EXO is another child?Wu Shixun went to the obstetrics and gynecology department to be encountered, and his girlfriend changed his belly avatar to be pregnant

Korean men’s group EXO has children again?Recently, South Korean netizens revealed that Wu Shixun’s girlfriend was pregnant first, and a dad was about to add another dad in the group, causing attention.After the news was revealed, it was first to the top of the Korean network. It can be said that it was an explosive news, which gave fans a lot of impact.

South Korean netizens replaced their avatars based on Wu Shixun’s girlfriend and guessing that they were pregnant.Netizens found that she replaced a cute anime character avatar. The animal was lying comfortably, her belly was big and fat, and she also drew a love, which meant.

Subsequently, South Korean netizens turned out a previous news.At that time, the poster said that he met an unmarried male star in the hospital where he was going to the pregnancy examination, guessing that his girlfriend might not be pregnant before marriage, and described the other party as a love beans that men and women were known.Essence

However, combining Wu Shixun’s girlfriend’s avatar with Wu Shixun’s post with the obstetrics and gynecology department, it is easy to connect to specific information points.After watching it, Korean netizens suddenly realized that their girlfriend’s avatars were true, and they couldn’t help sighing: Is EXO pregnant before marriage?And shout the next one.Some netizens blessed Wu Shixun and suggested that they retreat quickly.

Chinese fans saw the news of Wu Shixun’s girlfriend’s pregnancy and shouted too far from the spectrum, and questioned how to determine how the woman was Wu Shixun’s girlfriend. She didn’t even have a picture.

Honestly, not paying attention to the Korean men’s group may not really know the gossip of Wu Shixun’s girlfriend.However, some netizens said that Korean fans had picked up their girlfriends before, and they had been exposed in a small scope, but it was just information barriers. Chinese fans did not know.Moreover, according to the tone of the comments of Korean netizens, everyone is not surprised, and there are more things.

Previously, the woman posted a picture of Wu Shixun suspected of Wu Shixun, the text: with a man like a gift.In the photo, the man’s head and face were blocked by the mosaic, and he could only see his tall body. The shoulders were very wide, similar to Wu Shixun’s figure.

After the news of Wu Shixun’s girlfriend’s pregnancy was exposed, the South Korean company SM has not responded. Some netizens believe that the news is probably true, and said that some time ago, the company’s artist Li Tairong’s unattended romance company helped rumors.Public relations can minimize the popularity of the group and myself.

Wu Shixun is a young member in the EXO group. Since his debut, there is almost no scandal. In the eyes of fans, he is a very self -disciplined love bean.From the age of 14, he entered the company’s training to the age of 18 and officially debuted. There is no time to fall in love. After his debut, the company’s management is very strict.Of course, Aidou has no scandal, but it is not appropriate to say that the company’s management is strict. After all, the members of the same group have a child silently, which also scares everyone.

After the news of Wu Shixun’s girlfriend’s pregnancy, the response of Chinese netizens was hilarious, and bluntly "EXO has become twelve again."EXO was initially a men’s group composed of twelve people. With the departure of the three Chinese members, there were only 9 of the men’s groups.In recent years, EXO activities have decreased, and the age of members has gradually reached the point where they are married and have children. One of the members Jin Zhongda will have two children with his wife. If Wu Shixun’s children are added, the number of people in the group reaches 12 people in the group.Essence

In the end, although the obstetrics and gynecology department is not necessarily related to pregnancy, the reason why Wu Shixun went to the obstetrics and gynecology department was still very curious.As for SM companies, they should respond to the hearts of fans.

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