke, and renal dysfunction, it is advisable to eat as little as possible or not to eat sauerkraut., Avoid repeated diseases in physical intake of sodium elements.

When buying sauerkraut, consumers also need to pay attention to some issues. It is recommended to go to regular channels to buy.For traditional fermented sauerkraut, it is recommended to soak in water before eating and clean it carefully. Most of the nitrite can be washed away.””””

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