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I used to think that the rest of my life was you, but I didn’t want it. I had gone for the rest of my life …

An Yan, I’m back … "

The cold male voice came from the handset, just like the ice water in the winter water was poured on Cheng Anxun’s heart.

Cheng Anxuan subconsciously acted across the hanging key, her fingers trembled uncontrollably, she froze, suddenly remembered something, and quickly deleted the call records of the number.

How long has it been from the accident, it is almost three years!In the past three years, the Cheng family went bankrupt and her lover was imprisoned. She has been a woman who has married her hate.

When she walked through the door of the TV station like a line puppet, the front desk lady suddenly stopped her, "Sister An, here, there is a flower given to you by your fans."

Cheng Anxuan reacted at this time. She barely showed a smile and walked slowly to pick up the flowers. The good -looking apricot eyes narrowed slightly, took out the small card in the flowers, and it was still a familiar font and a familiar words.

-I will love you forever until I enter the grave


This fan with S has sent her flowers for two consecutive months.

"Sister An, I really envy you." The little beauty at the front desk looked at her with envy.

Cheng An’s noodles replied blankly: "What is envious of me?" It seemed a bit self -deprecating in his tone.

"You see you, look good, his career is successful, he also married a good husband, and fans send flowers every day …"

Marry a good husband?Cheng Anxuan had a nausea in his heart.

She didn’t want to say anything more. She just perfunctory a few words, hurriedly walked out of the TV station, watched the elegant and fresh white rose in her hand, and glanced at the card signed by S.Essence

S, Shen’s first letters?It must be sent by that disgusting man. In the past few years, he can always have all kinds of ideas and disgusting himself. Cheng Anshi’s beautiful face revealed a trace of contempt, and then threw the white rose into the trash.

Since I answered the phone, she lost all the way, and she almost fell when she arrived at the door of the house. She suddenly felt weak when she opened the door, and fell straight to the ground, and her tears flowed down without warning.

A pair of bright leather shoes suddenly appeared in front of him. Cheng Anzhen raised his eyes a little panic, and saw the cold face.

He did not look like a suit and leisure in the suit today. Instead, he wore a casual outfit. He glanced at the woman at his feet high and quickly caught the fear in her eyes.

She is afraid of him!

When Shen Xingyang saw her look like this, her heart seemed to be scratched by a sharp knife, but she still had a cynical smile on her handsome and elegant face., An Yan, do you think of my dear brother again? "

Cheng Anxuan raised his eyes quickly, looked at him disgusted, and smashed the bag in his hand.

Shen Xingyang did not hide, but revealed the expression of enjoyment. He continued briskly: "I heard that he was released from prison today, I’m very unhappy …"

Cheng Ansheng’s pupils suddenly zoomed in, and the frightened expression on her face was at a glance. Tears flowed into her mouth, bitter and astringent, and suddenly rushed like a lunatic to punch and kick Shen Xingyang.This lunatic, what did you rush to me, you killed me, you killed me! "

"Kill you? How can I be willing." Shen Xingyang laughed lightly, and his heart was even more painful.

Cheng Anxuan suddenly at his feet, like a pitiful stray dog, she prayed: "Please, let him go! What does he owe you, I will return it for him, I beg you …"

Shen Xingyang closed his eyes tightly, then squatted down, pinched her chin fiercely, forcing Cheng Anxuan to look at him, and sneered, "Oh, let him dream!"

"What do you want to let him go?"

Shen Xingyang snorted coldly, "I want you to never meet, so that I may still keep him a dog life."

"I promise you, I promise you, I promise you whatever you say …"

Shen Xingyang kicked away without listening to her, and gritted his teeth and said fiercely: "You better remember that you just said this. If I find what else you have, I will let him disappear from this world.superior."

Novel: Very freedom and dreamy, please bring your martial arts and prepare for your blood.

After Shen Xingyang left, Cheng Anxuan had no sleep for almost night, and when he was about to blur, he blurred. When he woke up, he saw the long and upright figure by the window.

He turned his back to the sun and looked noble and elegant, leaning against the window lazily, looking at her intently, but his expression was very gentle.

But the next second, Shen Xingyang’s face restored usual indifference and contempt.

Sure enough, Cheng Anzhen laughed with a mockery, and he was strange in his heart why he was still here, and he didn’t know how long he had stood in front of the window.

Seeing the ghost, in the past, Shen Xingyang never spent the night here. He raised a little lover, or a little star who could name it, and had a good bamboo horse with Shen Xing.Yang was unexpectedly married by everyone.

Cheng Anxuan only remembers a woman with a beautiful voice. In the past three years, she has leaned on her family and Shen Xingyang’s face in the entertainment industry well. After taking a few female lead plays, it is also a little famous!

Cheng Anxuan suddenly raised his head to look at Shen Xingyang and laughed gently, "Why are you here, shouldn’t you accompany your little lover?"

Shen Xingyang was not annoyed. He narrowed his beautiful peach blossom eyes slightly, and his tone was brisk. "Do I have to accompany my wife here and need you to draw hands?"

"I’m sick!" She muttered and replied calmly, "Just you, I have promised you last night, and I won’t meet him. I also hope that you will keep his promise and let him go."

Shen Xingyang heard this and walked over to Cheng An’s throat, making her breathless. At that moment, she even saw a bouquet of white light, and the end of the white light was her dead parents.

But she couldn’t die. She watched the man in front of her fiercely. She hadn’t sent the murderer into the prison, and she had not allowed him to get the dependent retribution. She couldn’t die!

At this time, Shen Xingyang suddenly let her go. He looked at Cheng An’s face with a fierce cough, and he turned out of the room like nothing happened.

It is really a lunatic, neuropathy. In the past three years, she has been in the same room with this lunatic. God knows how she endured it.

Xu was because he didn’t sleep well last night. Cheng Anzhen didn’t have a lot of energy all day. He finally finished the show. When he got off work, she called her at the front desk again, "Sister An, your flower …"

She took it over, and the words on the card have not changed.

That lunatic, Cheng An was gritted with his teeth, and walked out of the TV station and threw the flower into the back seat.

What she didn’t notice was that the pair of dirty eyes in the alley next to her, flashed with yin poisoning, never moved from her.

Cheng An was upset. At this time, the phone suddenly rang. She looked at the unknown number on the screen, and hesitated a little, but still answered the phone uncontrollably.

After so long, I don’t know how he was doing, is it okay?

"An Ye, I want to see you …" The somewhat tired voice in the handset was undoubtedly him.

The tears in Cheng An’s eyes burst out, and she bit her arms and did not let herself cry.

"Tomorrow at two o’clock in the afternoon, the old place, see it."

Cheng Anxuan just wanted to say something, but there was a busy sound in the mobile phone.

what to do?She wanted to meet Xiao Ziting, but when she remembered Shen Xingyang’s words, she was a little worried.

Shen Xingyang can’t understand it again. She is ruthless. Like a lunatic, she has no choice but to make her family break.Essence

In the past three years, she has been living with her enemies in the past three years.

Novel: He has feelings for himself, but this relationship is not love, but hate!

Cheng Anxun struggled for a night, but she really wanted to see him too much. On this afternoon, her ghosts went to the cafe that they had dated.

Cheng Anxuan sat in the car and opened the window, and glanced at the person sitting by the window at a glance. He lost a lot, and his handsome face showed his attitude.

Shen Xingyang once threatened her. If the two met, he unloaded Xiao Ziting’s leg.

Cheng Anxuan was really scared, Shen Xingyang, he could do it.

She sat all afternoon in the car and drove back home in the evening.

I opened the door and saw that man leaned lazily by the window, and his lips opened lightly. "What did you do?"

Cheng Anxuan took a sip and returned with guilty conscience, "What did I do have something to do with you?"

Shen Xingyang’s face was sorrowful, staring at Cheng Anxuan, "Have you gone to see him?"

"none of your business!"

When Shen Xingyang heard this sentence, his anger could no longer be suppressed. He rushed over and dragged Cheng Anxuan to the ground. "Did you go to see him, what do I say to you? This life is not allowed to see him.You are out of trust, Cheng Anxuan. "

"I don’t …" Cheng Anzhen denied loudly.

However, Shen Xingyang did not listen to her explanation, grabbing Cheng An’s hair, and laughed, "I see it all."

He continued to say one by one, "I watched you one afternoon today, you don’t know!"

Cheng Ansheng’s beautiful little face turned red instantly. She stretched her head, and her clothes were messy. They struggled: "Then you should also know that I didn’t meet him."

Shen Xingyang looked angrily, "I tell you, Cheng Anxuan, you can’t just meet him, you can’t even look at him from a distance, did you hear it?" He laughed, "I don’t know my dear brother has been in the past few years.How is it in the prison? Now he has finally come out. I have to give him a gift! "

Cheng Anxuan broke away and slapped him fiercely, "You lunatic, neuropathy, why don’t you die …"

Shen Xingyang’s heart was blurred by this sentence. This woman actually wanted to let him die.

He hummed coldly, "Oh, even if I die, I have to pull you to hell together! We are husbands and wives, and the husband and wife should be in trouble. How can you live in the world when I die?Wife. "

"Crazy, you lunatic!" Cheng Anxuan struggled, his eyes filled with tears, and gritted his teeth and said, "Shen Xingyang, I want to divorce you."

Shen Xingyang looked at the horror and disgust in her eyes, and the word "divorce" tore his heart blurred.

Novel: Hell Paradise is just the front line. From now on, it is hell!

One night.

She quickly got up in the bathtub to clean her body again and again.

Cheng Anxuan was sitting in front of the dressing mirror and watched the deep and shallow indecent traces on the neck in the mirror. She was upset. She changed her turtleneck sweater, but she couldn’t cover anything, and she was angry and annoyed.It is so thick that it is barely covered.

After arriving at the TV station, the assistant was told by the assistant to find, "It’s Lou Yanfei!"

Cheng Anxuan thought for a long time, and then remembered that Lou Yanfei seemed to be the little star raised by Shen Xingyang.

What does she do to her?

Cheng Anxuan saw Lou Yanfei when she went out. She saw her up close. Cheng Anzhen had to admit that Shen Xingyang’s eyes were really good. Lou Yanfei was beautiful and fairy. She even looked at her.

They went to the cafe near the radio. Lou Yanfei opened the door to see the mountain and handed Cheng An’s medical report. The word said, "I’m pregnant."

"Oh," Cheng Anxuan lowered his eyebrows, smiled lightly, "Congratulations."

Lou Yanfei was unwilling, raised his voice, and repeated again, "I’m pregnant."

"Oh," Cheng Anxun wanted to laugh a little, "It’s not me who let you get pregnant. Why come to me?"

"I’m pregnant, it’s Xingyang."

Cheng Anxun had a disgusting at the bottom of her heart. She suddenly thought of what happened last night, and the nausea would vomit.

"Okay, you don’t need to sell it with me anymore, just say it! You can tell me not only to tell me that you are as simple as you are pregnant! What the purpose, just say it!"

"Xingyang and I love each other sincerely. Please make us all of us." Lou Yanfei’s voice was delicate, and some of them had a high toe. "You also know that Xingyang does not love you, why do you refuse to raise your hands and let him go?"

Cheng Anxuan almost laughed. She reluctantly held back, "I want to ask you to let him raise your hand, let me go, and divorce me!"

"What …" Lou Yanfei stunned and did not figure out the situation at all.

Cheng Anxun laughed, "If you really want to go to the position, you can go directly to him. He loves you so much, and will definitely meet any of your requirements. What is the use of me? That disgusting man, I can divorce me and let me go to me.It’s over! "After she said, she didn’t return her head and walked out of the cafe.

When she walked out of the cafe, she suddenly received a phone call, and Cheng Anzhen hesitated.

"An Yan, why didn’t you come to see me last night, I waited for you for a long time."

As soon as Cheng Ansheng’s breathing was stagnant, he was almost unstable.

She shook her head, sorrowful tone, and continued: "I won’t see you."


"Don’t ask why, I won’t see you."

"An Yan, why don’t you even see me now?" The sound of the voice on the phone was a little crying, "An Yan, I miss you very much."

Cheng Anxuan had already burst into tears, and her lovers were close at hand, but she couldn’t even see him.

She thought of this and pinched the corner of her fingers.

A familiar voice suddenly came behind.

Novel: Since you want to run away, then I imprison you for a lifetime!

An Yan … "

She turned around unbelievable, only to find that the people who thought about it was standing behind her at this moment. He did not change much with three years ago, but it was a lot thinner.

Cheng Anzhen stood not far away, looking at Xiao Ziting, and had a feeling of being like a next life.

Xiao Ziting walked slowly, and there was not much expression on the handsome face. His lips were pale, "Ann, I miss you …"

Cheng Anxuan looked around, and she was not sure that the lunatic was not nearby. If he saw it, he didn’t know how to treat her brother Ting.

"Don’t come," Cheng An screamed with tears and screamed.

"I just want to take a good look at you, An Yan … In the past three years, I miss you at all times," Xiao Ziting’s voice was warm and gentle like a warm sun.

Cheng Anzhen made up his mind and ran to the TV station without his head.

She couldn’t harm her brother Ting.

Xiao Ziting looked at her far back, her eyes sank.

After returning, Cheng Anxuan was absent -minded in the afternoon, and he finally got to get off work. She walked across the front desk and was called again.

Cheng Anxuan took it angrily and looked at the card named "S". The anger burned. She picked up the bouquet of white roses and drove directly to the Shen’s headquarters.

"Where is Shen Xingyang?" Cheng Anxuan asked, looking at Shen Xingyang’s beautiful secretary, and asked directly.

"Mrs. … the president is meeting, alas, lady, you can’t go in …"

Cheng Anxuan couldn’t control so much. She rushed into the conference room with a bunch of white roses, and everyone’s eyes gathered on her. For a while, she was extremely embarrassing.

Shen Xingyang glanced at Cheng Anyu, and said naturally, "Today’s meeting will be here, and it will be scattered."

After the crowd left, Shen Xingyang stared straight at Cheng Anxuan, and his tone was gently.

Cheng Anzhen directly threw the white rose on Shen Xingyang’s face, and Shen Xingyang was not annoyed. He took the bouquet of flowers and sniffed gently.

"Don’t pretend to be garlic. It’s been two months. Are you disgusting every day?" Is it interesting? "

Shen Xingyang’s eyes slightly converged. He stared at Cheng Anxuan, "What are you talking about?"

The disgust in Cheng An’s eyes was at a glance.

"Sure enough, it is not the same as the big star staying for a long time. It’s really amazing! It’s so good, even I almost have to believe it," she said to throw the card on Shen Xingyang’s face.

Shen Xingyang picked it up and watched the card look blue.

He tightened the card fiercely, his pupils enlarged, and his hands were stunned.

Cheng Anxuan didn’t notice this at all, and continued to say: "Forgot to tell you, today your little lover came to me and said she was pregnant, let me let you go, how can you be so easy, how could I be so easy to be so easyLet go of you, I am not reconciled without looking at you to death! "

There was a trace of pain in his eyes, and he continued: "This flower is not sent by me."

Cheng Anxuan glanced at Shen Xingyang and sneered, "You will not believe it with such a poor lie."

"Whether you believe it or not, I just want to tell you that the flowers are really not delivered, and …"

Cheng Anzhen disdain, "Oh, not you, then you tell me that who else will do so disgusting except you?"

Shen Xingyang paused and his complexion was gloomy. "I also want to know who this person is?"

After Cheng Anxuan left, Shen Xingyang called, "ALEN, you will come up now!"

Alen didn’t know what happened, and ran up anxiously, "President, what happened?"

Shen Xingyang frowned the British sword eyebrows, pointed at the bunch of white roses and cards on the table, and Ling Ran opened his lips.

ALEN, "Yes, president."

Shen Xingyang was cold and cold, and he continued to command: "Lou Yanfei went to find his wife today. She is so disobedient, you know how to do it!"

"Understand the president, I went to do it right away. By the way, I found out that the wife investigated the accident three years ago."

Shen Xingyang nodded, "Go from her, let her find something, and save it evenly, but remember, don’t let the wife get involved in this storm,

Also, Xiao Ziting came out, and his wife had to be protected by others. Unrelated people and irrelevant things were not allowed to hear the wife?"

"Understand." Alen took a bow and walked out of the office.

Shen Xingyang was sitting in the office alone, thinking of the disgusting expression on Cheng Anxian’s face, and he was irritable in his heart. He lit a cigarette, took a sip gently, and spit out a light blue cigarette ring.

He has become more and more uneasy recently.

Over the past three years, he has been deliberate to eliminate dissidents in the big family of the Shen family, and it has finally stabilized the power. He also put Cheng Ansheng’s little woman around him. Everything was in his control, but Xiao Ziting suddenly cut off his prison., And disturbed Cheng Anxuan three times, suddenly disrupted his plan.

Shen Xingyang’s complexion is even more gloomy, and it seems that it can’t be dragged anymore. The plan must be carried out in advance.

He went home and did not see Cheng Anxuan’s figure, and suddenly heard the sound of water coming from the bathroom.

Shen Xingyang’s lips were bent slightly. Last night’s Wenxiang nephrite also made him miss. He slowly walked to the bathroom. As soon as he opened the door, he saw a scene of living color and fragrance.The reflection is particularly seductive.

When she saw Shen Xingyang came in, her closed eyes suddenly opened, and she hurriedly grabbed the bathrobe next to her body to block her body. Cheng Anzhen became red because of shame.

Shen Xingyang’s handsome face was hanging a faint smile. He whispered twice, watching Cheng Anxuan, who was frightened with his face with interest, and his tone was light.

Cheng Anxuan was annoyed by this sentence. She grabbed the clothes at hand and smashed into Shen Xingyang. However, for Shen Xingyang, it was just tickling. He even picked up his clothes and smelled it.

"Neuropathy!" Cheng Anxuan said these three words with gritted teeth.

"That’s not because of you, not because you made me look like this, An Yan," Shen Xingyang’s beautiful peach blossom eyes were slightly upright, staring at Cheng Anxuan tightly.

"Because of me?" Cheng Anxuan’s expression was disdainful, and his tone was ruthless. "I want to have such a big ability. I have already swallowed you to divesty."

"An Yan …"

"Don’t call my name, you don’t deserve it!" Cheng Ansheng’s eyes widened, saying a word, "Go out, roll it out immediately!"

"Huh, I’m not worthy, Xiao Ziting is not worthy!"

Cheng Anzhen glanced coldly and was too lazy to return to him.

Shen Xingyang stayed in the same place for a long time. Xu was bored, and finally opened the door and walked out.

After Shen Xingyang went out, Cheng Anzhen got up to wear clothes.

It’s so strange recently. In the past, Shen Xingyang would not come back once a month. How can I have come so frequently in these days?Sitting unexpectedly on the table, it seemed to have dinner with her.

Cheng Anxuan walked over and sat down, and he didn’t glance at Shen Xingyang.

Wu Ma saw Shen Xingyang Ken back to dinner. She was very happy and added several dishes.

Cheng Anxuan ate herself, and suddenly realized that a burning gaze kept staring at her. She couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed.look!"

Shen Xingyang looked at Cheng An’s anger’s little expression, but felt very cute. She couldn’t help but look good when she looked at her.? "

Cheng Anzhen’s interest was swept away. Is this man flirting with her?

Somehow, did he take the wrong medicine recently?

Cheng Anxuan raised his head dissatisfied and looked at his eyes. At that moment, she had a slight loss. Shen Xingyang’s eyes were very stunning. She was like Xiao Ziting’s eight or nine points. Cheng Anxuan continued to stare.Nympho

How can it be?Cheng Anxuan comforted herself, and the person who rescued her was undoubtedly Xiao Ziting. She had confirmed to Xiao Ziting, and he also admitted that he was the person who rescued her from the water.

Cheng Anxuan shook his head hard and had a cold face, "Your little lover is pregnant with your flesh of your Shen family! So late, what else do you do here?" What are you doing here? "

Shen Xingyang’s expression was as usual, and he was accustomed to Cheng Anxuan’s ridicule of him.

A rushing ringtone disrupted the original calm, Shen Xingyang answered the phone, "Well, I’m coming right away."

After speaking, I glanced at Cheng Anzhen and got up and walked out of the villa.

Cheng Anxuan suddenly felt happy. He really loved that woman and couldn’t help himself. A call made his soul keep his soul and left in a hurry.

But he left, otherwise he was afraid that he would spit it out when he looked at the face of the beast.

Wu Ma came over and sighed, "Madam, you must be gentle, so you will like it so that he will not remember the Yingying Yanyan outside."

Cheng Anxuan had no disgusting in his heart, and pleased it?She might as well die directly.

"The more he hates me, the better!"

Finally, I could eat well. Cheng Anxuan thought about it and started to rise.

Shen’s top floor

"Alen, who is it?"

"President, Hua was sent by the Yanqing and white shop near the alley near Jiangzhou TV Station. The middle -aged man in his fifties was called Zhang Dezhi. The family address was found.

Shen Xingyang’s face is gloomy, and his tone is cold like a cold wind in winter. "I don’t listen to these useless things. I just want to know where he is, why didn’t you bring him to me."

ALEN hesitated and continued; "Zhang Dezhi ordered the flower to his wife for three months, but after ordering the flower two months ago, the person was mysteriously disappeared. He was a single man, and his parents had no other relatives.There is no news at present. "

"Find, you have to find me for three feet. In addition, the wife is sent to protect it, but remember that the wife could not be found.


Shen Xingyang has not returned overnight in the past few days.

Suddenly there was a familiar footsteps outside. Lou Yanfei knew that Shen Xingyang was back, and she quickly ran to greet him.

Shen Xingyang walked in coldly and glanced at her coldly, and his tone was ruthless and asked, "Why go to Cheng Anxuan?"

"I … I …" Lou Yanfei did not expect that the first thing Shen Xingyang returned was to question her, "I conceive your child."

Shen Xingyang was repeated as if he didn’t hear it. "I ask you why you want to find Cheng Anxuan?"

How should she answer? Is she afraid that Shen Xingyang will abandon her in the future and worry that her child will not get the property of the Shen family. She wants to be the hostess of the Shen family.Can she say it?Intersection

"I love you, Xingyang …"

Shen Xingyang looked at her a little angrily, "You are afraid you have forgotten, how did you promise me that year and never get involved in my marriage, otherwise you will roll me!"

Lou Yanfei’s beautiful face suddenly appeared at a loss, "But Xingyang, now I have your child."

"What about that?" Shen Xingyang said coldly.

"Xingyang, I am pregnant with your child, that’s your child, your own flesh."

Shen Xingyang’s thin lips were slightly opened, but what he said made Lou Yanfei was shocked. "This child can’t ask, and ALEN will accompany you to get it out tomorrow."

Lou Yanfei kept shaking his head, "Why, Xingyang, how can you be so cruel?"

Shen Xingyang is indifferent, "Even if my child, I won’t want it."

"Shen Xingyang, how can you treat me like this?" Lou Yanfei was so angry.

"You know in your heart," Shen Xingyang looked directly at her, his eyes was like a torch, and he fell away and left.

Lou Yanfei was very clear, but the long -term honor made her unwilling to admit that Shen Xingyang did not love her, and everything was her wishful thinking.

Even if you don’t want this child, I don’t believe it. Will the Shen family don’t want it?

Lou Yanfei watched Shen Xingyang’s figure gradually disappearing in the night and thought angrily.

Shen Xingyang returned home. He went upstairs to open the door of the room and found that Cheng Anzhen had fallen asleep long ago. At this moment, she was curled up on the bed, making a light breathing sound.

Shen Xingyang was sitting on the edge of the bed, watching the kitten, Cheng Anxuan, who was in a happy mood. He aroused her lips and stroked her soft long curly hair. She really hoped that she could always be as obedient as she is now.

When Cheng An woke up, the sky was already bright, and after packing, he went to work on the TV station.

At get off work, she looked at the direction of the front desk subconsciously, but …

"Sister An, there is no flower for you today," the little beauty at the front desk said a little sorry.

Without flowers, Cheng Anxuan looked very happy.

Sure enough, it was sent by Shen Xingyang’s abnormal villain. No, she went to make a noise, and the flowers were gone!

At this time, Cheng Ansheng’s mobile phone suddenly rang. When she saw the caller display, she couldn’t help turning a white eyes, and then picked it up, "What happened to me find me."

Shen Xingyang frowned and slowly spoke ɯDD. "This Saturday, Grandpa asked us to go home for dinner together, and I will pick you up the afternoon the afternoon."

"I know," Cheng Anxuan replied without a trace of emotion.

Cheng Anxuan’s original mood became gloomy because of the call from Shen Xingyang.

For three years to marry Shen Xingyang, the most unbearable thing she couldn’t bear was to return to their Shen family with Shen Xingyang.

The Shen family is a big family. The entire family relationship is not very harmonious. The table table is intriguing. A trip to the Shen family is equivalent to playing a palace fight.

At noon on Saturday, Shen Xingyang’s driver came to the house to pick her up to pick her clothes, make hair makeup, and fiddled with a whole afternoon.

Shen Xingyang appeared on time at 5 o’clock in the afternoon in the dressing room. He leaned quietly on the chair and watched the quiet and beautiful woman in the mirror, and suddenly felt happy.

At six o’clock in the evening, Cheng An appeared in the Shen family’s mansion without expression holding Shen Xingyang’s hand without expression, but this time a little special, an uninvited guest appeared at the family dinner of the Shen family, Shen Xingyang’s lover-Lou YanfeiEssence

Most of the Shen family were holding the lively mentality. Shen Xingyang’s main room and her lover appeared on the same table. It was strange!

Cheng Anxuan glanced at Shen Xingyang inadvertently and found that he was gloomy with a face.

When she saw Shen Xingyang’s iron -green face, she was in a good mood, and she even greeted Lou Yanfei gentlely.

Lou Yanfei is also confused about this scene. She came to demonstrate today, but how did Cheng Anxuan look unwilling?

At the dinner, Lou Yanfei did not treat herself as an outsider at all. She had always talked and laughed with the Shen family. She looked like Shen Xingyang’s wife.

Cheng Anxuan only hoped that the Shen family’s attention was best concentrated on Lou Yanfei, but things were contrary to their wishes. Some people were unwilling to fall off her.

"An Yan has been married to Xingyang for three years! Why haven’t you moved?"

The person who spoke was Shen Xingyang’s aunt. She looked at Cheng Ansheng, who had been eating with me, and finally fell on Lou Yanfei’s belly.

In the next second, the eyes on the table gathered on Cheng Anxuan. She was not shocked on her face, but her heart was strange. She straightened up and glanced indifferently, "My business, justI am so worried about my aunt. "

Lou Yanfei was pregnant with Shen Xingyang’s child. Yesterday, she had spread throughout the Shen family. Almost everyone in the Shen family joked with a joke. Cheng Anxuan was a living widow with laughter.

"But Xingyang, you are the chief of our Shen family, the grandson of our family, it is not too late for the child’s affairs! Yan Fei, do you say is it?"

Lou Yanfei showed a proud smile on her face. Although the child in her belly was still a small embryo, she still felt a flat stomach with a ritual.

Cheng Anxuan barely squeezed a smile, and he was secretly dissatisfied. The aunt thought he lived in the Qing Dynasty. The theory of the long -time house chief Sun Lao’s teeth also got here.

Shen Xingyang’s tone was polite and alienated. He glanced at Cheng Anxuan on his side lightly, "My own affairs, I have fixed it myself."

But as soon as he talked, Grandpa coughed, "Xueqin makes sense. Xingyang! You have been a family for so many years, and it is time to have one."

Cheng Anxuan listened to these words and said nothing, and there was still some glory in her heart, but her careful thoughts were accurately captured by Shen Xingyang, and his face was colder.

The sister -in -law has been married to my brother for three years and has not been pregnant with a child. Is it possible that there is any problem with the body and can’t be born!"Shen Xingyang’s cousin and Lou Yanfei exchanged their eyes and laughed.

The direction of this sentence is too strong. Is it unknown that Cheng Anyi is a woman who cannot have children?If she can’t be born, she will not have the child of Shen Xingyang at all. Even if she is born, she will strangle it alive.

Lou Yanfei was more proud. She glanced at Shen Xingyang calmly, but found that he looked at her eyes to suppress anger, but what could he do if he was angry?Don’t want it, it doesn’t mean that the Shen family does not want it.

"The cousin has a lot of exercise. By the way, I heard that my brother -in -law lost some money in Macau some time ago. The number is not small.

The expression on Shen Qing’s face was open and purple, and she clenched her fist fiercely, as if she was about to lift the table immediately, "Cheng Anxuan, do you make it clear, what do you mean?"

Cheng Anxuan shrugged in littleness, smiled, and looked at Shen Qing innocently, "It’s not interesting! I’m just telling the truth."

For so long, she didn’t think she was bullying.

Shen Qing was burning in anger. She stood up and pointed at Cheng Anzhen’s nose and yelled. "Cheng Anxuan, what do you think you are, if not because of your Cheng’s project, you think my brother will marry you as a funeral star, and even oneThe child can not be born, and dare to occupy the position of the young grandma … "

"You listen, I don’t want to have children, not that I can’t give birth."

"Brother, brother, you heard it! This woman is unwilling to have children, she is simply one …"

"Stop!" Father Shen scolded.

"I told you to come back and want a family to make a reunion meal. What is noisy on the dining table like!"The appearance, noisy, lost our face of the Shen family. "

"Grandpa …" Shen Qing screamed without the arrogance before.

The second aunt hurried out to play the round field, "Qinger also thought about Xingyang."

Shen Xingyang has always been angry. His eyes were sharp and glanced at everyone. "I don’t need anyone to figure out my life."

The aunt quickly shifted the topic, and she looked at Cheng Anxuan with contempt, and the sharp voice sounded throughout the lobby. "But this matter can’t be counted.We have to take care of it! "

When Lou Yanfei heard this, she glanced at Cheng Anxuan proudly and wanted to see a sad expression on her face, but unfortunately she couldn’t do it as expected.

Cheng Ansheng was calm and calm. She looked at Shen Xingyang’s anger and said with a pleasant look: "Also, the children in Yan Fei’s belly can take care of it. After all, it is the child of the Shen family., I suggest that Yan Fei is connected to the mansion. How can a maid in the family take care of what is better than a person outside, what do you think of Xingyang? "

Shen Xingyang glared at him fiercely.

Father Shen waved his hand, "Yan Fei lived for the time being to our Shen family."

As soon as his words came out, everyone squeezed, except Shen Xingyang … as everyone’s wishes.

What do you mean?"Only when he came out of the Shen family’s mansion, Shen Xingyang grasped Cheng Anxi’s hand hard, his face was cold.

Cheng Anzhen shouted while struggling, "You hurt me! Let go, let me go!"

However, after all, men and women are very different from power. Cheng Ansheng’s struggle in Shen Xingyang is tantamount to itching.

Shen Xingyang looked at Cheng Anxuan fiercely, "You don’t want to give birth, I just let you give birth."

Cheng Anxuan’s disgusting expression on his face, "Let me have your child, it is better to let me die!"

"Do you want to die? Want to be beautiful!"

She bite Shen Xingyang’s arm with one bite, so painful that Shen Xingyang hummed, and then looked at his arm. It was already blurred in flesh and blood. Shen Xingyang did not struggle. Her face showed an expression.

"You lunatic!" Cheng Anxuan spit out a bloody water, oblique Shen Xingyang’s cold face, as if to swallow his entire life.

Shen Xingyang’s words were brisk, and he narrowed his eyes slightly, "Isn’t the fact that I am a lunatic, are you clear?

"What are you doing, what are you doing?" Cheng Anxuan screamed angrily.

Shen Xingyang didn’t care so much. He moved, quickly unbuttoned the belt to tie Cheng An’s hand, threw Cheng Anxuan in the back seat of the car, and then fell into the door.

"What are you going to do, you lunatic," Cheng Anxuan kept patting the window, but it was nothing to help. She could only watch Shen Xingyang drive the car to the door of the house, but the fear in her heart was even worse.

What do you want to do in this neuropathy?

Where did Cheng Anxuan running in Shen Xingyang, he went to the pomegranate tree of the yard, and was caught by Shen Xingyang to kick at her legs. Cheng Anxuan fell straight to the ground.

Shen Xingyang sneered, "I really choose the place! Mrs. Shen, does the pomegranate tree mean that the child is blessed? Mrs. Shen, you specially chosen to the pomegranate tree, it’s really wrong!"

Cheng Anxuan was so painful, "You murderer, Shen Xingyang, I cursed you in your life, you will not die in your life, you will definitely go to hell!"

"Thank you Mrs.’s words, I will definitely bring my wife together to go to hell."

"You devil!"

Cheng Anxuan knew that she couldn’t get rid of it. She looked at the side, and suddenly saw the big stone under the tree.Blood flowing, snorting, poured directly on Cheng Anxuan.

She finally pushed away Shen Xingyang on her body. She looked down at her blood, and Shen Xingyang was lying on the side of life and death.

Chapter 12 You are really amazing

Cheng Anxuan felt that the most regretful thing in his life was that he couldn’t smash Shen Xingyang to death, so now!Shen Xingyang was smashed into the hospital by her, and she had to be forced to visit this disgusting man!

Shen Xingyang watched Cheng Anxuan walk in reluctantly, frowned slightly, and continued to say to Father Shen, "I am not careful, and fell off the stairs."

Father Shen glanced at him, "Why are you so careless?"

Shen Xingyang glanced at Cheng Anxuan, who was guilty, expressionless, "It’s okay, Grandpa, you go back to rest earlier, I’m okay, you are young, just rest for a while."

Cheng Anxuan stood at the door embarrassed and was suddenly hit by people. Before she figured out what was going on, she saw that Lou Yanfei stumbled to Shen Xingyang’s bed.

At first, Cheng Anzhen felt boring. As soon as Lou Yanfei came, she felt interesting. She looked at Lou Yanfei with interest and asked for warmth at Shen Xingyang.

"Why is it injured!" Lou Yanfei’s charming face was distressed.

She turned her head and glanced at Cheng Anxuan fiercely, and then looked at Father Shen pitifully, "Grandpa, think about it, how can a good person suddenly fall off the stairs, if no one pushes …"

Later, Lou Yanfei was interrupted by Shen Xingyang before finishing speaking.

Lou Yanfei squeezed instantly and did not dare to speak more.

Cheng Anxuan suddenly felt boring when he saw this scene, and turned around and walked out. She sat in the corridor and waited for everyone to walk into the door of the ward. When I walked in, I was ridiculed. "You are so amazing, I didn’t treat you here.Smash it! "

"I’m afraid I will die, you will spend the second half of your life in the prison alone."

Cheng Anxuan snorted, "You really died in my hands, and I would rather stay in the prison for a lifetime."

Shen Xingyang was not angry because of Cheng Anxuan’s words. He glanced deeply at her and sorrowful. "Do you hate me so much?"

Cheng Anxuan gritted his teeth and responded to his teeth: "Yes, I hate you, I can’t wait for you to die like this, it’s a hundred."

After she said straight, she stared at Shen Xingyang and looked at the sad expression on his face, and instantly felt embarrassed.

"An Yan, do you remember? The first time we met at the Ye family banquet, then you …"

Cheng Anxuan did not listen to her and interrupted it. "I don’t know, forgot it early."

"Later, if you fell into the water, it was me …"

Cheng Anxuan seemed to hear some big jokes, she was contempt, "Oh, can your lie be more successful?"

She did fall in water, but her brother Ting rescued her.

Shen Xingyang lowered her eyes low, but she wanted to say what she couldn’t say. From the beginning, Cheng Anzhen had great hostility to her.

"You just stay here to nourish the wounds! I’m afraid that your mind will be smashed well, and I accidentally fall down from the stairs and fall to death."

Shen Xingyang’s thin lips opened gently, looking at Cheng Anxuan gently, and his voice was exhausted. "Xiao Ziting is not a good person, you stay away from him."

Cheng Anxian snorted, "He is not a good person, you are a good person? Joke, you demon, sister -in -law!"

"I know you always think that your father’s death is related to me, but your father’s death really has nothing to do with me."

Cheng Anxuan’s as if covered with a layer of cold frost, she was so angry, "It has nothing to do with you? Can you be more disgusting? I tell you Shen Xingyang, I have no evidence in my hand now, but you can rest assured thatOne day, I will send you to prison by myself. "

To be continued

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