(End) I was sure that the day of pregnancy, a woman rushed in front of me and my husband holding the inspection sheet

"Daughter -in -law, you wash it first. I will take you to the company after eating." Liang Chi smiled and squeezed the toothpaste.

I responded, washing, eating and changing clothes to get on the car.

Liang Chi was all in the whole journey, and he stumbled directly.

"Liang Chi, I was just pregnant."

"I know, daughter -in -law, you can rest assured, I am there when you get pregnant, and I am the same after giving birth. You will always be the first. The child is an accident." Liang Chi carefully helped me tie the seat belt.

In fact, what I want to say is that I can still take care of myself when I have just got pregnant.

However, the concern for sending the door must be caught in both hands. I kissed Liang Chi’s face: "Thank you, obediently husband."

Liang Chi looked serious: "Daughter -in -law, the doctor said that it wouldn’t work in March in the first three months."

My old face blushed, the dog man: "Drive."

"Followed, daughter -in -law."

Liang Chi’s car drove steadily. He went downstairs in our company all the way. He trotted to help me drive the door and took a large bag from the back seat. I knew that he also brought me lunch fruit juice and so on.The measurement of things is carefully calculated.

"My husband is too hard for you." I was so moved and almost promised him again.

"This is what my husband should do. You have worked hard to get pregnant." Liang Chi said seriously.

I saw a strong love from his eyes, and I was in a good mood, humming the song into the building.

There was a young girl standing at the door of the company, with her face, and my colleagues looked curious when they passed. I was also curious. She brought a crystal rabbit card on her head …

4. 4..

"Big sister, I’m Liang Rou." Liang Rou walked in front of me a few steps, smiling like a flower, she looked good, her body was okay, and she was embarrassed to face her face so sweetly.

"I have something to do?" I asked.

"Well, big sister, can we sit down and chat?" Liang Rou said sincerely.

"If you have something to do, I will go to work in a while." I said, Liang Chi Gang scolded her last night, she came to me, and she revealed the breath of conspiracy everywhere.

"Big sister … Okay, I know that my elder brother hates me, but I really have to come to you as a last resort. Dad is sick and sick.I persuade my elder brother. Liang Rou said.

I frowned, and the daughter of Primary Three came to find the daughter -in -law of the original son, and wanted them to go back to visit Dazong’s father?

The derailed man is seriously ill in bed, regrets, sad all day long, and even die … Isn’t it the wishes of a serious woman in the world?Intersection

I thought about it euphemistically, "Liang Chi said yesterday, I don’t want to have any intersection with you, Miss Liang, please don’t bother me in the future."

After I turned around, I walked inside, and Liang Rou suddenly grabbed my arm.

"Grandma, I beg you, don’t treat dad like this!" Her voice was very high, which instantly attracted the onlookers of my colleagues.

"Everyone helps me comment. My father is seriously ill, but my grandmother refuses to let my elder brother go home. Do you say that such a reason?" Liang Rou pulled my arm with force and said loudly.

Two young female colleagues stepped forward, one pushed open Liang Rou, and the other protected me behind.

"Don’t you know that you are a pregnant woman? What kind of heart to pull you so hard?" Female colleagues were politely out.

The colleagues in the company were also bought by Liang Chi early. Ah, it was conquered. In everyone’s heart, Liang Chi was a peerless man.

Therefore, Liang Rou, who wanted to make me compromise with public opinion, made the wrong abacus.

I’m about to speak.

The elevator door opened, and Liang Chi stepped over. He had a layer of sweat on his face, and it seemed that he ran all the way.

He first looked at me, and after sure that I was okay, turned to Liang Rou: "Liang Rou, don’t think I don’t know the calculation of your mother and daughter, you dare to disturb my daughter -in -law once, all the property of the old man, I want to goCome back, then you can’t get a penny! "

Liang Rou was aggrieved and wanted to cry.

"Get Get Lao Tzu!" Liang Chi roared.

This sound, the entire floor trembled, Liang Rou ran out with his face covering his face.

Liang Chi hugged me: "I’m sorry for my daughter -in -law, I have trouble it again."

Proper, my weak husband who can’t take care of himself is wronged again.

Colleagues: Okay, it’s time to see no see.

Liang Chi repeatedly told me not to see Liang Rou alone. I naturally agreed. Finally, Liang Chi watched me enter the company before turning away. Of course, I also saw the anger he was about to overflow.

This guy probably went to find his stepmother to settle accounts.

Come on!


After getting off work in the evening, Liang was late to pick me up. As soon as we arrived at the entrance of the community, he answered a phone call. The company had some situation and went back to deal with it.

"Husband, go, I’ll go home by myself."

"I still take you upstairs and go again." Liang Chi was a little uneasy.

"Husband, have you forgotten that I am the provincial champion of 50 kg of women’s Sanda." I said, "Rest assured, most people can’t get near."

When Liang Chi saw me insisted, I had to tell me that I would go upstairs to send him a message. I promised that I put me off the car.

The environment in our community is very good. People and cars are diverted. At this time, many Grandma Bao Ma Bao took the child to play downstairs and watched the children shouting each other with milk. My heart was full of soft happiness.

The phone sounded.

The weather was good, I sat on the bench in the community and answered the phone.

"Lin Xiao, Liang Chi came to me now, we know, we are true love." The woman on the phone was arrogant and proud.

"Who are you?" I asked, very calm, because Liang Chi had already walked towards me, carrying the fruits I love to eat.

"I am Song Jiajia, I tell you, just now I call Liang Chi. Did he say that the company had something to do? Actually, he came to me. Don’t think he was in my heart without me. I tell you that I tell you that, Fighting is a love! "Song Jiajia shouted like a spirit.

So that Liang Chi could clearly hear her voice without answering the phone.

Liang Chiqing took the phone from my hands softly: "You fucking are cheap and find a place where no one is, and even dare to harass my daughter -in -law, I will not let you go."

"Liang Chi, obviously you told me. You have to be able to hit me at the hospital. Only for Lin Xiao’s family property, you are grieved." Song Jiajia said crying crying, a vice -virgin tone.

"Song Jiajia, you wait for me, don’t tell you to go to jail, Liang Chi and your surname!" Liang Chi said fiercely and hung up the phone directly.

Proper, he and him, my one was angry again.

"Daughter -in -law." Liang Chi hugged me.

The little guy was so angry.

"It’s okay, it’s okay, obedient husband, my money is yours." I immediately coaxed.

"No, your money is still yours, and my money is yours." Liang Chi immediately corrected, "And me is also yours."

"Yes! But ah, husband, you don’t think it’s a bit wrong. Who sleeps about Song Jiajia? Could it be that she also supervises us and knows that I go home by myself?" I asked.

"I have a few suspicious people who have arranged private detectives to follow them. Some people around Song Jiajia followed. You can rest assured that it won’t be long before we can know who sang this big show." Liang Chi said seriouslyEssence

"Aren’t you going to the company?" I asked.

"Just the phone was solved. I’m afraid that you can’t go home to eat, and you will come to you after buying a fruit." Liang Chi said, holding my hand home.

I was ready to sleep, and I was ready to sleep. Liang Chi took my mobile phone to the balcony and across the glass door. I saw that he spoke to the people on the phone, and he heard that he was scolding.kind.

I knew that Liang Chi didn’t want me to go out to call what he looked at now, and turned back to the bedroom.

It didn’t take long for Liang Chi to enter the door. He reached out and hugged me, leaning on my armpits, and my obedient husband scolded someone to cry.

I patted his back gently, and he fell asleep soon.

Hey, I feel that I have an extra son.


The next day, Liang Chi told me that he had to go back to his father tonight.

"He really got cancer, it was already late, and he couldn’t cure it anymore." Liang Chi said in a low voice, "I have always hated him, hate him to abandon me and his mother, but when he really wants to die, I still have in my heart.Surprising at all. "

I held his hand: "My husband is kindness. You go to see him, not just let him die without regret, but also let yourself go, husband, do it right."

Liang Chi moved and hugged me for a while before we went out together.

Until get off work at night, they were quiet.

I received a call from my brother before get off work. My younger brother Gu Ba Tian was a typical Battlefront.

"Sister, I know my brother -in -law will take you to the Liang family tonight. I arranged a few bodyguards outside. You shouted something." Gu Ba Tian told him.

"No, just visit a patient." My brain was a little painful.

"No, these people don’t know what ghost ideas have been hit, just in case, my brother -in -law also means." Gu Ba Tian continued.

Well, I know that my obedient husband can not know.

My brother is closer to me than to me.

"Okay." I had to agree without agreed.

Not long after hanging up the phone, Liang was late to pick me up, "Daughter -in -law, I arranged a bodyguard outside, you shouted, Huli La is all our people."

"Um, you and Gu Ba Tian, you both arranged or arranged together." I asked.

"He also arranged?" Liang Chi stunned, "This dominant heaven, I just tell him about my thoughts."

I support my amount, my brain is more painful.

"Well, more people are safer."

Me: Have you forgotten that we are visiting your sick old father …

Liang family.

When I got out of the car, I glanced at the road in front of the door was full.

I took a deep breath and couldn’t see me.

The decoration style of the Liang family is liked by my mother -in -law. It seems that after her mother -in -law and Liang Chi left, the Liang family did not renovate, and did not know that Liang Chi’s stepmother watched the traces left by the hostess every day, and she had used it.What is the mood of the old man.

"Achi, Xiaoxiao, it’s so good that you come back." Liang Chi’s stepmother, Ms. Xiao Yinyin came out, and laughed very much when she met. She followed Liang Rou, who was full of gratifying.

"Ms. Xiao, call me Liang Chi, my daughter -in -law is called Lin Xiao, we are not so familiar with you." Liang Chi said politely.

Xiao Yinyin’s face changed slightly, and soon.

"Liang Chi, I know you hate me."

"Just know." Liang Chi made up the knife.

Xiao Yinyin’s face changed, and Liang Rou hurriedly said: "Brother, Dad is waiting for you in the room, he said something to say with you alone."

Liang Chi held my hand: "Daughter -in -law, go with me."

"I am waiting for you in the living room." I patted Liang Chi’s hand and signaled him to rest assured that it was our people outside. I didn’t care whether a old scumbag man would be at ease when he died. I just don’t want my husbandThere are any regrets.

Liang Chi nodded for a moment, warning like Liang Rou and Xiao Yinyin, and turned upstairs.

I sat on the sofa and wanted to look at my phone quietly, but Xiao Yinyin got up and sat opposite me.

"Hey, I took care of Liang Chi’s dad all day long, and the whole person was stunned." Xiao Yinyin even complained to me!

Oh my god, how can I waste the opportunity to come to the door.

"You are looking for yourself, but my mother -in -law is asking you to serve her husband. Now people have returned to you.


Xiao Yinyin almost turned her eyes.

"Why the San San’s self -movement has not ended yet, good and evil have been reported in the end, and I have been reported by myself." I continued to say that I followed Liang Chi for so long, and I learned to scold people for a long time.

I used to do it directly.

Xiao Yinyin was so angry that he went upstairs.

Liang Rou hurriedly followed, and she glared at me dissatisfied.

Alas, the old lady didn’t care about this scum.

It was just that I waited downstairs for a long time, and Liang Chi didn’t come down. I thought the mother and daughter would also go upstairs. I was afraid that they would be unfavorable to Liang Chi and hurried up and stepped upstairs.

For the first time, I came to the Liang family. I didn’t know where Liang’s bedroom was. Suddenly, when I heard the voice of talking, I sought a voice and walked over.

As soon as I walked to the door, I heard Liang Rou shouted loudly in the room.

"Brother, if we are not brothers and sisters, do you like me boldly, do you choose Lin Xiao because she looks like me?" Liang Rou’s voice was trembling, like a long -term depressed emotion finally broke out.It is still a little excited.

"Brother, I know that you have always taken care of our relationship, so you dare not confess to me. So you are married to Lin Xiao. I know that brother is because you love me, so you can’t bear to be disturbed by gossip!"Liang Rou said stated.

In my heart, there is such a loss.

Fortunately, at this time my obedient husband Liang Chi’s voice sounded: "Liang Rou, your fucking eyes are blind, my daughter -in -law is Dan Fengyan, you are a triangle eye, my daughter -in -law is a face, you are a big cake face, my daughter -in -law’s skin skin, my daughter -in -law’s skin skinThe delicate bomb can be broken. Your face is similar to the surface of the moon. Where do you look like? Except for both women, I really can’t find any similarity. "

Liang Rou froze, and then cried out. In fact, there were only two acne marks on her face …

I didn’t hold back and smiled.

After hearing my voice, Liang Chi immediately opened the door and saw that I smiled and flushed, so he reached out and held my hand.His face was ugly, but when he talked to me, he was as gentle as always: "Daughter -in -law, why did you come up?"

"I’m afraid they to bully you." I said with a smile.

In a word, Liang Chi laughed like a fool.

Liang Rou stomped his feet straight, annoyed and angry.

"Brother, you must know that Lin Xiao stood outside the door and said me deliberately, is it!" Liang Rou yelled.

"No." Liang Chi replied, simply and neat.

Liang Rou’s not big eyes were full of shock and unwillingness. By the way, she was not a triangle eye, but apricot eyes. It was pretty good -looking, but in Liang Chi’s eyes, it was the triangular eye.

Liang Chi was too lazy to ignore her, holding my hand and preparing to leave.

"Brother, don’t think I don’t know, the box in your bedroom is my portrait!" Liang Rou said loudly.

Liang Chi, who has always been calm, suddenly changed his face, and his footsteps stopped.

I looked at Liang Chi. His good -looking lips became one, as if he was holding his emotions, but he couldn’t help it immediately.

Liang Rou looked at me deliberately: "Daisao, oh no, Miss Lin, do you know that the person I have always loved is me. The third party is not loved in love. Please take the initiative to kill the child and leave!"

Broken the child.

When her four words exported, the light from Liang Chi’s eyes could kill people.


I raised my hand, five, six or eight slaps, and called directly on Liang Rou’s face.

OK, the residue abuse is over, I finally moved to start!


Xiao Yinyin walked in holding the picture album and was seeing me being loudly in the fan beam. She just threw the album aside and ran towards her daughter.

"Soft, my soft." Crying was a sadness.

As if Liangrou was dead.

Liang Chi bent over and picked up the album that Xiao Yinyin was thrown on the ground. He carefully stroked the corner of the picture album and was broken. His eyes were distressed, and his eyebrows jumped twice.

"Lin Xiao, you are jealous of my brother love me!" Liang Rou said on Xiao Yinyin’s shoulder, chokingly.

"You are blind!" Liang Chi cursed, he held the picture album, opened in front of me, and I saw the people inside and stunned.

This, this, where is Liang Rou, it is clearly me when I was a child!

I looked at Liang Chi mistakenly.

"Husband, this …"

Liang Rou was very satisfied with my reaction, and she raised her face that was swollen -she was a big cake face.

"Why do you paint me?" I continued.

Liang Rou collapsed, and she shouted, "It’s me, obviously me, it’s me! That’s my princess skirt!"

It is really a shameless passion.

"What is you, the same princess skirt does not know how many pieces are sold for a year, do you not look at your face? Where can you compare my daughter -in -law? My daughter -in -law was cute when I was a child. You are ugly when you are a kid."Liang Chi scolded, he was around me, "Daughter -in -law, go home and tell you."

"Okay!" I nodded. We belong to the people’s internal contradictions. There is no need to let the enemy look at it.

So we held hands with love and love.

Go home.

Liang Chi finally confessed to me.

He returned to the room and moved his two large suitcases to the living room. I was lazy and never turned these things. Liang Chi said that it was his book, and I believed it.

Now he opens in front of me.

I am silly, and all the cases are full of picture albums.

Liang Chi painted it in hand, he handed it to me one by one, I read one by one, and after reading my arm sour.

"Say good at first sight, husband." I asked.

Liang Chi rubbed my arms and said gently: "You may not remember. I was lost once when I was a kid. I just met you. You gave me the little cake in your hand. At that time, I felt you felt you.It’s an angel, I want to marry you home. "

"Liang Chi, you are precocious."

"Daughter -in -law, this is not the point. The point is that I really fell in love with you at first sight, but it was a child." Liang Chi looked at me and was gentle. "Later, I always follow you and look at you grow up."

"I will draw you every week. This is my secret. When my parents divorced, I had packaged the album long ago. I don’t know why the original one could not be found.The thief stole away! "Liang Chiyi filled with anger.

"So my family’s attitude towards you is 180 degrees, because of these paintings?" I asked.

Liang Chi nodded with a little guilty conscience: "When you go to work, I invite them all home and tell them about my feelings for you. My parents are distressed by me, and so is my brother."

"Huh, do they say you have no vision." I said angrily.

"No, they said that I was good, you are a kind girl, and you are worthy of being seriously loved." Liang Chi said.

Hey, I don’t know why, my eyes are sour.


A week later, Father Liang died of illness.

Before he died, he was finally awake, leaving only Xiao Yinyin and Liang Rou, and the others were given a will to Liang Chi. I heard that the day when Liang’s father went out, Xiao Yinyin sat in the cemetery and scolded for an hour.Outside of the words, all the old and unforgettable dogs, and so on.

It was completely forgotten that she was trying to seduce this old -fashioned dog.

Liang Rou didn’t show up that day, probably too lazy to pretend to be filial.

Liang Chi didn’t care about them. Anyway, the old man really should scold. When everyone left, Liang Chi asked her mother -in -law to see it. In the final analysis, the husband and wife were in the end.

I thought my mother -in -law was sad. I wanted to comfort my mother -in -law. As a result, my mother -in -law went to the handsome old man to dance.

Me: Another day of worrying.

After the inheritance procedures were completed, Liang Chi realized all the stocks left by Father Liang, and sold all the real estate items that Father Liang gave him. Finally, he donated all the money.Centers for cancer research.

Finally, Liang Chi took a fake for himself, and his name was accompanied by his daughter -in -law.

One day, the two of us had been walking at home at home, Liang Chi’s phone rang, and he shattered with depression: "Who, call me when I am with my daughter -in -law!"

At first glance, he immediately connected: "What did you find?"

"Song Jiajia is meeting a woman in a coffee shop. Two people are quarreling, Song Jiajia told the woman that she asked her to slander you." The male voice on the phone said, "Come on, they are still noisy, The address is sent to you. "

"Okay, I’ll go right away." Liang Chi said and got up.

"Who? How do he know Song Jiajia?" I asked, in fact, I forgot all this woman …

"Private detectives, I arrange to watch Song Jiajia. Daughter -in -law, you are waiting for me at home." Liang Chi said.

"I’m going too." I immediately followed him. Although I was pregnant, my skills were intact, and I did not affect my husband to help me.

Liang was doubtful and took me to the cafe together.

Liang Chi and I were shocked. Hey, the woman opposite Song Jiajia turned out to be Liang Rou. She even made a woman pregnant, obediently, my three views were broken.

"Liang Rou, but I was pregnant because of you. Now Liang Chi does not recognize. What do I do? You must give me a statement!" Song Jiajia pulled Liang Rou’s arm, and the two people’s faces were not good -looking.

"I didn’t give you money for you!" Liang Rou pushed Song Jiajia away disgustedly.

"Broken? The money you gave me is only enough to perform surgery. Do you need to rest your body after surgery? You must not supply me to delay me. Liang Rou tells you that there is no 100,000 yuan, this is endless!Song Jiajia threatened.

In the past, Liang Rou didn’t care about 100,000 and eighty thousand, but now she has nothing. She said that she couldn’t get it 100,000. She couldn’t get it out of 10,000. She looked up and saw me and Liang Chi who was standing ahead.

Liang Rou suddenly pushed Song Jiajia out, and Song Jiajia’s belly hit the corner of the table. She screamed, and blood flowed to the ground.

Liang Chi hurriedly guarded me behind, and Liang Rou took the opportunity to run out.When we returned to God, Liang Rou was gone.

The owner called the police, Song Jiajia was sent to the hospital. After that, she explained everything to the police. In fact, there was no photo of the male chat. She knew that the person was not Liang Chi at the beginning.

She accepted Liang Rou’s money and performed such a big show. Originally, she wanted to make me divorce with Liang Chi, and then Liang Rou entered by the way. Who thought that Liang Chi responded so fast and called the police directly.

Song Jiajia cried and told the truth.

"You and her, I won’t let go of it!" Liang Chi said with a ruthless words and took me away.


Later, Liang Chi prosecuted Liang Rou and Song Jiajia. Liang Rou had never appeared. The police had to wanted her. After all, she was still a fugitive who had a story hurt.

I was pregnant until five months, and I have been happy and stable during this period.

One day Liang was late, and I went home alone. As soon as I entered the corridor, she saw a woman with a peaked cap holding her dagger and standing there. She looked at me fiercely, as if she was going to kill me.

I took a closer look that the woman turned out to be Liang Rou, and I turned Liang Chi’s phone without trace.

"Liang Rou, don’t you go to surrender, come to me?" I asked.

Your half of your property is mine! "Liang Rouyu shouted.

Be obedient, crazy, this is, greedy like a silly fork.

"Lin Xiao, you have to compensate me, give me all the money, otherwise …" Liang Rou held his dagger with his hands, his arms were still trembling, his eyes were fiercely with a bit …

I walked over with her eyes: "Liang Rou, you are really brave." Then the bag was thrown hard and rolled down the dagger directly, and then I unilaterally violently!

When Liang Chi and Gu Baitian arrived, Liang Rou had wrapped his arms and legs on the ground.

The two were stunned.

I stepped forward and hugged Liang Chi: "Husband, afraid of it."

"My wife is a scattered champion, not afraid or not." Liang Chi carefully patted my back, gentle and detailed, he probably felt that he was the most wise choice in this life.

Gu Ba Tian: I really didn’t look at it.

Liang Rou was arrested, and he was sentenced to twenty -five years.

Xiao Yinyin bears civil compensation. She also had no money and could only sell the house. Later, there was no news.

And my gentle, kind and decisive mother -in -law, later married the handsome old man, dusted and happy.

In the blink of an end, the due date.

I was sent to the hospital for hospitalization without any response. These days, he has been sleeping in peace these days. I will immediately get up and help me when I turn it over.very nice.

After being hospitalized, Liang Chi became even more nervous. He kept calling bell in his hand. He said that he was afraid of delaying any second and made me suffer more.

Finally, when I got the pain, I was sweating on my forehead, and Liang Chi was crying and cried: "Daughter -in -law, I am not good, you are suffering."

After two hours of tossing, I was finally pushed into the delivery room. Before the door was closed, I saw Liang Chi sitting on the ground and crying. My parents and brothers were comforting him again.

It didn’t take long for our daughter to be born.

I was too tired to fall asleep. When I woke up, in the ward, my parents, mother -in -law and brother were there, and even the handsome old man was there, but I didn’t see my husband.

"Mom, what about Liang Chi?" I asked weakly.

"Not to mention, the nurse said that the child was born, and he was fainted with excitement! I haven’t woke up yet. Sister, I still saw the birth of a child, and my father woke up later than his mother." Gu Ba Tian said.

My heart is sour.

As he was talking, Liang Chi ran in and pulled my hand: "Daughter -in -law, I will make ligation in a while, we will not give birth in the future."

I looked at him with a warm smile, so good, so happy.

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