Exposure of Watsha School’s performance is suspected of crime, licking his fingers and touching the body is indecent, and the parents of the students have reported

On July 10th, the Korean entertainment industry exposed melon. Walcha, a well -known women’s group Mamamoo member, has been explicitly reported by the parents of the students because she performed at school!

It is reported that the source of the news is the east police station in Seoul, South Korea. The other party said that he had received relevant reports and has been investigated.

Many netizens who do n’t eat melon may see a little bit of circle here, saying that a regular woman combination is said to go to school to perform normally. What do you have committed?

Don’t say that Wallsa’s dance action is indeed too large.

At that time, the girls were very powerful, and the atmosphere at the scene was also good. It was a very successful performance.

If it is only here, then this should be a qualified performance, and there are not so many things behind Wallsha, but I never expected that Walsha himself could not find himself.

After the popular song after the performance, this Sister Warsaw may be too enthusiastic to watch the audience, so Guo Degang, who Xue Deyun Club, came back to a "return" and chose to perform a dance with a guest, that is, this dance, that is, this dance, Flip.

Note that during the performance, Walsha suddenly opened her leg and made a squat action. She was originally wearing shorts. This one was squatting on the leg, which really surprised the audience.

Because this action is too "eye -catching", many netizens who have taken the video on the scene have been uploaded to the public network platform. This ignites the gunpowder barrel.More and more people have joined the criticism team.

Many netizens have lamented that this action has surpassed the category of "dance", which is completely pornographic and perverts. Some netizens criticized Walsa to do such things in school, and they couldn’t understand this behavior at all.

Of course, some netizens who have seen the big world feel indifferent. It is said that Walsha’s actions are just more sexy. Many female stars are also the same. There is no need to make a fuss. I think this action looks very comfortable.

But in any case, this is a big deal. Some students of the school in the school united and reported collectively, saying that she was "Warsaw’s behavior that made people think of perverted sexual relationships, which is enoughHeart".

The current situation is that the police have already started this case. If necessary, it will even summon Walsha, and Walsha’s company is also very low -key. There is no positive response to this matter, only to confirm the relationship between the incident inside.

How to say, in my opinion, the Korean women’s group has indeed made mistakes in the technology trees over the years, and the development has become increasingly biased.

I remember that someone had reported the dance movement of the Korean women’s group before, including "M legs" and other actions. In fact, it was not artistic.The women’s group members in the entertainment industry in the Mainland are much normal and healthy. It is not important how good dance is.

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