Exposed Wang Yibo’s relationship with the female fans, the woman was threatened by pregnancy, the comment area fell, and the man responded

Wang Yibo spread again!

On March 16th, a netizen named "Han Han QVQ" commented on Li En, claiming that Wang Yibo had a relationship with himself, causing his pregnancy, but now the other party not only does not care, but also threatens himself!I hope Li En can help him expose him.

Let’s say that there is no evidence to make rumors this year?Although this female netizen just talked about Li En simply and did not have any photos and evidence, Li En obviously had a concern about the matter and took the initiative to propose to add the other party’s contact information.

Afterwards, the women’s net red took the initiative to send a screenshot of her chat with Li En to the Internet. She also wrote: "Create a rumor and offend the law, I just hope that the bad guys will be punished!"

Let’s say that the degree of skillfulness of her operation is really not like a girl who has just discovered pregnancy and completely stunned. Instead, it is extremely sober.

So the question is, what is the sacredness of this "Han Han QVQ"?Judging from the social account of "Han Han QVQ", although girls have no popularity.

But the victory is young, it is not bad, big eyes, slender figure, most of the photos sent by us are "eating, drinking, drinking, playing".

The content of "Han Han QVQ" also rarely meets Wang Yibo. Her recently related to Wang Yibo was issued in Jing’an Villa on January 16 this year.

A simple sentence "Be happy in the future", and Aite’s Wang Yibo.Obviously, Wang Yibo did not reply to her.

However, the picture of Han Han is a photo of herself wearing a white tight skirt, and from the photo, her belly is indeed a bit bulging, and her figure is not as hot as in the past.

Unfortunately, Han Han did not get the effect he wanted. Instead, netizens under the comment area talked "Wang Yibo is so busy, you have time to reason you?" This is too outrageous. "

Soon, a melon of "top male star and Internet celebrity" rushed into a hot search, but public opinion generally showed a background. Some people in the comment area even stunned her: you better have evidence.

After the hot search, Li En said that he was also embarrassed and teased himself: "I feel that this year’s Enzi Fa is also very outrageous, which makes me dare not send it casually in the future."

She also clarified that she usually sends her account as a circle of friends, and after this person added herself, she did not send it to her. In the end, Li En also suggested that if there is something really, it is better to take a legal approach.

So where is this Li En so sacred?Why do female netizens choose to send her information about "looking for a father"?

To say that Li En was really famous, or relying on the Du Meizhu incident. In the process of "Wu Moumou" in Du Meizhu, Li En helped Du Meizhu.

Later, Li En wanted to gain a foothold in the entertainment industry through the identity of Sister Du Meizhu. Unexpectedly, when Meimeizhu became famous, he turned his face and did not recognize others. The two began a "tearing X war" on the Internet.

Although there was no victory or defeat in this war, Li En also became a new "disciplinary committee member" of the Internet celebrity circle. What kind of wind and grass do the Internet celebrities like to drain through her.

So is there a "problem" in Wang Yibo?

Since his debut, Wang Yibo’s biggest scandal should be the love and hatred with "Little Princess".

的 也 綦 is Wang Wenyi’s girlfriend. Before, she and Wang Wen also laughed at the chat group and laughed at the fans as farmers, claiming that "handsome guy is our us" story protagonist.

Later, when Wang Yibo filmed "Chen Qing Ling", he was photographed many times a year of light women to visit the class. Later, a sharp -eyed netizen recognized that this person was a beauty.

Although the official release of "rumor stickers", many netizens believe that Mi Meihe and Wang Yibo are indeed falling in love.

In September last year, some netizens posted a screenshot of a nucleic acid in Beijing with Wang Yibo, which seemed to have a "iron certificate" for the relationship between the two.

Interestingly, after the incident of the Hanhan incident was rushed to the hot search, Wang Yibo’s company also issued a rumor for the first time. What is the truth?

We still advise everyone to eat melon rationally. After all, the melon is not mature, and the parties are still waiting for the parties to respond to reliable!

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