Emotional sharing: my wife is 8 months pregnant, I want to divorce

"My wife is eight months pregnant, I want to divorce." In order to prevent his mother from aggrieved, he had to divorce Xiaotian and his wife with his wife, and the two actually did not have much emotional foundation, but under the matching of parents of both parties, they knew through the blind date.And when I feel that the other party is okay, I get married.After marriage, Xiaotian found that he was not happy. At least he didn’t have the sweetness he thought, especially after his wife was pregnant, his quality of life plummeted.In order to allow his wife to have a better life during pregnancy, Xiaotian also took his mother over to take care of his wife, but he did not expect that his wife and his mother’s mother would not live together at all.Because Xiaotian’s mother has the habit of walking after a meal, Xiaotian accompanies her mother to walk on time every day. Sometimes she calls his wife to go, but his wife always rejected him.Over time?Xiaotian no longer invites his wife, but when he comes back, he will still bring some delicious food to his wife. Sometimes his wife can finish eating, but sometimes he does not drink it, which makes Xiaotian very troublesome.Later, Xiaotian’s mother saw that the chicken soup sold by a small stall on the roadside was good, so she bought a package and took it back to drink for her wife.However, after putting the chicken soup on the table, his wife didn’t look at it, and his face was reluctant.At that time, Xiaotian’s complexion was not good, but this was what her mother bought her for her. Why did she be so unpredictable?On that day, Xiaotian had a sigh of relief with his wife, saying that his wife did not respect the elders.The wife was also very angry, and Xiaotian did not let Xiaotian go to the room that day.Xiaotian’s mother was very embarrassed, crying and saying that she would return to her hometown.So Xiaotian bought her ticket for three days later.But after a day, she regretted it. She asked Xiaotian to retreat the ticket. She was worried that Xiaotian would be wronged, and a person was too hard to take care of his pregnant wife.This incident also laid an irregular bomb for Xiaotian’s marriage. After a few days, Xiaotian and his friends had an appointment with friends. It was very late when he returned. Mom and wife were already asleep.After eating his mother’s dinner, he saw that the washing machine in the bathroom was still running, and his brows frowned immediately.This washing machine has been used for many years. The sound of washing clothes was particularly loud. Xiaotian always wanted to change it, but his wife did not allow it. It said that the child’s expenses would become larger after birth.Do not bloom casually.Xiaotian turned on the washing machine and found that it was all his wife’s clothes. He was angry at the time. He walked into the room and pulled his wife up and said, "Did you wash your clothes during the day?What should I do if my mother wakes up? "The wife looked at Xiaotian and didn’t speak, and then fell asleep.Xiaotian took a stomach to wash the dishes. After washing, she found that her mother was awake, so her mother and child sat on the sofa to chat and watch TV.After watching it for a long time, the wife came out, and the remote control turned off the TV: "Watching TV so late, let me not let me sleep? Why can you watch TV chat, I can’t wash clothes?" XiaotianSpeaking, it was a sofa that night. Now he and his wife have been in the Cold War for three days. He really doesn’t want to live such a day. He wants to divorce his wife, but his wife has been pregnant for eight months.Intersection

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