English -speaking text, Impregnate, to get pregnant; instill; immerse


vt. Make pregnancy; instill; immerse


[Third person single -digit Impregnates now Impregnating Past Impregnated Past Word ImpregNated]

… IMPRACTICABLE is not able to do it, and there is no implementation Impregnate soaked to instill incorporation … into handle … Introduce …


liquid Impregnate Property medicinal liquid permeability

ImpregNate Tie Refined wooden pillow


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Immerse -reference number: 7IT WAS the First Time to use the Wood Processing Remains Effectively to Fabricate Woodceramics Directly and Impregnate Wood Power Under Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal SSURE and Room Tempeature in the Study.

For the first time in the study, the surplus of wood is used to make wooden ceramics. It is impregnated with wood powder under normal temperature and normal pressure.

Impregnate [‘Impreɡneit, Im’preɡ-, Im’preeɡnit, -NEIT]

v.fill, as with a certain question synony

Infuse or Fill Completely synonymous: Saturate

Fertilize and Cauer to Grow "The Egg Was Impregnated"

Make pregnant "he impringted his wife again"

Synonyms: Knock Up Bang up Prang up

The above comes from: wordnet

Collins, Yinghan Double Solution Dictionary

Impregnate / gMPRɛɡˌneɪt / TEM8 (Impregnating, Impregnated, Impregnates)

1. V-T If Someone or Something Impregnates a Thing with a Substance, They Make the Substance SPROAD Through it and STAY in it.

Example: Undercover Officers Found Drug-Making Equipment Use to ImpregNate Paper With LSD.

Undercover police officers found drug manufacturing equipment for psychedelic drugs into paper.


Example: … nicotine-impregnated chewing gum.

… Popular gum with nicotine.

3. V-T WHEN A Man or A Male Animal Impregnates a Female, he makes her pregnant. Perfect; make pregnancy [formal] [formal]

Example: Norman’s EFFORTS to ImpregNate Her Failed.

Norman wants to make her pregnancy failure.

Same as a word and the root words

vt. [Physiology] Make pregnancy; instill; immerse imbue, indoctrinate


G: Impregnate

n.impregnation injection; fertilization; pregnancy; fetal suffering

impregnant solvent; impregnation agent

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What Happy to the Young Girls These Boys ImpregNate?

What are the consequences of these boys who make the girls be pregnant?

Or impregnate her, depending on which version you read.

Or make her pregnant, depending on which version you read.

The Purpose of the MarinaDe is to impringted foods with the flavour of the ingredients.

The purpose of using pickling juice is to soak the smell of ingredients into the food.

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