Entering today, what should not be released is dumplings

Today (July 11)

We officially entered

The hottest period of the year

–Dog days of summer

This year’s Sanfu

40 days of "long standby" again

Among them, July 11th to 20th is the head

For a total of 10 days

As the saying goes, "Summer solstice three Geng is in the same way." This year’s summer solo is June 21st, from the summer solstice day, the third day with Geng is Gengwu Day, and the corresponding Gregorian date is July 11th, so this is this, so this is this.The sky has become the date of entering the fire this year.

"Fu" means "summer heat lurks on the ground"

Make the hottest period of the year of the year

Such a hot head day

Eating dumplings

Don’t forget

Head, why eat dumplings?

Old saying, good,

"Head Volume Dumpling Erfu".

Why our traditional customs in Hebei,

How about eating dumplings?

The head of the dumplings is particular, the dumplings are shaped like ingot, and the "Fu" and "blessing" are the same.

In addition to the beautiful meaning, eating dumplings in the head also has ancient healthy diet wisdom.In the hot summer, people are prone to bad appetite and cannot eat things, and dumplings are appetizing and relieved in traditional customs.Futian people are prone to sweating a lot, and the biggest advantage of dumplings is that they are both stapled foods, as well as non -food, both amaranth and vegetarian dishes, so they can supplement nutrition.

Delicious head dumplings, arrange

It is said that dumplings with different stuffing have different meanings!Cabbage filling: the meaning of hundreds of wealth; shiitake mushroom stuffing: the meaning of drum wealth; celery filling: the meaning of diligence; chives filling: the meaning of long wealth; pork filling: the meaning of fish and meat;: The meaning of foreign fortune; beef filling: the meaning of cowcker …

8 recommended

The delicious dumpling filling is delicious

Amaranth pork stuffing

Ingredients: amaranth, pork filling

Seasoning: salt, soy sauce, old soy sauce, cooked plant oil, onion ginger,

1. Pork in the pork stuffing into some onion and ginger water in three times, and mix well every time to allow the water to suck into the meat filling.

2. Add white pepper powder, raw soy sauce, and old soy sauce to stir well, and finally add vegetable oil to lock the moisture.

3. Wash the amaranth, remove the water for ten seconds, remove the cold water.

4. Cut the amaranth with dry water and chop them.

5. Put the cut amaranth in the pork filling, add an appropriate amount of salt and oyster sauce to stir well.

Fennel pork stuffing

Ingredients: fennel coriander, pork filling

Seasoning: salt, soy sauce, old soy sauce, oyster sauce, vegetable oil, white pepper powder, ginger, sesame oil

1. Cut the ginger with a small piece and soak it in warm water for a while.

2. Add the pork filling to the green onion and ginger water and stir well, so that the meat filling fully absorbs water, and add white pepper, soy sauce, and old soy sauce.

3. Wash fennel coriander and remove the old leaves of yellow leaves.

4. Cut off the root of the fennel and cut it for later use.

5. Mix the fennel and pork filling, add an appropriate amount of salt, a little oyster sauce, and add some cooked vegetable oil and a little sesame oil to stir well.

Catsurbolt pork filling

Ingredients: cowpea, pork, pepper

Seasoning: salt, soy sauce, old soy sauce, cooking wine, oyster sauce, white pepper, ginger, shallots, vegetable oil

1. Pigmels are chopped into delicate pork stuffing with a knife.

2. Put the pork filling into a bowl, add a little white pepper, onion ginger, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, cooking wine and marinate well for a while.

3. Wash the cowpea, boil it in the pot, and put it in water for 1 minute to remove the cold water.

4. Cut the water bean and chop them for split.

5. Clean the chili and chop the seeds.

6. Put all the beans and hemp peppers in the meat filling. Add the cooked vegetable oil and stir well. Add 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce and the appropriate amount of salt and stir well.

Eggplant pork filling

Ingredients: 4 purple eggplant eggs, a little pork filling

Seasoning: salt, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, oyster sauce, cooking wine, vegetable oil, ginger shallot, white pepper, pepper powder

1. Wash the purple eggplant and control water.

2. A little pork filling, add white pepper powder, ginger, raw soy sauce, oyster sauce, old soy sauce, cooking wine, and marinate a little water for a while.

3. Cut the eggplant into filaments, and then chop it slightly, don’t need to be too broken.

4. Heat the boiling pot and add vegetable oil, add some onion flowers and peppercorns, pour the eggplant and stir fry for a while, so that the eggplant’s water evaporates slightly and soft.

5. Put the eggplant in the pork filling, add an appropriate amount of salt and stir well, and adjust the eggplant pork filling.

Cucumber pork egg filling

Ingredients: 5 cucumbers, 2 eggs, pork filling in moderation

Seasoning: salt, cooked plant oil, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, cooking wine, oyster sauce, white pepper, onion ginger

1. Add a little white pepper, minced onion ginger, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, cooking wine and marinate well for a while.

2. Clean the cucumber, rub it with a filamentizer, add 2 spoons of salt, stir well and marinate for 20 minutes.

3. Prepare a clean gauze, take a part of the cucumber shreds into the gauze, and squeeze the water of the cucumber.

4. Squeeze all the cucumber shreds, put it on the cutting board, and chop it a few times with a knife.

5. The eggs are poured into the bowl, and a little salt and cooking wine are evenly stirred by hand.

6. Heat the wok and add vegetable oil, pour the egg liquid. When it is about to form, use a shovel to directly chop it and cool it out.

7. Pork filling, eggs and cucumbers are put into a basin. Add some cooked vegetable oil and stir well. Before you want to make dumplings, add 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce and an appropriate amount of salt to stir well.

Leek and egg filling

Main ingredients: leek eggs and shrimp skin

1. After washing the leeks, cut it into the basin and add some edible oil to stir well. This can lock the water of the leeks without water.

2. The eggs are scattered and a few drops of incense vinegar are dripped. This not only removes fishy, but also the fried eggs are also tender and stir well.

3. Pour more oil in the pan, 60 % of the oil temperature, add the eggs, and quickly scatter the eggs.

4. Pour the eggs into the leek and add an appropriate amount of shrimp skin, salt, pepper, and chicken essence and stir well.

Beef prawns

Main ingredients: Niuli Ridge Pimplewood Onion, Cabbage Ginger Ginger, Ginger onion

1. Soak the fresh beef with water for 1 hour, soak the blood water, and then beat the beef with a rolling pin or the back of the knife. The crude fiber of the beef is broken.After the beating, chop the beef into the meat and chop it as much as possible. This kind of beef is delicious.

2. After the prawns are cleaned, peel off the shrimp shell, then remove the shrimp line, and then cut into small grains.

3. Wash the cabbage and chopped it, leave a few large pieces on the onions, and the remaining chopped backup.Ginger is cut and spare, and the shallots are cut off for later use.

4. Pour an appropriate amount of oil in the pot. After the oil is hot, add the onion segments, ginger slices, green onions, 2 octagonal, 2 cinnamon skin, 10 peppercorns, slowly fry over medium heat, fried flavor of seasoning.It can be removed until the ingredients are brilliant, and the fuel is left for later.

5. Add ginger to the meat filling, crushed onion, crushed cabbage, and then add a bone soup flavor soup treasure, 1 spoon of oyster sauce, and fried onion oil just now.Stir them completely, you can taste salty and add salt in an appropriate amount.

Lamb and carrot filling

Main ingredients: mutton carrot onion ginger pepper

1. Soak the mutton for a while, soak bleeding water, cut into small pieces, and then chop into meat filling.

2. The carrot is shredded and chopped into a broken end.

3. Mix lamb and carrots, then pour pepper water in 3-5 times, and stir constantly, and then add raw soy sauce, salt, sesame oil, and edible oil to stir well.

4. Finally, when you want to pack, put onion ginger and stir evenly.

These patterned dumpling bags,

How many kinds do you have?

Fish -shaped dumplings

Fist on your left hand, the thumb and index finger naturally extend, take the dumpling skin with one piece and put it in the filling, fold the dumpling skin, fold the one on one side about 1-2cm, pinch it tightly and fold inward 1-2cm inward 1-2cm inside, Repeat this until the other side, and finally pinch the tail up slightly when you close the mouth.

Ingot dumplings

Take a dumpling skin in the palm of the palm, put it in an appropriate amount of stuffing, fold it into a semi -circular shape, pinch the middle of the dumpling skin in the right half, and seal the left half of the dumpling skin.Bend to the middle, and pinch the dumplings on both ends, so that the semi -circular edges are slightly tilted up.

Small lock dumplings

Take a dumpling skin on the palm of the palm, put the right amount of stuffing, stretch the dumpling skin, and pinch the index finger and thumb from the left and right ends of the dumpling skin to the middle.Fold the pinch and form a fold on both sides.

Clam dumplings

Take a dumpling skin on the palm of the palm, add an appropriate amount of stuffing, fold the dumpling skin and fold the sides inward, pinch the side of the opposite side, and fold the mouth on both sides., Press it thinly, press the thinner top, and press down continuously to form a twisted edge to the left end, and a clam -shaped dumplings appear.

Si Xi steamed dumplings

Take a dumpling skin with a hand in the palm, put it in an appropriate amount of meat filling, and pinch the noodles into a "field -shaped" square (both four corners and the middle -tested tetramnar).Put the soft and choppy spinach, the hot fried and chopped egg skin, the soft mushroom mushrooms and the minced pork meat in four small mouths, and steam it for about 8 minutes and take it out to eat.The so -called "Four Hi" refers to the four dishes of the four colors put on the steamed dumplings, which can be changed according to your preference!

These dumplings are particular,

do you know?

Dumpling stuffing stir in one direction

Dumplings are actually very particular. Do you know what old people always say that "and dumpling filling" should be stir in one direction?

Stir in one direction when stirring, which is conducive to the water and ginger water into the filling, making the filling soft.After the meat is adjusted, it is a bit soft. You can put it in the refrigerator and freeze it. It will be easier to make dumplings.

The dumpling skin with eggs is more gluten

Add an egg every 500 grams of flour, and the dumpling skin is not sticky.

Cold water dough feels good

The proportion of noodles and water is 2: 1, which is 500 grams of flour for 250 grams of water. If you want to be softer, add a little more water.The living noodles should be awake and wake up, it is best to rub it a few times in the middle, and wake up after kneading.

Self -chopped meat filling method

Put the meat prepared to make the stuffing in the refrigerator and freeze. After the meat is completely frozen, take it out, and then rub the meat with a coating board.When you use a knife, you need to be chopped a few times. It can be done in just 5 minutes, and the meat filling is delicate and uniform.

Add salt to cook dumplings

When cooking dumplings, put a green onion in the water or add some salt after boiling the water, and then put the dumplings. The dumplings are delicious and not sticky.

Do you want to get water in the meat filling?

Usually, the meat fillings of buns and dumplings must be made into some water, so that the meat filling is soft and smooth, that is, water soaked in soup or peppercorns, stir in one direction, and stir up the "upper" filling into a ball.But do n’t do water stuffing. There is a lot of water, and there is no possibility of squeezing water, so there is no need to get water in the meat filling.


What kind of dumplings do you plan to eat?

Sanfu Tian, and these pay attention to these

The weather characteristics of "Sanfu Sky"

High temperature, low air pressure, high air humidity

It is easy to have adverse effects on human health

9 taboos, do not offend

Be careful to drop the "sickness"

1. Don’t open the window to ventilate

Many people are afraid of heat, blowing air conditioners in the window closed.In fact, the humid and sullen and ventilated indoor is likely to cause heat stroke, and the use of air conditioners does not turn on the window to change the air. The air quality will deteriorate, but it will cause disease.

Suggestion: Open the window more than twice a day, 15-30 minutes each time.

2. Avoid eating only fruits

Sanfutian sweats a lot, consumes a lot, is prone to fatigue, and has no appetite. Many people choose to eat some fruits and vegetables.If you do n’t eat well, insufficient nutrition, and reduce immunity, you may cause disease.


① Fruits and vegetables must not be less: Eat more vegetables and fruits rich in potassium, such as bananas, melon, tomatoes, pumpkin, beans, potatoes and celery.

② Let’s have appetite for soup: vegetable soup, meat soup, fish soup, egg soup, etc., drinking a small amount before meals can also increase appetite.

③ Protein must have: eat lean meat, fish, soy milk, eggs and so on.

④ Grain is indispensable: sweating will lose B vitamins, and grain is a good source of B vitamins.

3. Avoid cold wind to blow

The air conditioner is cold, and the cervical spine blows against the air conditioner, causing the neck and back muscles to be cold, causing continuous spasm of the neck and sore back.

Suggestion: Do not be lower than 26 ° C in the indoor air conditioner, do not directly face the air conditioner on the shoulders, or take a shawl.

4. Avoid drinking water in a big mouth

Drinking water in large mouths, water will quickly dilute the blood, increase the amount of blood volume, and increase the burden on the heart.It is particularly dangerous for patients with coronary heart disease.

Suggestion: Every time you drink water for more than 200 ml, it is better to warm water. Do not wait until "thirst" and drink water, but it is advisable to replenish a small amount of hydration.

5. Avoid cold drinks without leaving your hand

Eat ice cream and cold drinks properly, and a large amount of eating will hurt the body.Long -term excessive cold foods enter the stomach, which will shrink the sub -blood vessels of the gastric mucosa, thinner the mucous membrane layer, and mucosal edema and erosion.

Suggestion: Drink less cold drinks, and boiled water is the best drink to relieve heat.

6. Avoid a cold bath directly

In hot summer, you cannot take a bath with cold water.After the stimulation of cold water, the human body will cause a series of stimulus reactions such as acceleration of heartbeat, increased blood pressure, muscle contraction, and mental tension, which will adversely affect the heart and blood pressure.

Suggestion: After exercise, it is best to rest for 30 minutes first, wait for the calories to distribute, or wipe it with a towel, and take a bath.Do not be too high in water temperature, good at 36 ~ 39 ° C.

7. Don’t sweat all day

To adapt to the law of nature, sweating when sweating, because sweating can exclude toxins in the body and regulate body temperature.

Suggestion: Go out in the evening, don’t soak in the air -conditioned room all day, sweating slightly is good for your body.

8. Don’t rest at noon

Sanfu season should go up late and get up late, but sleeping late is not staying up late, it is best to be before 24 o’clock.Due to the hot weather, sleep will be affected to a certain extent. It is recommended that conditions are best to sleep for a noon, which can also effectively prevent heart disease such as coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction.

Suggestion: It is advisable to take a nap in 15-30 minutes. After a nap, you can move slightly and drink a glass of water to dilute the blood viscosity.

9. Avoid emotional excitement

In the hot summer, people will inevitably be irritable, but emotionally hurts the body.For example, when you are angry, blood pressure will rise, our face will become red, and the pressure on the blood vessels and heart parts will be more than 3 times higher than normal.Excessive excitement is also harmful to the heart.

Suggestion: When emotional excitement, we must dispel rationally, eliminate anger by changing attention and other methods, and calm the mood.

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