Experts say 丨 Bleeding after transplantation, is it finished?

Online consultation: On the sixth day of transplant blastocyst, bleeding from morning to night, and the amount of bleeding in the afternoon is large. Does transplantation fail?

In WeChat group: After transplanting pregnancy, there is blood on the underwear, and the sisters do not know what to do?The first idea in my heart may be: after the egg is finished, after the end, is it failed this time …

Outpatient: Vaginal bleeding occurs after the girl who is a test tube baby, and then is extremely anxious.

Ten test tubes are prepared for nine tensions, and one is particularly nervous ~

Yes, these sisters’ pregnancy for pregnancy is more difficult than ordinary people. As a result, the hard -won embryo has occurred before the camp, and it is really panic, anxiety, and disappointment.

The focus !!!

Bleeding or early pregnancy bleeding after transplantation is a common phenomenon!

What’s wrong with bleeding after transplantation?

We need to know that bleeding or early pregnancy bleeding after transplantation is very common, and about 20-30%of pregnancy women have had early pregnancy bleeding.In particular, the incidence of bleeding from pregnancy is higher, and those with thin endometrium are also prone to bleeding after pregnancy, and people with effusion are also prone to bleeding.

1-3 days after transplantation bleeding

At this time, the vaginal bleeding does not need to be too nervous. It may be due to a small amount of bleeding after the cervical erosion surface is touched during transplantation, or a small amount of bleeding after the cervical mucosa is slightly stimulated during transplantation.In general, bleeding will stop naturally after a few days.However, if the amount of blood is large, the duration must be visited at any time.

7-14 days after transplantation bleeding

At this stage, a small amount of vaginal bleeding can also be kept on tire protection. After the blood test is tested, it is decided to decide the follow -up treatment plan after pregnancy.

Bleeding 14-30 days after transplantation

After confirming that the vaginal bleeding occurs after pregnancy, the possibility of ectopic pregnancy must be alert. You need to monitor the blood HCG value and color Doppler ultrasound to judge, so that the ectopic pregnancy is found in time.

As long as the vaginal bleeding does not exceed menstrual flow and eliminates ectopic pregnancy, it is not accompanied by symptoms such as abdominal pain, dizziness and weakness, and tire preservation treatment. In most cases, danger will be turned on.

Therefore, if you are recruiting, you first warn yourself not to panic, not to be anxious, and maintain emotional stability. This is very important, because the impact of psychology on physical state is huge, and emotion is one of the important factors that determine success or failure.

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