Experts tell you how to do it for the first cesarean section, how to do it again?

With the opening of the country’s second and third -child policies, only one or two -child mother who gave birth to one or two children was eager to try. In addition, late marriage and late childbirth caused the old age, especially the first cesarean section rate of cesarean section made the scar uterus again pregnancy again.The proportion has risen all the way, and the various complications that have seriously endangered the safety of mothers and children have also increased accordingly. This situation has plagued the majorians of obstetricians, brought many difficult problems to maternal and doctors, and testing the hospital’s teachers.

Is the Baomao who dare not get pregnant again, but as long as the practices are correct, obey the doctor’s entrustment, and the inspection on a schedule can ensure that the mother and child are safe, mainly to prevent the risk of pregnancy from the following aspects.


Preparation of pregnancy before pregnancy

The first is the pre -pregnancy stage of pregnancy, and folic acid should be supplemented and teratogenic drugs are prohibited.Bao moms with internal and surgical and endocrine diseases should be controlled first, and they should also know that the interval between this pregnancy distance from the previous cesarean section is more than 18 months. If the interval is too shortWhen the interval is enough, prepare for pregnancy.

At the same time, Baoma must adjust their physical condition to the best.Before pregnancy, you can understand whether there is a diverticulum in the uterine cavity through color Doppler ultrasound. This diverticulum is formed by the poor healing of the uterine incision in a cesarean section. The uterine muscle layer is weak and is a high incidence of uterine rupture.

Moms should also know if you have a menopause, you should consider whether you are pregnant. If you are pregnant, you must do a color Doppler ultrasound in the early pregnancy to determine whether the pregnancy sac is in the palace cavity.However, some of the mother’s pregnancy was lost, and she was bed at the incision of the uterine scar or outside the uterus.If the pregnancy sac is called scar pregnancy at the incision of the uterine scar, the scar pregnancy directly causes abortion, which will cause complications such as major bleeding, uterine perforation and abortion.

In this case, it is necessary to abort under the guidance of color Doppler ultrasound or under uterine laparoscopy, or then surgery after killing the embryo of methalotatotrarexate and rice ketone tablets.Sex shock.Early pregnancy embryos are fragile, and natural abortion or embryo stops development. By checking blood HCG, progesterone, estradiol, and color Doppler ultrasound to understand the development of the embryo.


Mid -pregnancy stage

When the baby develops in the middle of pregnancy, it has been formed. It should be checked in the pre -birth before the birth. The placenta position cannot be ignored.If the placenta is implanted or penetrated the uterine muscle layer, this is called a dangerous front placenta. The cesarean section is very dangerous. It is possible that postpartum bleeding to eliminate the uterus, and it should be at the third -level hospital surgery.


Choose for childbirth

Too little amniotic fluid, etc., you need to choose a cesarean section.If there are trial conditions, such as the mother’s pelvis is normal, the fetus is expected to be less than 3750g, the header, the cervical score is greater than 4 points, and the pregnant woman is willing to test the production, they need to try the production under strict monitoring and prepare cesarean section at any time.Listen to the doctor’s advice.The choice of childbirth is closely related to the sewing method of the uterine incision, whether there is infection, the presence of the previous cesarean section, the time of the interval, the number of cesarean section, the thickness of the lower section of the uterus in the late pregnancy, and the treatment ability of the hospital.

In short, the risk of scar uterine pregnancy is high. It should minimize various risks to minimum risks from high -risk departmental club systems, specifications, specifications, checks on time, and management during pregnancy.

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