Ella’s self -exposure sequelae: sneezing and jumping will urinate!Netizens are sad: Mother is really not a superman

Source: Qilu Evening News

Yesterday, S.H.E member@Ella sent a long article to celebrate his third Mother’s Day in social media.

She revealed in the article that because she was a bit difficult in the production process, she caused uterus and bladder prolapse.Essence

Ella appealed at the end of the article: "Mother is not a superman, there are any difficulties and frustrations in all processes, please ask for help!"

Last night, "Ella’s sequelae" also on Weibo Search first.

After Ella posted, many netizens said that they were deeply moved. It was really not easy to have children. Every mother worked hard!

One of the irritable girl: The mother is rigid.Every mother is really not easy

Fuuucking_young: Every mother is really great!Seeing this, I will call my mother now and say a happy holiday!

Ding Ding is a devil: There is a popular science on production. It is really great to have children, but don’t ignore the hard work of mothers … don’t have to have children blindly!The mother of the whole world has worked hard!

Watch the girl hopes: I respect my respect to all mothers

Grass smoke-wind warm: Ella really perfectly explains the greatness of the mother, the changes in the prenatal body, the difficulty of the production process, and the postpartum recovery may be unknown. I hope everyone can be grateful for the greatness of the mother.

Xiao Dou Dou: Born a baby is a ghost gate, men can never realize … so treat their wives and mothers well!

Some netizens saw Ella’s phrase "Mom is not a superman" deeply, and there was no life to be strong:

Bai Yan: Seeing this sentence "Mom is not a superman."

Xiawang cannot speak ice O3: Special hate calling for ELLA calling for "is for the mother", as if there should be a child, it should be strong, but few people behind them are concerned about the discussion.

Jiang Hi Hi_mm: Before being a mother, she was also a little fairy cared for by others. Happy Mother’s Day!

Zhang-Xuanchen-Lijiang: The mother is not a superman, they also need to take care.

Yinhai T is the most beautiful: Mom is really not a superman, mothers also want to get more love, so please do not take the love that the mother gives as a reason. Please love your mother and talk to her more.


It is not easy to give birth to a baby, and the "sequelae" of all kinds of "sequelae" also troubles the mothers. Among them, Ella’s "uterine prolapse" is one of them.Many netizens admit that they have experienced or experienced this pain:

It ’s not that Kobayashi is a little princess: I just finished the same year as her condition, and then raised for two years to significantly improve. How do you say? Looking at the cute baby never regretsing him, but no matter how muchIf you make me born, there is really no courage.

I count it to 3: I am also doing surgery like that.

Kicking the champion of the contest: also very common in leakage during pregnancy … Hey …

Nishui Diaoyu: Many mothers really encounter this problem. Two colleagues around me are incontinence after giving birth to baby.

Little Lai Niuzi: I leaked urine when I sneezed when I was pregnant


Rene Qiuqiu: Every mother is not easy. Recently, she is experiencing pregnancy vomiting. She can’t eat anything, crying a few times, frustrated, but when she goes to the birth check, she heard the baby’s strong heartbeat, and it still feels like it is worth it.You can also persist.Mother’s Day, I wish all mothers a happy holiday and happy life.

The forest is slightly sweet: I have leaked urine in both pregnancy. After the birth of the first birth, the second birth is incontinence after the birth of the second birth … On the 31st day after giving birth, I do n’t leak.I have always been thinking about Dabao’s development problem, pain and anxiety about crying with my husband … Today, the boss asked me to see the customer tomorrow. I said that I was still in the confinement (40 days). He said that I was ingenious …Not to mention that there is something in my heart …

Shi Xiaocha: This really, I do n’t know the uterine prolapse after the same child and the student. When the second child is born, she knows that the prolapse is prolapsed.

Then she was the chief physician of the third -level hospital, and it was not available. I couldn’t walk fast. Many inconvenients were inconvenient. I could only conservative treatment and observe.

Some time ago, there was another news. When a 60 -year -old aunt in Xuzhou danced in the square at night, she suddenly felt that her pants were wet and felt that something had fallen from the lower body.It turned out to be her uterus!

Gynecological experts explained that the uterine prolapse is common in postmenopausal women who have experienced or multiple vaginal delivery.After menopause, due to the decrease in estrogen, the pelvic floor muscle tissue becomes thinner, and the trauma is more obvious. It cannot support the uterus and urinary system.Essence

Many netizens like the courage shared by Ella. It is difficult for ordinary people to tell others this kind of thing. As celebrities, they take the initiative to tell everyone to face and treat.

So, how can the uterine prolapse be prevented?

There are many causes of uterine prolapse, but childbirth injury is the main cause.Director Li Ye, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Beijing Hospital believes that if you want to prevent uterine prolapse, it is necessary to advance the pelvic floor function training to before pregnancy!

Athletes and women with a large amount of labor, the elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles is better, and there are fewer prolapse, while those women who have slender figures and sedentary offices and lack of exercise.The uterine prolapse occurred.

Director Li Ye suggested that in addition to adhering to proper whole body exercise, modern women can also do the Kigel exercise and conduct pelvic floor training in targeted.)),:,

Take a breath, feel the shrinkage of the anus and the vulva, shrink hard for more than 3 seconds before relaxing.Repeat this process for about 15 minutes.

Caiger exercises can also be performed appropriately during pregnancy, and at the same time, we must avoid increasing abdominal pressure such as heavy objects, coughing, and long -term constipation.

The 42 -day review of the postpartum can be evaluated by a professional basis for a gynecologist. If the pelvic floor function is not recovered well, you can use the instrument to stimulate the nerve and muscle contraction of the pelvic floor for rehabilitation training.The effect will be better.

Director Li Ye finally reminded that even if the postpartum pelvic floor function is good, gynecological examinations need to be performed regularly every year to understand the functional status of the basin of the basin.

The role of mother is both great and hard. I hope that every mother can get the care of family and friends while working hard, I hope they are healthy and happy!

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