Eighteenth week of pregnancy of "Renhe pregnancy"

Entering 18 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal baby has begun to move frequently.The baby’s bones have almost become a rubber -like cartilage and began to gradually hardened.With the growth of the baby, what should pregnant mothers pay attention to in life?

Now the fetus has begun to move frequently. The length is close to 14 cm and the weight is about 200 grams.At this time, it is a good opportunity for you to communicate with your baby. The baby knows everything in your belly. As long as you talk to him/her, he will respond accordingly.If it is a girl, her vagina, uterus, and fallopian tubes are already each; if it is a boy, the baby’s genitals are clearly visible.

The center of gravity of the expectant mother move forward, and the movement is inconvenient.The appetite is surprisingly good, pay attention to the scientific balance of nutrition.Sexual desire gradually enhances.The prospective dad can lift the ban now.Most pregnant mothers are plagued by hemorrhoids.The legs, tail and other muscles will have some pain.Sitting or lying, if you get up too quickly, you will feel a little dizzy.Some pregnant mothers will have nasal congestion, nasal mucosal congestion and nosebleeds. If nosebleeds are very serious, consider whether there is a possibility of pregnancy hypertension syndrome.

Top, back, abdomen, hip, pelvis, hands, legs, pregnancy may cause your body to have some discomfort, or even pain.Dizziness, dry eyes, stomach acid, varicose veins and hemorrhoids sometimes knock on the door of pregnancy.Pregnant women’s physical pain have been prevented early.While consulting the doctor, you can also self -help reduce the pain, and also have a pleasant and comfortable pregnancy.So how should you solve all kinds of pain?

During pregnancy: Once headache starts, it is often difficult to find the cause at once, so it is recommended that expectant mothers must collect the medical history in detail before diagnosis and do a comprehensive physical examination and targeted auxiliary examination in order to cooperate with the doctor to make the correct diagnosis and treatmentEssence

Abdominal pain during pregnancy: Pregnant women often complain about abdominal pain during pregnancy, or occasionally feel uncomfortable abdomen.Although abdominal pain may have nothing to do with abdominal pain during pregnancy, it may also indicate that there are serious problems.Don’t take it lightly for severe or persistent abdominal pain during pregnancy!

Live pain during pregnancy: If low back pain is mild, you can do home massage exercises at home.At this time, it was a great time for the prospective father to dedicate love. He quickly learned a few professional and authentic massage techniques to do massage every day for pregnant mothers.In addition, you can also make local hot compresses. It can be used with hot towels, gauze and hot water bottle. For half an hour a day, it can also reduce the pain.

Rib pain: This is due to the uterus growing up the ribs.In fact, you only need to stretch your arms to your head to relieve rib pain.

The increasingly bulging abdomen makes you start to move, so choose "quiet care"?In fact, moderate exercise can slow down pregnancy discomfort, such as walking, gymnastics, yoga, and so on.In addition to relieving discomfort, walking is also a good form of early sports education; and adhering to the moderate pregnancy yoga exercise can make smooth delivery and more conducive to postpartum recovery.

Can pregnant mothers travel?

I believe that many pregnant mothers like to travel very much, but only if you are in the middle of pregnancy (4-6 months of pregnancy), you can travel away with your family. This period generally will not have the risk of miscarriage or premature birth.

It is best to consult the obstetrician before traveling to determine whether it is suitable for travel.In addition, pay attention to the safety of traffic, you must fasten your seat belt, and someone must be accompanied. If you have any discomfort, please check the local physician immediately.

1. Considering that the baby’s bone development and the upcoming retinal development, pregnant mothers should pay attention to supplement vitamin A, calcium and phosphorus.

2. Due to the increase in appetite, the eating of pregnant mothers will gradually increase, and sometimes the stomach is full.At this time, you can take 1 or 2 yeast slices to increase digestion.You can also eat 4 to 5 times a day, which not only supplements related nutrition, but also improves the feeling of bloating because it eats too much.

Ingredients: soybeans, pork ribs

1: Wash the pork ribs, push up and rinse for later use.

2: Wash the pork chop bone and cut into small pieces.

3: Stew for about 1 hour, so that the umami flavor of pork ribs and light vegetables is completely released, and salt will be seasoned.

4: Wash the cooking pot, put the soybeans and pork ribs in the pot, and turn it into a fire for 3 hours.

When the baby is not fast, the mother will kick the mother’s belly, and the fetal movement and kick are different.When you feel "kicked", you might as well stroke your belly and ask, "Baby! What’s wrong! What makes you angry?" At first he may not know what you meant, but as long as you keep repeatedly repeatedlySaid, gradually he can understand your love.

Accompany the mother’s mother to check for inspection.The stomach of the pregnant mother is getting bigger and bigger. The prospective dad should share some more housework as possible. Don’t let the pregnant mother too tired.In addition, we must recognize the importance of prenatal examinations and remind expectant mothers on time, it is best to accompany her.

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