Everyone (56) Mother -in -law is pregnant

Chen Lan and Hu Juan were on their heads. Chen Lan spoke unpleasant. In the end, Hu Juan was speechless and had to cry.

Chen Lan didn’t have the mood to comfort her, and drove directly from her mother’s house.

Chen Lan’s mood was very low for a few days. When he was at work, he worked hard to let himself be put in work. When he did not go to work, he went home to do housework and cleaned his family.

Zhang Qiang never called again, Chen Lan was rare and quiet.

Zhao Jiajia told his parents about the situation of Hu Juan and Aunt Zhang. The two were completely troubled because of the incident. Aunt Zhang talked about Hu Juan’s bad words to other colleagues from the unit.

Hearing these Chen Lan sad, "This is already the case, and I will interfere again will only make things worse and worse."

"Your parents are not easy. You should understand them more. No matter how much they raise you so much, I haven’t owed you anything since I was a child."

Chen Lan didn’t know that her parents did not owe her, and she owed her parents.

"I know, this can only be like this now, thank you for helping me, thank you for helping me inquire about these."

"Thanks, my mother has been looking at us since she was a child. She didn’t have to inquire about the old unit. Sooner or later, she would pass it to her ears, but she knew it was your business, so she asked specifically."

Chen Lan was bored, Zhao Jiajia heard it, and drove to the place where Chen Lan lived after the call.

At this point, Chen Lan just finished eating at the living room, and Yu Hang wrote his homework in the house. When he heard Zhao Jiajia coming, he quickly opened the door.

Chen Lan has a mind, and the whole person does not seem to have any spirit.

Zhao Jiajia comforted a few words, and then asked, "Do you have a lot of contact with Gao Chang in the company?"

"Not much, what’s a good relationship with one of my buyers with him?" Chen Lan felt that Zhao Jiajia had a deep meaning.


Zhao Jiajia sighed, "I have a good relationship with Liu Ruoyu. After the last time Liang Zhongli’s affairs, Gao Chang has always been cold or hot. I have raised her divorce several times in the past few days."

"Then what?"

"She meant that Gao Chang was outside again …"

Chen Lan immediately understood the meaning of Zhao Jiajia, "I don’t know who it is, I am just a company’s employee, I don’t know so much."

"I know, don’t be nervous." Zhao Jiajia said quickly, "I said to Liu Ruoyu, let you adjust you to Gao Chang as an assistant. At that time, you can tell her."

Chen Lan was a little stunned, "The two husbands and wives are too special, I don’t want to mix."

Zhao Jiajia sighed, "Liu Ruoyu’s father is the biggest boss of your company. This is your opportunity. At that time, as long as she says everything, she said anything."

Right now, she doesn’t ask for anything else, just ask her son to grow up safely and happily, and only to make more money by herself. As for anything else, it is not that important.

But it is not a relaxed work to be an eyeliner. If you do n’t do it, you will die without burial.

She is very clear who Gao Chang is. Without Gao Chang, she will not be so fast to the procurement department.

People should have the upper heart, but they should also be content.

"I understand what you mean, but I don’t do this kind of thing."

Zhao Jiajia is some puzzled, "Why not do it, it is easy to give Gao Chang as an assistant, and salary."

"I looked at Gao Chang’s means to deal with Liang Zhongli, and I couldn’t mess with him." Chen Lan said honestly.


Zhao Jiajia saw that Chen Lan’s attitude was firm and did not persuade him. "Then you think about it. In fact, she can also find someone else. The key is to know you are my friend, so I believe it is more trustworthy to you."

Chen Lan nodded and talked to Zhao Jiajia a few other words and sent her to go downstairs.

For so many years, I have grown up together since I was a child, but now I do n’t have a common topic.

I used to get along with Zhao Jiajia, but now I seem to be as casual as before.

She married Zhong Minghai. Zhong Minghai was very rich. The people she came into contact was completely different from her. She also tried to make herself like Zhao Jiajia, but she could buy the clothes that Zhao Jiajia could afford to buy.At the beginning, Zhao Jiajia’s car could not afford it.

Occasionally, in the process of chatting, Zhao Jiajia seemed to have the sense of superiority that showed his appearance, making Chen Lan feel uncomfortable.

It’s not a person in a circle, so you can’t find a way.

Obviously everything seems to be the same as before, but it seems that everything has changed.

On this day, Chen Lan slept until midnight and received a call from Liang Zhongli in a confused way.

The phone had been black, and Liang Zhongli used another seat number to call her.

"Hey, big sister!"

Chen Lan was awakened by Liang Zhongli’s voice, "Is there anything wrong? It’s okay, hang it."

"Grandma, don’t hang up first. My mother is in trouble. My mother’s stomach is particularly painful, but today there is no family in the family. My elder brother is on a business trip. The second brother does not answer my phone …" Liang Zhongli was panicked and cried directly.


Chen Lanzhen pulled his eyelids and rubbed his eyes.

Even if Yang Fenlin had a sudden illness, she couldn’t find her here, why should she help?

"Dasao, I know you are a good person, trouble you, please drive you to take my mother to the hospital, it’s too late now …"

Chen Lan hung the phone directly.

Ask her to drive Yang Fenlin to the hospital, dream.

After Chen Lan hung up the phone, Liang Zhongli scolded a few words. In the end, he had no way to call the hospital. He quickly arranged an ambulance and sent Yang Fenlin to the hospital.

Along the way, Liang Zhongli kept calling Lao Chen, but Lao Chen did not answer the phone.

Liang Zhongping was on a business trip, and Liang Zhongbao did not answer the phone. Liang Zhongli was at a loss and didn’t know what to do.

At present, she wants to pay medical expenses, and she doesn’t know who to find, "Big brother, now go to the hospital, you have to pay the money first."

Liang Zhongping was in the field. At this moment, he heard the medical expenses and asked quickly, "What about Zhongbao?"

"The second brother doesn’t know what he is doing with Er, just don’t answer my phone!"

"How much do you have to pay?"

"Why do you have to pay thousands of dollars first? You know, I have no money, I have given money to my mother, and my mother said that it was taken by Uncle Chen to the stock.I didn’t go to work, I’m really … "

Liang Zhongli frowned tightly, "Don’t say so much first, let’s call me the money quickly."

Because of the previous lesson of Yang Fenlin as a kidney stones, Liang Zhongping considered a lot this time, "I can’t get it now."

"Why do you have no money?"

"I must be half with Zhongbao." Liang Zhongping said firmly.


Liang Zhongli stunned, "You still have to care about this money."

"Zhongli, this is not a care."

Liang Zhongli was on his head, "This is not what care, you are the elder brother, now I can’t contact the second brother, what happened to you first, you can get it, let’s talk about it in the future!"

No matter what Liang Zhongli said, Liang Zhongping just didn’t get money.

This time he was also ironic, "Zhongli, I will go to work tomorrow. That’s it. Mom’s affairs will wait for you to call Zhongbao before letting him call me."

The phone hung up, and Liang Zhongli was so angry that she scolded her mother.

"Oh … I’m going to die …"

"Zhongli, mom is almost okay."

"Can you cure the disease first, please!" Liang Zhongli cried and grabbed a white coat doctor for help.

"This is the rule, we can’t do it."

Liang Zhongli was about to blow up and scolded the doctor. "Do you want to ask for money or to cure the disease. None of you are people, do you have no heart, my mother’s stomach hurts like this …"

I scolded a few words, it was useless. Liang Zhongli couldn’t help. "Mom, you are waiting here for a while, and the second brother will go to the house to find the second brother, I call him!"

Liang Zhongli threw Yang Fenlin on the cart, and quickly took a taxi to the place where Liang Zhongbao lived.

Opening the door, a wine flavor in the room, Pan Meilian was not there, Liang Zhongbao drank like a ghost, no matter how he shouted, he couldn’t wake up.

Liang Zhongli first went to the bedroom to turn around, and finally turned out of 2,000 yuan in cash. Then he glanced at Liang Zhongbao, "Second brother, you wake up!"

Liang Zhongbao didn’t wake up, his complexion was pale, his breathing was weak, and his hands and feet were a little ice.


Liang Zhongli was frightened, and quickly shouted the ambulance and sent Liang Zhongbao to the hospital.

Liang Zhongbao was too much alcohol and sent it directly to the gastric lavage.

Yang Fenlin was sent to various inspections.

In the corridor, Liang Zhongli was about to collapse, and the results of the inspection came out-Yang Fenlin was pregnant.

The next day, Yang Fenlin woke up confused, "Zhongli …"

"Mom …" Liang Zhongli was exhausted, "Mom, you finally woke up."

"What about your second brother, you found him over last night, what about others?"

"The second brother drank a lot of wine, washed his stomach, and didn’t wake up yet."

As soon as I heard this, Yang Fenlin was so scared of white, "Ah? Why do you drink so much wine? Is he crazy?"

Liang Zhongli shook her head with a strong reason.

"Mom, I’ll tell you something, you are actually …" Actually … "

"What’s wrong with me, what’s the disease?" Yang Fenlin was nervous.

"Mom, are you pregnant, do you know?"

No one can guess that Yang Fenlin can still be pregnant. People in their fifties, who have three illnesses and two pains think they are a sudden disease. No one will think about pregnancy, but in fact she is pregnant.Essence

I did n’t pay attention to the early pregnancy diet, and I was inserted, so I had an urgent abdominal pain last night.

"I? I’m pregnant?" Yang Fenlin quickly covered his lower abdomen, and his eyes became gentle.

"Do you have no security measures with Uncle Chen?"

Such a big age, life is okay, but who can imagine this aspect of contraception.

Liang Zhongli was in a complicated mood, and she was particularly uncomfortable since she knew that Yang Fenlin was pregnant.

I have been more than twenty, and I have reached the age of marriage, but my mother was pregnant at this time. Thinking of the disdainful gaze in others, Liang Zhongli couldn’t hold it anymore. "Mom, you have time to fight now.of!"

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