Extremely outrageous!The girl exposed Wang Yibo’s child, saying that he was threatened, and Wang Yibo responded

Du Meizhu’s sister, which is the comment area of the Internet celebrity Li En, appeared: "I want to expose Wang Yibo in the entertainment industry. She had a relationship with me before. I was pregnant now.please help."

After that, Li En replied to her and sent a "?".

Looking at the girl’s personal homepage, she found that she was very hard to send a dynamic saying: I just hope that the bad guys will be punished.And Er King Yibo.

The netizens below support her, hoping that she can throw the evidence directly.

When girls sent a dynamic on March 1, they said that they had melon, and they wanted to explode without traffic.

On January 16 this year, she also posted a Weibo, "Be happy in the future", and Aite was a blog.It has been two months since her burst of melon.

Wang Yibo issued a statement quickly that the rumors were strangled in the cradle, saying that the netizen was maliciously making rumors. It seems that Du Hua still attaches great importance to Wang Yibo.

The peach -colored melon that happened in Wang Yibo in recent years is really one after another.

1. Wang Yibo’s "Red sports car incident"

Someone broke the news on the Internet that Wang Yibo was encountered by a spoiler at night, and there were no girls on the co -pilot seat.

Various pictures were blurred, and later someone released clear photos.

After that, Wang Yibo’s company issued a statement saying that the "red sports car" incident on the Internet was all rumors.In addition, Wang Yibo’s clear picture on the sports car is stills, because Zhang Yixing was driving next to him.

It is reported that this is the movie "Shut up!"Love ", the heroine is Zheng Xiujing, because the" restricted Korean order "that the film has not been released.

2. Wang Yibo was reported

In 2020, the police suddenly issued an official announcement saying that the artist Wang Moumou was reported that there was a behavior. The police sent the police for the first time, but found that it was an oolong.

Wang Yibo was in Zhejiang at the time, and the alarm person was in Beijing. After investigation by the police, he found that there were spiritual problems in the alarm.

Both Wang Yibo and himself said, and Wang Yibo said, "Evil is not right."

3. Wang Yibo was exposed to an unfair relationship with the director in the circle

The reason is that there are several screenshots spreading on social platforms, and saying that Wang Yibo’s resources are good because there is an unfair relationship with the big guys in the circle.

Even the director said in the circle of friends directly that "Wang Yibo is a sex worker". It was rumored to fly around the sky for a while. Many people who eat melon are convinced and felt that Wang Yibo will be cool.

Because of the same period, Li Moumou was exposed.

After that, Wang Yibo and the company issued a statement again and called the police directly, because the netizens at this time no longer believed in the artist’s statement, and the credibility of the star had fallen to the bottom.

If Wang Yibo lies, the police will respond to his alarm statement, but after Wang Yibo spent peacefully, it means that he did not lie.

After these three peach -colored melons, fans have been immune to such news. They also said that because Wang Yibo’s movie will be released in the May 1st, someone is anxious to hack him.

Wang Yibo’s passerby has fallen to the bottom of the valley because of the "desperate illiteracy", and the negative news related to him is one after another.

He will have two movies, "The King of Long Sky" and "Warm King", and do not know what kind of results will be.Will you go to see it?

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